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Accept the things to which fate binds you and love the people with whom fate brings you

together, but do so with all your heart – Marcus Aelius Aurelius

Chapter 2

"Sectumsemp –"

"Levicorpus!" James and Sirius yelled at the same time, pointing wands at Snape. Their plan to ambush him and temporarily stick pink bows to his hair for a week had backfired horribly.

They'd planned to get him in an empty classroom and stun him but hanging out with his Death Eater friends had made Snape much quicker on his feet that the two boys had anticipated.

Snape scowled at them from upside down in the air and crossed his arms.

"Is this the only spell you idiots know?"

Sirius smirked and walked up to the suspended boy in the haughtiest manner he could muster.

"Nope. Do you know what shampoo is?" James laughed and picked up the box of bows. He waved his wand over them and then pointed it at Snape, making them fly over and stick in his hair.

"You obviously do, Black, considering I could fry chicken with the amount of product that's in your hair."

Sirius smiled and moved his wand, making Snape fall the short distance to the ground with a cry. The boy sat up from the crumpled ground and rubbed his head, looking at the retreating boys' forms.

"Poufter," he spat angrily, smirking when he saw Sirius tense and turn around. The boy started towards him and James held him back, holding his arms.

"Shut your filthy mouth!" Snape's grin widened as he watched Sirius struggle to get to him. He stood up.

"Oh dear, it seems I've touched a nerve."

"You're the one who should talk, bows in your hair and all," James said acidly as he forced Sirius out of the classroom before one of the teachers found them. Snape scowled and stormed out with the ribbons flapping behind him.

Sirius pushed James off of him and walked, quickening his pace. James walked faster until he was in front of his friend. Sirius almost always kept a cool head when insults were thrown around – especially with Snape. James couldn't understand why one petty shot had made him blow up so quickly.

"Alright enough kidding around, what's wrong?" Sirius rolled his eyes and walked ahead.

"Don't know what you mean, mate," he mumbled. James cried out in frustration and pinned Sirius against the wall, arms against his shoulders. Sirius blinked in surprise at the expression on James face. His eyes were fierce and his mouth set. It was his no-fun face and Sirius had only seen it once before - when he'd found out that Sirius had been the one to tell Snape about going to the Shack. He knew there was no getting around the no-fun face.

"You know exactly what I mean now tell me!" What could be bothering his best friend so much that he couldn't talk about it? He opened his mouth in shock when Sirius sunk down the stone wall and sat down on the floor, his head in his hands. James stepped back and knelt in front of him concernedly.


"It's bad, Jamie." The bespectacled boy frowned and sat down next to Sirius. He only used "Jamie" when something wrong.

"Oh, well…how bad?"

"Like bad and strange and not…normal, especially for me." James sighed and put a hand on Sirius' shoulder.

"Look, Sirius whatever it is we're still friends. Best friends. Okay? Brothers? Remember?" James could tell Sirius was smiling by the way his cheeks moved and the boy looked up, studying James face for a moment. He sighed heavily, ran a hand through his hair, then:


James looked like he'd been slapped for a moment then composed his face again, blinking rapidly.

"What?" he dead panned. Sirius looked away.

"Don't make me say it again. You heard me."

"Yeah," James whispered. There was a tense moment of silence where Sirius was sure he was going to run away but James stayed with his hand on his shoulder. He could tell he was thinking hard about something, his brows were furrowed and he was chewing on the inside of his cheek. Sirius swallowed and looked down.

"Well why is that bad?" James demanded angrily, making him look up. Sirius stared at him blankly for a moment and then laughed, breaking the awkward tension for the moment. They both sat there laughing until they were clutching their sides in the utter hilarity of the moment and tears were coming out of their eyes.

"I'm serious, though. Why is that so bad?"

"Actually I'm Sirius."

"…Worst pun ever."


"It's okay but why would you think I'd care?" Sirius shrugged.

"Not sure but you're really not weirded out by it or anything?" Sirius wasn't prepared for the hug James enveloped him in but embraced him back none the less. James let go somewhat embarrassed and walked on.

"I don't care, but if I catch you looking at my arse, consider our friendship compromised." Sirius snorted derisively and rolled his eyes.

"Don't worry… you won't catch me," he joked as he dodged a cuff on the head from James.

"You are so lucky I know that was a joke," James laughed with a tone of warning in his voice. Sirius laughed, the sound feeling good in his throat. He felt as if he could breathe around James again. He'd known about being his being gay for a while but saying it still made him uncomfortable. He was just glad it was over with and he could just be himself again.

"You really are the most egotistical git I know."

"Yeah right, Mr. Hair Obsessed."

"Shut up! It's not my fault it has natural shine and bounce," he said pushing James playfully.

Sirius' indignation echoed down the long empty corridor as they walked and their laughter echoed.

Severus Snape snuck out from where he'd been hiding, eyes wide and mouth agape at what he'd just heard. Sirius Black was a poufter. He liked men. Sirius Black, the biggest ladies man in Hogwarts, was a dirty shirtlifter.

Every way Severus tried to phrase it in his mind sounded…wrong somehow. Of course, he couldn't really care less where one of his enemies' preferences was held. It didn't really matter to him. And yet…

He grinned evilly as an idea came to him and he hurried off to the Slytherin common room, barely containing his glee.

Part II

Remus was sitting at one of the large tables in the library, hand holding up his head and lazily scanning the huge book laid out in front of him. He had no idea why he kept rereading the same sentence over and over again, however he knew it probably had to have something with Sirius' arms. He smiled dewily at the page he was reading and turned it without knowing why.

Sirius' arms with his shirt sleeves rolled up were probably the most fetching thing Remus had ever seen in his entire life. They just looked so strong and tanned, like you could wrap them around you and lay against his chest forever. Which, Remus admitted to himself, was probably as equally beautiful and muscled.

Then there was his laugh. It was so bark-like and rolling that it made Remus want to always laugh with him. It also made him wonder how Sirius would sound as he cam - .

There was a loud thud next to him and Remus jumped, giving a high pitched yelp. Lily stood next to him, looking down with a raised eyebrow and rusty hair pulled up in a sensible bun. She'd evidently dropped a book next to him on the table, resulting in the loud thud.

"Oh, hi Lily," Remus said, a little flustered as he was forced out of his reverie. Lily rolled her eyes and sat down next to him.

"Now I get a response. I was standing in front of you for a good five minutes." Remus blushed and looked down angrily. What was he, a school girl now? Sure he was gay, but blushing was stupid and Remus Lupin was not stupid.

"Another Sirius fantasy I'm guessing?" Lily said knowingly and nudged him in the shoulder. Remus tried to hide his smile but failed and looked up at the redhead begrudgingly.

"Yeah, how'd you know?"

"Well, you were practically drooling all over the table and," she flipped the book he was supposedly reading.

"This was upside down," she laughed and Remus groaned, rubbing his temples, frustrated.

"Lily, it's getting worse. I can barely concentrate; what with him, and his arms, and his voice, and his smile and -." He was cut off as Lily covered his mouth with her hand.

"Down boy."

"Sorry," he smiled sheepishly at her then sighed.

Anyway, I've missed too much school as it is. I'll never get through seventh year if this keeps up!"

"Remus!" Lily grabbed both sides of his head in her hands, effectively silencing his rambling. She looked him in the eye sternly.

"Listen to me. You are one of the cleverest people I know. You. Will. Graduate. Cross that off your list of worries right now," she let go of his face and took hold of his hand instead. Remus smiled slightly at her vote of confidence. The weight of her hand in his felt friendly and warm; a comforting presence amidst the confidence. It was no wonder James loved her so much. Heck, if he wasn't gay he'd probably try for Lily too. Fortunately his affections were for his other friend. Or, unfortunately, depending how you looked at it.

"You're right Lils. Thanks."

"Of course I'm right," she brushed off.

"Now, what are you going to do about Sirius?" Remus' smile faded and he grimaced. This was the question he'd been dreading.

"Nothing, probably," Lily's hand disappeared from his in a flash as she slapped him upside the head. Remus winced and rubbed the spot.

"Bloody hell! What -?"

"So let me get this straight. You're crazy about Sirius but you won't do anything about it? You'd prefer living in misery your whole life, watching him be happy with someone else when you know he's the only one who you will ever love?"

Lily looked at Remus, green eyes flashing dangerously as she waited for an answer. He had to admit that she was right. He'd never felt about another boy the same way he felt about Sirius. His heart beat quicker whenever he caught a glimpse of the signature, just-been-shagged, raven hair in the hall. He could barely think straight when he got too near to him and when he touched Sirius it was like…fire. As if by the mere brush of Sirius' hand his blood had been replaced with molten lava. He should tell him. He would tell him. He'd go right now to the dorm, run to Sirius and proclaim his…undying…

Reality sunk in then. Sirius wasn't gay. At all. He only considered Remus a friend. Granted they were best friends, but that wasn't enough to warrant Remus' wanting a relationship. If he told Sirius he'd be weirded out. They'd cease to be close. A horrible thought came to Remus: what if Sirius never touched him again? He shuddered inwardly.

"Yes," Remus said finally. Lily's eyes widened, disbelieving.

"What do you mean 'yes'?"

"Yes. I will do just that. I will never compromise my friendship with Sirius for my own benefit. It's not worth it," he shrugged sadly.

"Don't start the martyr act with me! Love and happiness are worth everything, Remus," Lily said fiercely.

"I can't do it, Lily! I don't want to lose him!"

"Why are you being so negative? How do you know he'll say no?" Remus gave her a withering look.

"The only girl he hasn't tried anything with is you and that's only because of James." At the mention of James' name Lily stood up furiously and slammed her hands on the table.

"Remus John Lupin, I swear on my life that you and Sirius Black will be together by the end of this year if it's the last thing I do!"

"If what's the last thing you do?" Sirius asked innocently. Remus jumped at his friend's sudden appearance and Lily screamed and threw her hands up in frustration before storming out. Sirius took her vacated seat and sat down next to Remus.

"What's she on about?" Remus shook his head and opened his notes on goblin wars.

"No idea, mate."

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