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Oh, I'm gonna be wounded.

Oh, I'm gonna be your wound.

Oh, I'm gonna bruise you.

Oh, I'm gonna be your bruise.

Just too unreal all this...

-The Word of Your Body, Spring Awakening

Chapter 6

Sirius decided that Wednesdays were evil. They were a silly ploy to get you to be optimistic because you only had two days left before the weekend. When, in reality, you had forty eight hours until the weekend. Forty Eight Hours was a long time to wait. One hour was a long time to wait when the weekend was Forty Eight away. Therefore, too long for one Sirius Black.

Especially, he thought, when you had to find someone to date that you weren't even into in the first place and would just have to hurt in the end anyway, to make room for the ultimately better prize. He blinked at the admittedly convoluted sentence he'd just produced and shook his head, stealing a look at Remus, who as usual, had his rather fetching head buried in a book. He still had no idea if Remus was mad at him or not, however the forced cheerfulness he was putting forth made Sirius think it was the former.

Remus Lupin was inscrutable when it came to matters of the emotional sort. It was impossible to scrute him. It couldn't be done. Then he wondered if you could scrute anyone. Yes, he decided. Also, was it possible to be sheveled? He imagined that if you could be dissheveled you could also be sheveled and what about - ?

He stopped himself.

It was early.

He sighed hugely into his oatmeal, earning a concerned look from the other three boys and a few hopeful looking girls.

"It's been a long day," he said mournfully and James laughed, both at a girl who sighed longingly at his friend's voice and at Sirius' exclamation. He shook his head. The fact that anyone would moon over his flamboyant best friend, no matter how nice his hair looked, baffled him.

"Pads, it's seven AM. You're eating breakfast," he looked pointedly at Sirius' untouched oatmeal.

"And?" Sirius blinked up at his best friend with a blank look.

"And the day's just started."

"Nooo! It's too much," he whined, burying his head in his hands pathetically. James rolled his eyes, knowing it would be one of those days. Remus caught his look and grimaced. Sirius would be the dramatic cynosure today, he knew, to grab the attention of someone, usually a girl. It stung, there was no way he could pretend it didn't, and he took a bite of toast to hide his frown.

He'd told Sirius he didn't care and wouldn't push but, he looked up at him through his bangs just in time to see him talk up some blonde, sometimes he wanted nothing more than to drag him into an empty broom closet and have his way with him. He bit his lip at the thought and smiled. Sirius would go with it too, which made the idea all the more painful.

Before he'd told Sirius about liking him, he'd liked to fantasize about what their relationship might be like. He'd liked it being his own little secret that he could tuck away as soon as someone walked into the room. Then Lily, determined thing that she was, had weasled it out of him and it'd morphed into this whole ordeal.

Well, it was nice while it lasted, he mused with his chin resting in his palm.

Peter nudged him in the side and pointed to Sirius. Remus groaned and wished he hadn't. the blonde from before had somehow made her way onto Sirius' lap and was snaking her arms around his neck with a triumphant smile on her lips.

He clenched his fists under the table when he recognized her - Nancy Sincavage, a sixth year Ravenclaw know for bbeing especially promiscuous. She'd been trying to get into Sirius' pants since their fifth year but he'd always said she was too sleazy for him. Now, Remus assumed he'd take anything to get the werewolf taste out of his mouth.

No, he thought, Sirius wasn't like that. That kind of thinking was poisonous and Remus knew it. Sirius had been the first to accept him for what he was. Sirius was...just making sure he wasn't gay. He'd get it all out of his system and then they could be happy and Lily would leave him alone and they'd all laugh about this later...

Nancy was sticking her tongue down Sirius' throat and he was running his hands through her fake, platinum blonde hair eagerly, just happy that all eyes were on him at at last.

James was watching his best friend in shock and gave a nervous laugh. Lily looked ready to happily murder both Sirius and Nancy. Peter was flicking his eyes nervously between James and Remus, as though trying to decided how he should react, then gave up and just ate his bacon before starting to hum to himself.

Remus watched them, a lump of anger stuck in his throat. This was ridiculous! Sirius didn't really expect him to just...how could they-?

His eyes started to water against his will and he blinked them away, too aware of Lily watching him concernedly, and Sirius was laughing and he wanted to rip him and that Sodding Harlot to shreds and Peter's humming was off key and -

He slammed his hands on the table, grabbed his things and walked out, the current situation too much for him to handle.

What was he playing at? Sirius knew Nancy was the sluttiest harpy to ever walk through Hogwart's doors. She was loud, and whiney, and clingy and...Remus' exact opposite. The thought stopped him in his tracks and probably would've knocked him breathless if at that exact moment someone else hadn't; bumping into him and scattering poor, defenseless books everywhere. The thought making Remus wince and set a headache throbbing just under his right eye. The person muttered an apology and they both bent down to retrieve the fallen texts.

"Bloody hell, sorry about that. I just overslept and was rushing and wasn't looking and...hey! You're Remus Lupin, right?" The voice, Remus now realized, was male and he sighed ready to accept the apology wearily, with maybe a bit of snark because really his day was bad enough already without precious books being thrown about -

"Unfortunately I am, and you should probably watch where you're..." he looked up and was met with a pair of the bluest eyes he'd ever seen in his short life.

"Going," he finished feebly and looked down before his face could betray the stupid poncy blush that had suddenly appeared. The boy laughed and stood up, offering Remus a hand which he instinctively took.

And immediately regretted when he saw the wavy blonde hair, tan skin, and slightly crooked nose that matched an oh so adorable and equally crooked smile that went with the almost violet eyes. The boy unclasped his hand and Remus had to remind himself to close his mouth. Why hadn't he noticed him before?

"Yeah, sorry about that again," he said rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly and glancing at Remus from under his lashes.

Somewhere in the back of his mind a little minature version of himself, the one that was always in constant conflict with the wolf, was kicking his brain in an effort to snap the boy back to his senses.

Pull it together, Lupin.

"Right, er, yeah, no...it's okay I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped," he babbled and the wolf nudged him.

If only I could have a snap at him, if you know what I mean, he whispered thought made Remus bite his lip longingly, resulting inThe Little Remus promptly bitch slapping the Wolf and thus beginning a wrestling match of epic proportions in his mind. This was not helping his headache. At All.

"Think nothing of it," the object of the wrestling match brushed off. "I'm Charlie by the way. Charlie Watson." Remus managed a smile and offered his hand, shifting his books.

"I'm Remus. But I guess you knew that," he laughed slightly and Charlie laughed with him, then brightened.

"Hey, aren't we in History of Magic together?" he asked, cocking his head to the side and looking very much like a happy golden retiever finding another dog he could play with that lived down the street.

He would be fun to play with, wouldn't he? The Wolf purred seductively while being bound to a chair by Little Remus, who it seemed had won. Little Remus sighed and shook his head before pulling a roll of duct tape out of his back pocket and slapping a strip of it onto the wolf's mouth forcefully.

Remus half smiled at the image in his head and briefly wondered if hanging around Sirius had actually resulted in some of his ancestral crazy being rubbed off on him. He had to admit the wolf had a point. Charlie did seem play worthy, if looks and less than five minutes of talking were anything to go by.

"Yeah! But you probably wouldn't have seen my face. I'm usually the one snoring loudly in the corner." Remus laughed at the self deprecating remark.

"You and ninety percent of the class," he joked and Charlie smiled, showing a full row of white teeth.

"Well it looks like I have an excuse to stay awake now," he said, looking Remus up and down before biting his bottom lip and grinning broadly. Remus felt his eyes widen at the remark and The Wolf stopped using the duct tape as a garrote on Little Remus so they could both stare blankly at each other in stunned silence. Remus started to stutter a reply but then he heard quick footsteps and the smell of cherries and parchment and he turned.

"Remus I'm sorry! He's an absolute bloody, sodding prick who needs a swift kick up the arse with a hobnailed boot and -," Lily stopped her rant when she noticed Charlie standing there with an eyebrow raised and the promise of a smile making his lips twitch.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize -," she said, flustered and red faced as she tried to be polite while her temper was ready to burst. Charlie seemed to sense this and flashed a friendly smile.

"Not at all. I'll see you at History, Remus!" he waved goodbye as he jogged away effortlessly towards the Great Hall despite the number of books he was carrying. The two friends watched him leave; Remus with a look of amused disbelief and Lily with her head tilted to the side, mouth open. There was a beat of silence, then:

"That was..."

"Michael Angelo's David come to life?" Lily guessed, blinking rapidly. Remus laughed.

"Charlie Watson, apparently."

"Oh," Lily shook her head and turned to Remus, a confused look on her face.

"What's he want with you?" she asked a little indignantly and Remus rolled his eyes, grabbing her hand and walking towards their first class as the bell rang and everyone started to file out of the Great Hall. Hopefully me, The Wolf said dazedley and Little Remus kicked the chair it was tied to over.

"No idea," he shrugged and Lily continued to wax poetic about ways in which she could make Sirius Black writhe in agonizing torture for all eternity for his little display at breakfast. Remus smiled and nodded politely at her plans when expected to.

So far, he'd been heartbroken, angry, in pain, forced to listen to his split personalities fight in his head, and shamelessly hit on...and first period hadn't even started yet. He sighed as he sat down in Charms, listening to Sirius and James argue about the dubious extinction of dinosaurs ("Uncle Alphard saw one in Russia last year, James!") and banged his head against the desk a few times.

It'd been a long day.

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