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It had already been a week since Kanda and Allen started dating. The term dating was used loosely though, because they havent even gone on a single date yet! With all the missions and the attack from the noah, there just simply wasn't time.

"Lenalee, what should I do?" Allen pouted.

"Do? What do you mean "do"?" Lenalee asked, puzzled.

"Kanda and I are dating, but we haven't even gone on a single date! And I'm not sure that Kanda even likes me," explained a very depressed Allen.

"Allen, Kanda does like you! He doesn't threaten you and when he looks at you, he has this softer look in his eyes."

"But he didn't-" Lenalee cut him off.

"Look Allen, if you really aren't sure, go ask him! Better yet, ask him out on a date! The carnival is in town this week."

"But-" Allen tried again.

"There's this legend that if you kiss your lover on the highest point of the Ferris wheel, you'll be together forever! Isn't that romantic?!" Lenalee exclaims.

"Umm... Yes, but what about work?"

"Silly Allen, that's no problem! All I have to do is ask Nii-san to give you guys a day off! Now go ask him!" She started pushing Allen towards the door.

"Lenalee, do you even know where Kanda is?" Allen questioned. She paused for a moment to think.

"Nope!" She exclaimed brightly," But he's probably training at his usual spot. Good luck!" And with a final shove towards the training area, she started walking to her elder brother's office.

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