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Allen took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down as he headed towards the training area.

"Nothing to worry. Just act naturally. And breathe,"Allen told himself. As he rounded the corner, he heard grunts and yells from several men. He got closer and saw why. All of them were beaten by Kanda and were in a bruised heap. He smiled as he saw Kanda . He was sweating profoundly, but still looked wonderful. His usual tied hair was down and draped across his broad back.

"Kaaannnddddaaaa!" Allen shouted happily as he ran up to him.

"What do you want beansprout?" Allen stared blankly at Kanda's blunt reply.

"Well, uhh," Allen stuttered,"Would you, I mean, carnival, toggaaahhhh?" Allen couldn't finish his sentence because Lavi just glomped him.

"Allen! I heard you wanted to go to the carnival?" Lavi grinned.

"Well, yes, that's the idea..." Allen started.

"That's great! I wanted to go check it out too! We could go together and it'll be so much fun and blah blah blah" Lavi babbled on excitedly as Allen facepalmed himself. "Heck, let's bring yu along too! Don't you want to go too Yu-chan?" Lavi exclaimed. The point of Mugen was a millimeter away from Lavi's neck and Kanda gave a glare that could kill.

"DON'T. CALL. ME. THAT." Behind Kanda was a swirl of flames and a demon.

Lavi just smiled sweetly and said more more thing before he dashed away from his murderous friend.


"Stupid rabbit! Get back here! DIE!" Kanda hollered. He gave chase to the redhead, leaving Allen in the dust,staring.

"That, did not go very well."

I'm sorry this chapter is so short. D: But at least it's like, 2 words longer?(Maybe) I'm trying to make chapter 3 more humorous and longer, but there's a slight obstacle... I haven't actually been to a carnival before, so I have no idea what it's like. Please give me some ideas you'd like to see in this story, and what a carnival looks like and what activities there are. Please and thank you!