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Note 1: AU.

Note 2: Harry's normal expression is that of deadpan, in case you've forgotten.


chapter one

"...elephants are crazy..." was all two PI employees at The Complex heard their boss say as he passed by them.

"What do you think that was about?" one employee asked.

"Haven't a clue," the other said.

Harry had just finished watching Disney's Jungle Book, the first one, and had been muttering about elephants marching while he stalked the halls of his headquarters. He had finally mastered the power of multitasking, which is the ability of a higher power to well multitask, do many things at one time, and be anywhere or everywhere at the same time. It took quite the toll on the mind if one didn't master its use, and it was a wonder how Harry managed to keep his sanity. Though if he kept muttering about crazy elephants or watched Dumbo, his sanity might be questioned.

So far the operations of summer had been going on swimmingly, there were no real problems so far. But on his birthday he had treated himself to a massacre of an entire town. There was something about doing more than simply desecrating your parents' murderer's father's grave and town, something that Harry liked. Hell's Gate was a literal gate to and from hell on Harry's birthday as he had decided to treat himself to an actual bloodbath.

Harry's Potter Industries was very successful business, and along with Harry's vast riches, he was able to provide himself with the technologies to give his little mortal organization the means to wage war with a small country. He had Charity and Tristan purchase him some aerial transport just in case they would need to travel somewhere en masse without the aid of magic. Luckily Harry had those hellicopters on standby, one of the buildings in his disrtict actually served as a launch pad for the hellicopters.

Harry had had another memory in the form of a dream once again, this time of the crafting or creation of the ever and still feared Dark Mark of the defunct Dark Lord Voldemort. The design of the mark was of no concern to Harry as he already had a kind of mark of his own, that being a comedy-tragedy mask with horns, the eyes burning with small emerald flames. Lord Voldemort's dark mark is a tatoo with a protean charm, a charm which links objects together to serve a common purpose. While Harry didn't need something like that, he could use it with pagers which would be used by his puppet army.

Aside from the actual mark, Harry became aware of the process of lighting up the sky with the dark mark, Morsmordre was the incantation used, it was only a matter of time for Harry to come up with his own incantation, but after some thinking, which only lasted for a few seconds, Harry decided to keep the incantation but change the effects to being his mark which would shine up in the sky rather that a defunct dark lord. The floating dark mark in a way was also created with the basics of a patronus, not that anyone really cared about that.

Harry intended to begin leaving his mark on the world, but he needed a target, he needed something to signify the start of his hellish reign. Then he had another memory dream, this one of the killing of Tom Riddle's muggle father, the eradication of proof of the defunct dark lord's impureness. Tom Riddle, the father of Tom "I am Lord Voldemort" Riddle, lived in Little Hangleton which would make the perfect location of Harry's birthday party.

So upon leaving his bedroom, he had summoned his generals, his governors of the circles of hell, to inform them that he would be summoning a few demons and they would be heading for Little Hangleton to terminate all life in that town, every man, woman, and child, would be to hell after suffering a little. A river of blood would literally flow from the town. The town of Little Hangleton had been separated from the rest of the world for the whole day, the sky had gained a blood red hue, and an emerald moon had shone in the sky for the duration of the bloodbath. At the end of the day, there were new residents of New Hell, and rivers of blood really did flow, the next day it was reported in the news, and labeled as a brutal act of terrorism. The underworld of the British Isles and territories had been informed that it was by Harry's command that such a thing had occurred. It served as a warning and as a promise, which the other leaders took to heart. Don't mess with Harry Potter, or else dying will be the least of their worries.

On the tombstone of Voldemort's father Harry had magically painted his mark, it was a taunt, a warning, and also a promise to Voldemort, one that the remaining soul pieces would find if the creature ever ressurected or something like that and decided to visit his father's grave.

This day Harry had more important things to do than to go around killing people and ruining things. Contrary to popular belief, he actually liked Quidditch, which was why he was roaming his headquarters in search of his second and third in command, namely Chairty and Tristan, as he needed at least one person to accompany him to the Quidditch World Cup ticketting office. He also needed someone to set something up at the World Cup, betting polls needed to be managed along with other things. There were to be no bribes made to the players or sabotage of any kind, Harry wanted to enjoy an authentic game. In a way he wanted a sin free sports event. There were also the security measures to take care of.

He found the married duo with their kid swimming in the pool located somewhere in The Complex, along with a number of operatives of varying ranks. Charity, Tristan, Mario, Alfonso, Dino, Sirius, Asmodeus with Luxuria, Fenrir, and Alucard, were all in one corner of the pool. Alucard, while not yet free from his bondage to the House of Hellsing, was named a governor of one of the Cicles of New Hell, just as were his comapions. Alexander Anderson of the Iscariot Organization was given the position of assistant governor to Alucard, as the man had commited enough sins to send him to hell, even though some of them were in the name of God and had been given the green light by the Pope, he was not among the group as he had not managed to temporarily escape the Vatican. They were in that one corner of the pool fussing over baby Alexander.

"Hem hem," Harry said as he stood above them to get their attention.

"Your unholiness," Chairty greeted, "Why don't you join us?"

"No thanks," Harry said, "I need one of you to accompany me to the British Ministry of Magic."

"I'll come," Sirius said and got out of the water, "Is this about the Quidditch World Cup?"

"How did you know?" Harry asked.

"Your dad was a big Quidditch maniac, such a love cannot be hidden from one such as I," Sirius said seriously, "Seriously."

"Fine," Harry said, "Charity, when you get back to work, I need you to set up some underworld related businesses at the World Cup, betting polls, and the like. Its a sports event, we can make a lot of money at such a thing."

"Of course sir, but seriously, why don't you join us?" Charity said, "Have a little fun with baby Alex."

"Maybe some other time," Harry said somewhat giving in, babies must be evil if they were able to get the ruler of hell to make such a loose promise as that, "Maybe."

"Alright," Charity said.

"Trio, I want you to ensure that the game will be clean," Harry instructed, "No bribes, sabotage, or any other such thing. Got it?"

"Yes sir, but if I might ask, why not?" Mario asked.

"I want to enjoy an authentic professional match," Harry said, "I may rule hell, but I still want some things to remain sacred."

"If you say so, sir," Mario said.

"Can I watch?" Alucard asked.

"Me too?" Fenrir asked.

"Alucard, kindly invite Sir Integra, Walter, that childe of yours, Enrico Maxwell, and your vice-governor," Harry said, "Fenrir, you can come, not that many ministry officials really know what your human form looks like, bring your betas if you want to."

"What about us?" Asmodeus asked.

"I'll get you tickets too, don't worry, just make sure you use your human forms, no wings or horns," Harry instructed his governor and vice-governor of his Second Circle of Hell.

"Sirius get dressed, pink polkadotted robes, no mask, and meet me at the Leaky Cauldron, we'll be taking the floo from there," Harry told his godfather and governor of his First Circle of Hell.

Harry knew that it would take Sirius some time before he reached the Leaky Cauldron, which was why Harry had decided to do a little shopping for his up coming school year, he was sure that the bookstores of the magical district knew what the booklist consisted of even before the students themselves. Fter a short trip into the bank, where he deposited some of the weapons that he had taken out, and withdrew some more knuts, as he could still just turn the knuts to golden galleons with just a few drops of his blood.

His first stop was Gladrags as that was the place to go for non-formal robes, Madam Malkin's was the high end formal robes custom outfitting shop. He got himself some new robes there as well as got himself some school robes from there as well. It was cheaper than Malkin's, which made it all the more better to buy from there.

While he was there, he asked the manager of the shop if there was such a thing as life insurance in the wizarding world, the wizard in charge had asked him what in the world life insurance was. Harry had just found his niche in the magical world. He'd inform Charity once he saw her again.

After getting his robes, Harry went to the apothecary to purchase his potions supplies, then to a herbology shop to get some seeds which he would mutate and plant in the Forbidden Forest, that place had gotten even more horrible as the days wore on. While there were sure to be Druid's circles and the like in the forest, Harry was sure that there were demonic summoning circles there as well due to all the things that now lived there. From death nymphs, to dark house elves, to demons, and the other creatures that were soldiers in hell's armies.

Harry had chosen to take Divination as an elective, but it looked like prophecy could see him, he was a ghost to prophecy. It was interesting for him when he made predictions for his divination partner, every prediction was about death, violence, pain, and suffering, and every telling had come true. He was hailed as a seer during that class, but one who focused too much on dark futures. The only thing he needed for the class this year was probably a replacement crystal ball as his last one had been used as a pot for some of Harry's plants.

Care of Magical Creatures was another elective which he had taken, it was interesting as his assimilated memories didn't contain much about that particular subject, during the subject he had realized why. Most of the creatures discussed were rather bland. His Book of Monsters had records of even more dangerous creatures, himself included. He was literally in his Book of Monsters. He was able to kill of the three professors that had taught the class when he was bored, using the most harmless of creatures that they had taught about. Whoever knew that a flobberworm could actually kill a fully trained wizard or witch.

Harry had never been allowed to return to History of Magic class as during his first class in the subject ever, the ghost professor had kicked him out due to his presence being a threat to the professor or so the professor said. He studied on his own, and cursed the professor with the inability to move onto the afterlife.

When he finally exited the bookshop in Diagon Alley someone decided to grab hold of everyone's attention and have them focus their gazes on him..

"Harry!" a red headed urchin shouted out, calling out to him.

"Avada Kedavra!" Harry shouted pointing his wand at the annoying weasel, then remembering what he had done in public did a mass memory wipe of what he had done, and hurried on his way back to the Leaky Cauldron.

Once passed the brick wall he was confronted by Sirius who had witnessed and remembered the whole thing..

"What was that about?"

"Useless little bugger," Harry said, "I ended his family's financial problems ridding them of his presence. Arthur Weasley does not need another mouth to feed."

"I understands," Sirius said, "So..Ministry of Magic?"

"Lets hop to it," Harry said, "For the record, I'm excited."

*blink blink* - Sirius.

"Just so you know," Harry said, took some of the powder and left the pub via floo.

"I'm not that daft," Sirius mumbled before he too left the pub.