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chapter twenty

One would think that homework, tests, and generally everything that had to with school would be at the bottom of the list of things that people, students, would dread when their very school was one giant morgue waiting for the bodies to know that they should be on ice and not walking around. But in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, that was not the case.

Schoolwork was at the top of the priority list of the students, none of them feared for their lives as it was an accepted fact that death was an eventuality, and that life was really short, especially when one of the students of the very school itself was considered as the source of all evil, but generally seen as the Cursed One.

The school was one big death trap, the surrounding grounds and even the lake were no different. Every place affiliated with the school itself was unable to escape the curse that had befallen the school ever since her Headmaster had decided that Harry Potter was a pivotal figure in the further existence of Magic kind. The old man chose to ignore all of the bad things, those deathly occurrences, that occurred wherever Harry Potter walked.

He had checked the lake personally, placed the hostages in secure locations surrounded by security seals that should have made sure that no deaths would occur. No amount of planning and preparing would ever really amount to much compared to the awesome and unearthly might of Harry Potter. The Second Task had been a bloodbath, and just like the first task lives were lost.

One of she safest and most secure of places in all of the magical world had been breached by a curse, a curse called Harry Potter and nothing and no one was safe from his dark powers. His reach was long, wide, and unrelenting, no obstacle in his path ever remained as one for very long.

The TriWizard Tournament had been brought back to promote unity and friendship between the nations and the three prominent or premier schools of the European magical world. The Ministries of Magic had assured the public, the schools, and the parents of the students that the event would be safe, than unlike in the past the participants were safe from any lasting harm.

But like most of the things that the ministries had a hand in, plans that they had prepared, nothing went the way that the psuedo ruling body of the magical world had planned or wanted it to. Death after death had occurred, accident after accidents, and demon after demon had made its way into the society unnoticed, until it was too late.

Hell on Earth had just truly begun, and it was just going to keep getting worse, until Harry Potter sat at the top, sat upon the Throne of the Almighty among Almighties. The Earth the battlefield, while the prizes were otherworldly. The school being the command center for most of the year as Harry found himself there, alongside his future consort, and love of his mortal-immortal life.

They, the remaining champions of the farce of a tournament, had previously been briefed on what to expect from the last portion, the third task, the final task of the tournament. They now waited in the staging tent, preparing for the task, the eventuality and the possibility of their dooms. They were suiting up, grearing up, and generally preparing for something akin to war.

What they were unaware of was that other powers were at work that very night, Harry himself counted amongst them, but was at the same time at the bottom of that particular food chain. He was the underdog, the one that planned to overthrow rulers who have sat on high for far longer than time itself, but at the same time not as long. He was the rebel that was on his way to ousting the tyrant. He was Harry Potter, the Devil himself and Lord of the In-Between, a mortal man-child that was well on his way to the very top, to his goal of other worldly dominaiton.

He had struck a deal with Death himself, one which the Almighties had been privy to, a little or slight alteration in the deal had been added, a point which the other parties were aware of, and in Harry's case, expecting. The final task was set to be the beginning of the end, either the Almighties and their newest mortal champion won, or Armageddon would be the least of everyone's worries as the dark would have finally won, and the Devil would finally take up the Golden Throne.

So here he was, the Devil himself, standing before his girlfriend and allowing her to help him put on his protective gear, all the other champions were putting on their own. The ministry and game officials having no qualms about the extent of the precautions that the champions were undertaking knowing full well that it was very much possible that none of the champions, even the hailed Cursed One, would survive the maze that had been prepared for them.

The only thing that was more or less prohibited by the officials was the use of a portkey and outside help, as well as the use of brooms, everything else was free game. Harry himself had already prepared himself for what he knew would be the beginning of the third stretch of his journey of conquest. He would be facing the general of his enemy, his final foe. A darkness that far outstripped his darkness, his evil. He may be the Devil, but that didn't necessarily mean that he was pure evil, the source or one of them sure, but pure evil, no. He had a girlfriend for crying out loud.

A girlfriend that, as pathetic as it sounds, he would throw down his existence for, it was a new feeling, a new experience, one which he would not trade for anything in existence and would fight to the bitter end to keep intact, safe, and his. As far as Harry was concerned, Luna Lovegood was his and his alone, and anyone that wanted to challenge that statement had better be prepared to deal with the full powers of two thirds of the afterlife.

Harry had strapped to his back both Cruentus Lacrima and Cruentus Recro, his broadsword and kite shield. Since it was an everything goes thing, he decided to go in with his own personal weapons. His magic was also being prepped for anything, he was prepared to lash out and completely erase the Almighty of the Almighties without thinking about the action should the Being show himself to Harry during the course of the night's events.

"Champions! Its time!" one of the Aurors in charge of security and retrieval from the maze announced holding aside the tent flap, "Get out here now! Death waits for no one, so why should the spectators?"

No one really paid much attention to the auror that had tried to scare them witless, he was a new face to the grounds of Hogwarts and thus was still quite unaware of the atmosphere of the school. His proclamation, his joke, had served to steel the nerves of the competitors, and in Harry's case got him more aware of his surroundings as well as the time. Things were going to start soon.

He was up first, Harry was led to the entrance of the maze, then pushed in as soon as the word was given. He casually walked forth to his destiny, while the spectators believed him to be cautious, he was merely planning on how to turn the grass of the Quidditch Pitch crimson for evermore.

When he knew that all four of them were in the maze, he focused on his task. His magic reduced the spells in his way to dust, while his sword was used to turn the beasts in the maze into puddles of blood and gore. He bathed himself in the blood of the monsters that the ministry had found.

Harry was normally seen as a person who kept to himself, he spoke only when he chose, he was aloof, uncaring, he was an entity separate from all those around him. He was a mysterious figure whose greatest and most well known trait was that the he was the inevitable in the flesh, while not Death itself, he was that which lead to many a deaths, even by simply existing. The commentator of the event was surprised himself when he announced that Harry had literally ran after a nundu and killed it. Skewering the beast with his sword and taking it apart piece by piece.

There are, in existence, records at the ministry of magic of nundus being able of taking down even the most ferocious of dragons, and here in a inter-school tournament a mere fourteen year old was able to scare the thing, chase it, hunt it down, and brutally rip the thing limb from limb, it was a good thing that only the commentator was the only one who really got to view all the gory details. It was a sickening sight as compared to all the other horrors that permeated the maze grounds.

He personally had nothing against Viktor Krum, but once he chanced upon the young man man handling the remaining French champion, Harry decided to intervene. He sent the young man straight to Hell, Harry knew that he had a schedule to keep, his dilly dallying could only take so much time before Death's end of the bargain made itself known to the world. Plus there was also the fact that he intended to have an dramatic exit from the field of play to enter into the field of battle.

The French girl was then stripped bare scratched up pretty badly, and turned black and blue by some of the demons that Harry discreetly summoned up from the seoncd circle, and had then leave at about the time that the aurors found her rather vulnerable form. He'd heard her talking bad about Luna, which was really the reason why he got rid of Krum the way he did. He wanted more play time with the French girl.

With only himself and Cedric Diggory in the tournament, Hogwarts was assured victory, now all that remained to be seen was whether or not Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff won in the end. It was an inter-House battle now, one which Harry was sure to win. Especially after he kicked Cedric's family jewels making sure that the seventh year would be unable to boldly go where no one in Hogwarts had gone before, not even Albus Dumbledore had gone to the Little Hangleton graveyard. Which was precisely where Harry had vanished off to, while at the same time having the nearby Sphinx physically explode coating the pitch in blood and gore, more than people thought possible anyway. His leaving via portkey also set off some additional wards he had placed over the maze, which would cause the maze to burst into flames allowing the remaining beasts, monsters, and creatures free reign on the grounds, but limiting their movements to where there were human beings.

Luna knew what happened after Harry touched the cup was more or less going to happen. She also knew that she was safe, as there were very few entities that would dare face the wrath of two thirds of the afterlife. But incase there was something stupid enough o try, there were dark elves and the assassination elves around to protect her, and when they failed, Luna had magic of her very own that she could use.


He landed on his feet in the graveyard which he knew that he would be arriving in. He made sure that he looked presentable, and made sure that he was ready for nearly every and anything. When he was a hair's trigger away from going ballistic, he walked forth toward the soul that had been prepared, that had been brought back from beyond the veil of existence.

He found the amalgamation of greater evils than even the previous devil standing beside the tombstone of the mortal that had been known as one of his incarnations' biological parent. The Being looked quite handsome himself, he was not like the snakelike figure that was known to have caused the death of many of the side of the light in the most recent British Wizarding War. He looked to be around his early fifties, hewore the traditional robes of those of his society, but instead of a measly gnarled wand being held in his hand, he held a gnarled gray staff topped off with a glittering crystal. His facial expression offered only neutrality. On either side of him were six-winged beings, with blazing swords at their hips, and wore full body armor.

"I see that you've arrived," the person greeted, turning to face Harry his expression remaining unreadable, "I have been given a second chance at life through your arrogance, perhaps you should have let the course of time flowed the way it was already flowing without your meddling. You had a greater chance of achieving your dreams without the addition of another Queen in the chess game of the afterlife."

"Chess game of the afterlife?" Harry questioned, "I believe you meant the chess game that is existence. What is one more piece? Things have been a little bit bland. I have already breached the walls of the city, the castle is the only thing remaining beyond my grasp. While the otherworld's own rulers have been a bit of a pain, all of those that I have had to deal with had fallen to my might. The higher powers have underestimated the strength and tenacity of the mortals. So I decided to force their hand, and make them once again see the value of the mortal, of the choice that I had made, which was to do battle with them as a mere mortal man."

The two military leaders stood before each other, on opposite sides of the battlefield, staring at each other, gauging each other's strengths and seeking out their weaknesses.

"I'll let you walk away this time," the champion of the heavens said, "It is still too early for us two to clash."

"I admit that while I was prepared to engage in battle against yourself and all the Almighties, I did indeed think about letting you walk away this time," Harry stated, "My generals and subordinates would be rather cross with me should I not allow them a taste of battle as well."

"You sought a challenge," the Being said, "I'll grant you your challenge, I shall also grant you your end. All your dreams and ambitions will end with me, and all those you care about, as I am loathe to think, you too shall lose. There is nothing gained with siding with the Devil, even I a mere godless resurrected mortal know that."

"Just for that parting statement," Harry stated, but it was clear in his tone of voice that he was ready to take on all of Heaven, "When we finally meet, before I end the Almighty of All Almighties, you will beg for non-existence."

"Empty promises from a false Lord, hold no water with me," the Being said.

"I am Harry Potter, the Devil and the Lord of the In-Between," Harry introduced himself, "I look forward to the struggles ahead."

"I am Tom Riddle, Champion of All Heavens," the Being introduced himself, "I look forward to earning this world and all it holds within, when I finally end your existence and take up the mantle of ruler of the world, hell, and the in-between."

Tom then apparated out of there, heading for his new secret base of operations, while Harry was left to deal with the opening salvo from the side of Heaven against him. The seraphims that had played the role of bodyguards for Tom had leapt into action as soon as Tom had left. They drew their blazing blades and tried to decapitate and disembowel Harry.

They failed to succeed, Harry found out that his Death Magic could not outright kill these heavenly beings, it was enough to greatly wound them, which allowed him to pull his sword and shield from his back and engage them in a melee battle.

A sword slash here, and raised shield there. He parried, countered, and attacked, the pair of angels as best as he could, toying with them at the same time, making him appear as amateurish as those that had ordered the angels into attacking him believed him to truly be. Harry knew of their perceptions of him, and thus played the fool, and attacked with reckless abandon, appearing like the inexperienced buffoon that some of the more ignorant of he heavenly powers thought him to be.

He actually allowed himself to be pushed back all the way to where the TriWizard Cup lay on the ground, and allowed himself to almost be disemboweled, to add physical proof to the claim that he was going to make upon his return to the school. Before touching the Cup, he grabbed hold of their wings and held them in midair where he proceeded to decapitate them, and sever their wings from their bodies, which he sent to his personal storage space, wherever that was, then touched the portkey. He made it look like a burst of sudden insight and intelligence, a bit of unnatural luck making itself known. Which made a percentage of his newest foes believe that his successes as of late were all due to sheer dumb luck, and to the true patheticness and stupidity of his foes.

He arrived back in Hogwarts amidst a scene of utter chaos, students, parents, teachers, ministry officials and employees, were running hither and tither. None of Harry's upper echelon of forces were present at the events as he informed them that their presence was unneeded for the chaos that he had planted in the school to culminate in the bloodbath that was the end of the tournament.

He simply lay on the ground, and waited for someone to notice his sudden appearance in the now cleared ground, holding onto his gut where there really was a gaping wound, which his lifeblood was escaping out from. It took an Auror to stumble over him and die for the auror's partner to notice that Harry was laying there with blood gushing out of his gut and the trophy in hand. The auror quickly lifted up Harry not really caring that he was doing more harm than help, and brought him to the Hospital Wing where all the rest of the injured were being taken. More and more of whom were being rushed in.

Luna was popped in by one of the assassins a moment after Harry was brought to a bed. She immediately went into mothering mode, even though he really didn't need her to go into such a mode. He was the Devil after all, but having a pretty girl that was his girlfriend fussing over him was a good thing. He only really minded when Mendum popped up at his bedside as well looking all worried and prepared to go into a similar mode.

"If you start fussing over me like a mother hen, I'm turning you into a pixie," Harry warned in deadpan.

"...Uhm..." the Demon said, a bit embarassed over what his boss knew he was about to do, "I'm just here to check on you, we're getting a lot of people from the British Ministry of Magic..."

"Well...I kind of expected that," Harry said, "What I didn't expect was how much my gut hurts from being cut open by a blessed blade."

"Ouch...I mean..I have been cut by one...but...I'll go look for a hellish healer for you or something," Mendum said and popped back into hell to inform the masses of evil or simply sinful dead that their lord and master was in need of a healer well versed in tending to injuries caused by blessed blazing blades.

Between Mendum's return to hell and return with a healer, the Headmaster and the Minister of Magic approached his bed, where they heard him tell the tale of his arrival in the graveyard and his subsequent battle against the forces of the dark, and a bit more bullshit he added to make him look cooler.

While the Minister kind of started to panic a little bit, his mind going a mile a minute thinking of what to do, since there was no way that he could claim that Harry's life threatening injury was a mere accident. Dumbledore on the otherhand gained a kind of glint in his eyes, one that spelled danger for all those involved. Harry may have been the Devil, but Albus Dumbledore was on a whole other level of evil. The headmaster had a category all his own, he even had a get out of Hell free card from a contest he had won against the previous devil.

The battle lines were drawn, the sides had been chosen, it was Harry versus Heaven, Potter Inc. versus the Ministry of Magic, Tom Riddle and his forces, and Albus Dumbledore.


The end of year feast could be described by one word: Normal. It went through the regular motions of any other meal, even when the headmaster announced the return of one of the most feared Dark Lords ever. To the students body nothing was worse than the Cursed One. What was another madman, for all they knew, it was some new part of the curse, what was the possibility of new deaths beyond the farce of a school.

They knew not the horrors of the first war, but for some reason the headmaster and the professors had a difficult time wrapping their minds around the prospect of the students knowing something far worse than some run of the mill dark lord.

The return of Lord Voldemort, the headmaster insisted on calling him that instead of his birth and more favored name of Tom Riddle, his reasoning was that Tom Riddle was not a name to be feared, and Lord Voldemort was, how was Lord Coward more frightening than Tom Riddle. It was anyone's guess, but no one really cared, especially after Harry visibly yawned after the announcement.

While he knew that this most recent and truly requested foe was to be a challenge, he knew within his heart of hearts that he was going to jump this hurdle, and win the race. The Golden Throne was his for the taking, and no resurrected worm was going to stand in his way, especially after threatening his Luna.

Harry was presented the prize money during that time as well, but he chose to give it to Luna, as a kind of early late birthday present of sorts. The action only surprised the Ministry official that handed over the prize money, a thousand galleons was a lot more than pocket change, it was enough to start a small business, and to simply give it away, was just baffling.

Harry decided to act a bit unlike himself, and stood up at the end of the feast, since he knew that the Ministry official would be puzzling over the situation til the day he died, Harry decided to play divinations expert and pointed to the main and told him that he would die after walking out of Hogwarts.

Some students followed after the man and bore witness to the man being trampled by a herd of hippogriffs followed by a herd of elephants, then a pack of poodles, and finally eaten until only his clothes were left by a murder of crows.

The next thing the man knew was that he was being chased around by big horny birds in hell, while being skewered like a pig over a fire pit by Mendum's niece every two minutes or so for the duration of his stay in hell, since the man only had enough sins for a temporary stay.

The train ride was truly uneventful as Harry was preoccupied with sleeping due to the heavenly hands of one Luna Lovegood, his injuries may have been healed, but that didn't mean that Luna couldn't pamper him with a massage. The Second Circle literally glowed with what Harry was feeling and dreaming about in his sleep thanks to his own personal and living guardian angel.

Luna's guards grew a little bored due to the lack of action around them, and so traveled around Hogsmeade killing babies of women who looked at them like they were freaks, which in a way they were. They killed the woman too, and left their left ears for their husbands to find alongside the underwear of their neighbors. They also left rather crudely and hastily written notes, messages, and generally things that made sure that the husbands and fathers of the lost lives would seek out these neighbors and brutally massacre them, then eventually be arrested due to many counts of manslaughter, and be carted off to be euthenized with a emerald green light.

When Luna and Harry finally parted ways at the station, the rest of the students body that were still there witnessed a pack of penguin like people running hither and tither with their bodies and clothes spontaneously combusting for being too close to the Being that they were taught since young as the one that would not be permitted within the sanctity of their places of work.


Year IV end.

May the boredom bring about a better beginning of Year V.