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Nightmares, Hares, and a Hatter

She was running. All the large, thick vegetation was pushed back as she ran straight through. A set of footsteps behind her and quickening their pace. Yet, she still ran. The other pair behind her were catching up fast, and for a split second, she lost hope. The shadows came around her, and now unable to see, all she does is feel. Her scream is heard throughout the woods as she trips over a branch. There is a small amount of light, but she already knows who is there. Still hopeful by a thread, she backs up attempting to stand. She hears the sword draw from its sheath. She screams again...

Alice jolts up in bed, breathing hard. These were some of the things that reminded her Underland was real. After all, how can you dream about a dream? She was sweating, and she knew something wasn't right. This was the fifteenth time she'd woken up by herself in the past week. Alice was home, in England. It'd been a few weeks since she left Underland. She wasn't content at all. Her mother still tired to marry her off, and she still resented. She got up, going into the bathroom to splash her face with ice cold water. SHe looked at herself in the mirror. Just then, a butterfly entered the bathroom through the open window. It landed on the sink. The prettiest blue butterfly Alice had ever seen. She recalled Absolem from Underland, and she began to wonder.

"Absolem," she said. "Is that you?" She got no response from the butterfly, and she shook her head. "Look at this. Talking to myself, the first sign of madness. I ought to know who I am, right? I don't think I'm mad."

"You ought, stupid girl," someone said. Alice looked about the room, but there was no one there. It was just her and...

"So I'm not crazy," she said, looking at the butterfly. He chuckled.

"No, but I know someone who is," he recalled.

"So do I," she replied, smiling. How could she forget? He thought she would, but contrariwise, how could she not?

"You don't look so good, champion," he remarked. "Now, why is that?"

"Horrible dreams," she stated simply. The blue butterfly sighed, shaking his head. He flew to the window, when Alice asked him where he was going.

"Why don't you follow me and find out?" he beckoned her. She went into her room, threw on a blue dress and headed out the door.

He was waiting on the porch. He didn't say a word to her and took off. Alice went after him, passing the gazebo. She didn't pay any attention to her surroundings, though as the butterfly landed in a tree. Alice looked up at him, suddenly stumbling.

"Ah," said Alice when she saw the rabbit hole. She regained her balance. "Underland? Why Absolem?"

"Stupid girl," was all he said and he flew down the the hole. She debated with herself whether or not she should go back to Underland.

"Why not?" she told herself. "I could stay this time." She recalled Tarrant's words when she left the first time. She jumped.