Naruto – Enslaved.

Chapter 1 – Oct 10 day of dread

Authors Note – YO! Kit here doing a request from dracohalo117. This is a AU like a MOFO so if you don't like it I suggest you stop reading. This is my first time writing a fan fiction but I do have some writing history in the back ground. So yeah, also if you hate let me warn you that I have a rather nice marksmanship and a rifle named "Kate" so flaming just means target. So enjoy the show…er…I mean story…Blah just read and smile! *goes off to destroy something*

Deep within the giant forest of the Land of Fire was the busy village of Konohagakure. At the giant gates of oak stood three figures preparing for a journey, the first figure was a woman who had rather long blond hair tied up in two pony tails that hung at the back of her head. She was wearing a long red and white robe that failed to hide her rather large bust. She turns around and looks back at her two companions and says with a rather cheer in her voice.

"Hurry UP! We have an important meeting to get to." And she turns back around and starts down the dirt road. The next person to start down the road was a man who towered above his two companions. He had long wild white hair that he let grow and hung down his back. He sighed as he looks at the Blondie and shakes his head at her rather cheery attitude and he says in a disappointed tone. "Geez you're only happy to be out of the office. I feel bad for Shizune for always having to put up with your lazy way Tsunade-Hime."

The blond turns around and he looks at him and says with fire in her eyes as she slowly raises a fist. "Listen up you old pervert! You're lucky that I didn't castrate you for forcing the Hokage position upon my young beautiful shoulders!" Jiraiya just chuckles when Tsunade referred to herself as young and he retorts softly as she starts walking past her with his arms behind his head. "How can someone who is 50 years old and uses chakra to hide her old ass appearance…" Just as he finished his sentence a fist mark is implanted in his face and he is sent flying into a tree and lands on the ground head first with his legs twitching.

There was another sigh from the group and it was from a red head, she looks at both Tsunade and Jiraiya with her lavender eyes. ((Note I don't know what Kushina's eye colors are but in the anime they look purple to me. That and I like purple so no HATE!)) And she starts walking as she says to them both. "Let's go you two we have a meeting to get to. Also Tsunade-sama I hope this trip is about the meeting with the up and coming lord and not the invitation to the party and the drinking contest she challenged you too." The young red head looks at her companion with a sharp glare in her eyes. Tsunade looks away and chuckles nervously as she grabs the unconscious pervert by the collar of his shirt and starts down the dirt path again dragging him along. And she says to the fiery red head. "Let's go Kushina we have a meeting to go to!"

Kushina just sighs as she starts walking after the two who had an influence in her life. She then looks at the blue sky and remembers that 12 years ago today she lost her husband to a attack from a demon. And 10 years ago her son was kidnapped while she was out doing a mission for the village. And she sighs as she knows that today is a day of bad omens and memories.


10 years ago it was a cold October night and she was returning from a mission with some ANBU. They were tasked with dealing with a problem not far from Konoha's borders. Kushina was in a happy mood as she clutched a small package she picked up for her son's second birthday. It was a special outfit that made him looked like a small version of her late husband. Her chain of thoughts was broken once they arrived at the gates to Konoha. And there stood a bandage Kakashi one of her late husband's students, and the Hokage. Feeling of dread rose within her as she heard the village in a up roar. And she lands in front of the Hokage and Kakashi. She looks at them both and asks in a worried tone towards the injured boy. "Kakashi-san…Why are you here? And where is Naruto? You're supposed to be watching him…." He flinches at the name and he looks down at the ground with a guilty and Sarutobi slowly steps forward and says in a sadden tone. "Kushina-san….Naruto…h-he was kidnapped." And just like that her whole world came to a screeching halt.

She looks at Kakashi and notices that his mask was most from what could be tears. In a panic she turns around and starts to run off to try and find her son. But she was stopped as the Third grabbed her hand and says "Stop. We have all or the Jonin, Chunin, and ANBU out there searching the area for Itachi as we speak." She turns around with anger in her eyes and says in a tempered tone towards the Third. "Then I should go as well! And why has he taken my son!?" Again she notices Kakashi flinch and she looks at him with furious eyes. She then takes a breath and remembers that a angry ninja makes foolish mistakes. "Explain.."

Sarutobi sighs as he looks at the sky and notices rain clouds and he swears under his breath thinking on who this night could become any worse. He looks at Kushina and notices the fire behind her Lavender eyes and starts his tale of woe. "Itachi just committed murder he has killed his closest friend Shisui. He was caught in the act and the Uchiha family sounds the alarms as he made a run for it. I sent two ANBU guards to your place to have them and Kakashi bring Naruto to my place…then.."

"Then he came out of a ally and spotted us and killed the ANBU guards." Kushina turns towards Kakashi as he cut in Sarutobi story. He looked up with remorse and pain written all over his face. And he continues the story for the old Hokage. "He attacked at me but I jumped away with Naruto in my arms. I tried to make a run for it but he was faster. I put Naruto down and tried to fight back but…but...I'm so sorry Kushina he beat me easily and took Naruto as a ticket to get out of the village knowing that no one would do anything to hurt the young hero…." Once again tears rolled down the cheek of the young ninja. Kushina looked at the Third and noticed that he was mentally beating himself up for what happened. Just then she felt a chakra presence and turns around to see Jiraiya in his battle armor and a sad look on his face. A cold chill ran down her spin as water started to fall from the sky. Jiraiya looks at the group with a broken heart as he says towards Kushina. "I'm sorry…" And he holds out a bloody fox cap that she noticed right away. It was the small skull cap she placed on Naruto before she left on the mission. "No…" The Third looked away as the rain started to fall harder. "NO…" Kakashi looks down at the ground as he felt the guilt upon his shoulders. "NO I don't believe you!" Jiraiya stands there clutching the cap of his god son and swears he will find Itachi and kill him slowly and painfully. "NO..NARUTO!" And the poor mother falls to her knees and cries as the rain falls down upon the poor village, and the night is filled with the cries of broken souls.

~End Flashback~ ((T-T))

After a couple of days of walking the Leaf Nin's approach a large estate that housed the Tetsuya clan. Once they were there they noticed for a up and coming lords they lived in a rather large house. And the estate was well polished and token care of. Once inside they was brought before the Mistress of the house hold. She sat before them wearing a black kimono with crimson flower designs. She had long straight black hair that would make silk run for its money. And her body was that of a goddess and from the look from Tsunade and Kushina they both thought of giving up Jiraiya's soul to have her body. As for Jiraiya he was forced to wait outside of the room on threat of castration and worse. He sat outside with a smug look upon his face and he grumbles about how he is the great toad hermit and the mistress would of fallen for him if he was allowed in there.

Tsunade and Kushina both bowed before the future princess and Tsunade says in a respectful tone. "It is a honor to meet you Tetsuya No Kimi." The young princess raises her hand and smiles which sends shivers down their backs. "Please Hokage-sama, just call me Saya. And the honor is upon me for being in the grace of someone as great as you." She looks at them and then at the red head and smiles. "You must be tired from your long journey. I have rooms ready for you. So we shall have the meeting tomorrow." She looks to her left and a young man with long blond hair steps out of the shadows. He raises his hand to fix his glasses and he looks at Saya with his red and blue eyes. He was wearing blue jeans and a black shirt, and a grey vest that had various pockets. On his sides was two long katana's that gives off ominous feeling.

Saya just smiles as she looks at her body guard and she says towards the Leaf Nin's. "Please follow him. He shall show you to your rooms and the hot springs. Once you all are refreshed the court party shall commence." Tsunade and Kushina bowed once more and follow Tenchi outside. And he looks at Jiraiya and says as he leads them towards the various rooms. "I hope your stay here is peaceful." Tenchi shows them there rooms and tells them where the hot springs are. And he just keeps a emotionless face as he watches Kushina and Tsunade threaten Jiraiya about peeping. He makes a mental note to keep an eye on the hermit and he takes his leave towards Saya's room to stand guard out the door.

Once at the room he sighs as he hears Saya and her 'Pet'. So he decides to walk around and feels guilt as he sounds of a slap echoes the hallway. Inside of the room the young princess stands before a half naked body of a young boy. She had a chain in her hand and she pulls it to bring the body up and into the candle light of the room. The first thing you would notice was his blond hair and hidden in the hair was fox ears that hung low. Saya laughs evilly as she forces the boy down and straddles his small toned body and runs her fingers on his whisker like marks upon his cheeks. The finger travels down his cheek and his neck and onto his collar. She pulls him up and forces her tongue into his mouth. He moans again her as she pushes her body into him. She breaks the kiss and says to him in a lustful voice. "If you keep fighting Naruto I will hit you harder." And the sound of another slap echo's the room followed by lustful moans.

Authors Note:

First chapter down hope you all like it. NOTCE THIS IS A AU SO THE CHARACTERS WILL BE OOC LIKE A MOFO. Anyway Enjoy!