Enslaved – Chapter 5

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[Konoha/ Ninja Academy/ Front gate]

As a moment of awkward silence loomed in the air after Naruto introduced himself, both Sakura and Ino took in the boys appearance. Naruto was wearing a small long sleeve shirt that hung loose on his torso, and brown shorts that stopped right under his knees. Feeling the girls eyes taking his person, Naruto uses his only defense he knows against females. So he looks towards the ground and he asks in a shaken voice. "C-c-an I h-help y-you with s-something my ladies?"

Sakura raises an eyebrow at the 'my ladies' comment. But Ino on the other hand was acting like most blonds, her eyes was stuck on the two fox ears sticking out of the young boy's head. Tuning him out she walks slowly and raises her hand to grab his ear and tug's on it. This action caused two effects one was a yelp from Naruto which in turn caused the golden blond hair girl to scream in shock. And the other effect was a glare from the rosette haired friend.

"INO-BAKA! Look at what you did! You're hurting him."

Ino looked at Naruto with a sheepish look and let's go of his ear. And she bows slightly "Gomen. I didn't know that their real." She looks at him and her gaze slowly drifts back his extra apendagences and once again like most blonds' her short attention span takes effect and she starts to bombard Naruto with questions. "How did you get those anyway? Are they apart your family's jutsu? Or did you happen to make someone mad? Can other people get them? Do other people have them? I wonder if Sasuke-kun would like me if I have those as well. I wonder if I can get a cat vers-"

And Ino's rambling was cut short when Sakura puts her hand over her mouth and laughs nervously. "Sorry about that Naruto-san." And she bows forcing Ino to do the same. "So are you here to become a ninja?"

Naruto looks at the two girls and compares them to his old mistress and Tenchi. 'There both different from Saya-Sama. The blond girl seems rather forward while the pink haired girl is reserved.' "Umm...I don't know..."

Both little vixens-to-be looks at one another and figures that he must be looking at the place to see how it is. So they both grab his hands and Sakura says "Well how about we show you around!"

Ino nods and adds "Yeah so that way if you do decided to come here you can know the place. And we can show you some of our friends."

And before the young fox could say a word he was being dragged along being held hostage by two little girls.


[Konoha/ SEED HQ/ Meeting room]

While Naruto was being given the 'tour' of the Ninja Academy. A group of people was having a meeting discussing a certin turn of events concerning a pair of blonds and a red head. This group is a bunch of individuals who uses there powers to and positions to gain things they want. They call them self 'SEED', for they use their power to spread their power and influence across the land.

In a room sat a crescent shaped table. On the outer side of the table sat four chairs with shadowy figures sitting in them. In front of the people was a banner for each person. Starting on the far left was a red banner that had the kanji for tiger, next to that was a green banner with the kanji for turtle. This was followed by a white banner with the kanji for bird, followed by a blue banner with the kanji for water.

The small group of people sat there in silence as giant oak doors open showing Katsu Hyuuga standing there being shown in by a women wearing a mask that only covered her eyes. Katsu slowly walks in and stands in front of the crescent table and bows to the four figures. "Your holy ones I bring news of great importance. I was once again trying my pursue of Kushina-san only to find out that due to unknown circumstances Minato-dono has return. With their son, from what I saw it wasn't a Genjutsu and he also had extra features..."

One of the figures who sat behind the 'Tora' kanji says "What kind of extra features Katsu-san?"

Katsu looks at them with his clear eyes trying to figure out how to phrase it. "He has fox ears and a tail from what I saw..."

Silence gripped the room and figure behind the 'Ryu' kanji starts to laugh. "That is good Katsu-san. We know that you failed once again to woo a certain red head. But that doesn't mean you can man a joke on our poor Namikaze's."

Katsu keeps a stone face as he looks at 'Ryu' and says in a clam voice "Ryu-sama I am not joking...From what I saw Lady Hokage, Jiraiya-sama and Kushina-san were telling the truth. I did not see Naruto-san though."

The group sits there digesting the words Katsu just put out and the person behind the 'Kame' kanji sighs. "Very well...thank you for the information Hyuuga. Leave us as we speak about future matters." And with that Katsu leaves while the four figures discuses about the loss of the Namikaze's jutsu library and on having Kushina as a possible agent. And how they can use this to their advantages against the Hokage, ROOT, the council and other villages.


[Konoha Village/ Ninja Academy/ Training Courtyard]

Once Naruto's 'tour' around the academy the vixens-to-be brings him to him to the courtyard. In the courtyard were the future genin hopefuls eating their lunch enjoying the nice clam day and talking about random things. Under a nearby tree was a group of kids who have developed a rather tight friendship with one another. They vary from different clans but that didn't stop them from being friends. In the group were Hyuuga Hinata, Nara Shikamaru, and Inuzuka Kiba with his partner a white puppy named Akamaru, Aburame Shino, and Akimichi Choji.

Across the courtyard sat Uchiha Sasuke who was being watched by a group of fan girls. Kiba looks over there and shakes his head and says "Wonder what is so wonderful about ' Prince'?"

Shikamaru was lying against the tree with his eyes closed not really sleeping and replies with a lazy tone. "Besides the fact the village makes the Uchiha clan feel like royalty because the Senju's are gone making them the only family left from the founding of Konoha." Kiba nods and waits for the pineapple haired Nara to answer the rest.

The Nara yawns and stretches and says "Well let's see he has better grades. According to the fan girls he is good looking. And has a mysterious side that has them screaming and fawning over his so called 'Coolness'...Other then that I have no idea." And the lazy genin hopeful closes his eyes as he rests against the tree. Next to him his best friend Choji nods as he opens another bag of chips and devours it with gusto.

Kiba just sighs as goes back to eating his lunch and grumbling about how it's unfair having an Uchiha in their class. Hinata just keeps quiet while she plays with Akamaru who enjoys the attention, and as for Shino...he just stands there like a statue watching over the group like the silent guardian.

Just then the courtyard's peaceful air was broken as a loud Yamanaka yells over to her friends "Oi guys! Look what I found!" Sakura sighs at her friend's rashness and she says to the blond "Remind me again why I'm your friend?"

Ino looks at the pink haired girl and sticks her tongue at her playfully "Because you love me! And you know it." And she laughs as they both drag at confused and quiet Naruto over to the future Konoha 9.

Once they get to the group all of their eyes focus on the blond haired boy with fox feature. This earns a comment from the next blunt and hyper active person.

"Oi! Who's the blond haired dude? And what's with the freaky fox ears!" The Inuzuka jumps up as he looks at Naruto. Said blond was looking down and feels rather sad at being called a freak.

Both Ino and Sakura hit Kiba over the head and the pink haired vixen says "Shut it mutt! That is a part of his family's bloodline! You stupid mutt!" Kiba just winces at the loud verbal lashing he got from Sakura and he says "Ow ok you don't have to hit so hard..."

Naruto just stares at the new group with multiple emotions running threw his mind. Being free from their grip gives him the ability to slowly move away just enough to feel safe. He looks at everyone and the thought of Tenchi-nii lessons pops in his head. 'He always said it's polite to introdouse yourself to new people.'

So he bows formally and says "Hello I'm Naruto." And the group goes around introducing them self's. And he smiles a bit at Kiba's and Akamaru's antics. This earns him a tease from 'Goldie Locks'. "Hey guys I think he likes us!" And she glomps him and wraps her arms around his neck.

Sakura sighs at her friends antics "Ino stop treating him like a lost puppy you found on the road!" Said blond pouts at the same time as Naruto (Because he was referred as a puppy) which gives the pink haired girl an overload on cuteness.

The group of future clan heads laughs at Sakura's misfortune. ((If you're wondering why Sakura and Ino isn't fawning over Sasuke is because I don't believe that best friends would break up friendship over someone. ^-^ that and I hate Sasuke!)) Sasuke who was watching the sense play out slowly gets up to get a better look at this new boy.

He slowly gets up and walks over there in all his Uchiha glory which earns him some squeals from his fan girls. Once he's close enough to the group the laugher dies down and they all stare at him and Kiba voices his thought to the Uchiha. "What are you doing here Uchiha?"

Sasuke looks at Kiba like he was something less important. Which in his mind is true and he says as he stares down the young fox. "I'm here to see the future loser. And judging from his clan's ability." He points to the Naruto's fox features. "That he is going to be nothing but an oversize plushy for stupid girls to play with." And he grins as he crosses his arms in front of his chest showing his arrogant attitude.

All of the future-clan-heads just glare at the stupid-boy but remembers their fathers telling them not to provoke the Uchiha. Not wanting an internal clan war in Konoha they all just take the verbal lashing. Sakura the only one who was not a part of a clan had other thoughts in her head as she stands in front of Sasuke and says to his face. "Leave us alone Uchiha we did nothing to you."

Sasuke glares at the rosette and he harshly pushes her out of the way and says "Know your place you bookworm. You have no right to tell me what to do" ((If you didn't notice it I'm basing all of the clan and villages on old Japanese society. Which I learned was major clans were really arrogant towards everyone. Thank god my grandfather thought me right lol. )) Sakura falls down on her butt and Ino goes to her side to help her up. The pink-haired-vixen looks down and lets a tear roll down her cheek as Sasuke continues to mock the group.

Naruto watches what takes place before him and he brushes off the insult Sasuke sent his way. He then watches as the girl who was kind to him get knocked aside by the Uchiha and he remembers something Mama-san once him and he steps up to the boy and says. "Mama-san once told me the worst thing a man can do was hitting a girl. But the greatest Sin man can could do was make a girl cry." And he glares at the arrogant Uchiha.

Sasuke narrows his eyes and grabs Naruto by the front of his shirt. "Watch yourself freak or I might feel like I should show you and your family where your proper place in life is."

Naruto swats Sasukes hand away and pushes him away. Sasuke shocked that someone actually had the nerves to fight back against him just stumbles backwards and lands on his butt. He growls and stands up and throws a punch at Naruto.

Naruto eyes widen at the speed of the punch and he jumps to the side and avoiding the swing. He looks at Sasuke who was posting himself in a fighting stance. Naruto looks around and he spots a wooden sword on a nearby weapon rack and he grabs the sword and takes a standard kendo stance.

Sasuke grins knowing that he had speed on his side and says "So you use a weapon because you can't fight me fairly?"

Naruto shakes his head and says "I'm using the sword because you're not worthy of dirtying my hands with." This earns him a gasp from the growing crowd of spectators.

Sasuke growls as he lunches himself forward at Naruto. His side steps the sword tip and brings his right leg for a kick at Naruto's head. With a clam expression Naruto jumps back dodging the kick and once again having Sasuke in his reach. He then aims the tip at Sasuke's torso and dashes forward embedding the wooden sword into his solar plexus knocking the air out of the young Uchiha's lungs.

Sasuke falls to his knees gasping for air and he looks up to see a downward slash coming at him. Using his ninja reflexes he rolls to the side dodging the blow and he stands up. "Not bad...What's your name freak? So I can send a 'Get Well' card when I'm through with you."

Naruto looks at Sasuke as he levels his sword straight forward so the only sight is the tip of the sword. And he says "Namikaze Naruto." And he takes advantage of the shocked expression on Sasuke's face, and he dashes forward and embeds the tip in his chest this time.

Sasuke shakes out of his stupor and he jumps away just in time evading the attack. He quickly grabs the wooden sword and pumps chakra into his hand and breaks it in half. Naruto drops his weapon and moves away and hopes that Tenchi doesn't find out about him losing a sword in combat. He takes a normal squared stance with his left fist close to his jaw, and his right fist extended in front of him a bit with his elbows tucked in near his side. ((Muay Thai stance)) And he charges again this time throwing a right jab followed with a left straight.

Sasuke palms the right jab but misses the left straight and it hits him right in the jaw. He stumbles back a bit his world a bit dazed and raises his arms up to protect his head. Naruto notices this and he takes a step forward and does a jumping knee strike into Sasukes gut. Knocking the air out of lungs again and causing his guard to fall. The blond lands on his balls of his feet and follows up with a right kick to the side of Sasukes head knocking him out. He stands over the defeated Uchiha and smirks a bit but quickly goes back to the emotionless face. And the only sound that could be heard in the academy was the sound of numerous jaws hitting the ground.


[Konoha/ Near Ninja Academy/ Town streets]

In the streets of Konoha a group made up of two blonds, a red head, and a spiky white haired old fool makes their way towards the academy. They found out that Naruto was picked up by an ANBU patrol and dropped off at the school thinking he was a student playing hooky. As they made their way down the road a lot of people were staring at Tenchi and whispers fly among the crowd.

The reaction of the people was mixed and varied between age groups. Elder people were glaring daggers at the fox features not paying attention to the owners own appearance. The mid-aged group was shocked that there old Yondaime was alive but at the same time some were angered at the fox ears and some mutters of 'Demon' or 'the Yondaime is tainted his soul for us.' Tenchi just sighs as he looks down at Kushina who happens to take up resident on his left arm. He chuckles "Enjoying you there Kushina-chan?"

Kushina didn't respond so he waves a hand in front of her face which brings her back to the elemental realm. "Welcome back to Konoha did you enjoy your trip?" Tenchi laughs as Kushina cheeks try to blend in with her hair. At this sight the group laughs at the young kunoichi misfortune.

After the laugh dies down and Tsunade eyes the girl and wonders how her mental stability is doing. And makes a mental note to talk to her in private later. Tenchi smiles as he looks at everyone he passes and he looks at Tsunade. "Hokage-sama can you tell me what's happened sense I've been gone?"

The three ninja look at each other wonder that should start and Kushina starts. "Well one of the major events that happened would be when Itachi killed his best friend. According to the Uchiha clan Itachi found a scroll about the sharingan's abilities. So when he killed his friend he got a new level of the Sharingan and went to the Uchiha district school and killed all the kids in the school leaving his younger brother Sasuke alive. They say Sasuke fought against Itachi, so if you meet the kid doesn't be surprised if he has a rather large ego. Anyway on with the story, once he finished at the school he went home to try and kill Fugaku the clan leader and his father. He ended up killing his mother but his dad fought him off until help arrived. Oh and on a side note Fugaku has been hitting on me as well." The red head smiles like being hit on by multiple suitors was a normal thing causing Tenchi to sweat drop.

Tsunade picks up the story after Kushina "Another event that is important is when the Third Hokage retired and these two." The honey blond points at Jiraiya and Kushina. "Made me come back to become Hokage. Other than that nothing much, other things you need to know will be in some 'reports'." Tsunade hints that there will be other things in the reports that Tenchi will need to know if he is going to play as Minato.

Tenchi nods and fixes his glasses and he notices the group of ninja with animal mask appear in the middle of the road kneeling. The one wearing a rabbit mask looks up and says in a deep voice towards Tsunade. "Hokage-sama the council is calling an emergency meeting concerning..." He looks at Tenchi and Tsunade narrows her eyes. "Very well but next time, give your message before gawking." Rabbit nods and he disappears with the group with disappears in a puff of smoke.

Tenchi points his finger at the spot the ANBU was at and asks "Who was that? And who are the council?"

Jiraiya sighs forgetting that he is working with a Samurai. "That was ANBU a special force who works for the Hokage...Kinda like the black operations for the ninja world. As for the council...they're a bunch of old people who run the village along with the Hokage. As the Hokage runs the military force the council runs the other side of things. From the academy to who enters and goes from the village."

"And gives the Hokage a mountain of paper work so they won't do anything to hinder their greed" Grumbles the Slug Sannin as she crosses her arms helping her large bust stick out more, Earning a perverted from her old team-mate.

Tenchi sighs and he looks at Kushina and says "So...what now?"

Kushina looks at Tenchi with her lavender eyes for a second as she thinks how to approach this. "How about I go pick up Naruto while you three go deal with the geezers." And before they could say anything to her she disappears.

Tenchi blinks in confusion while Tsunade and Jiraiya grumbles about her trying to get out of the line-of-fire. They both grab the Samurai and drag him away telling him the plan they have and how he should approach it.


[Konoha/ Ninja Academy/ Training Courtyard]

The courtyard was in dead silence as the sense of the self-proclaimed prince of Konoha was lying on the ground knocked out. And standing over him was the missing Namikaze heir standing in offence stance. Naruto drops his stance and he walks over to the slack jawed group and he notices all the expressions. He then sees Sakura sitting there with her Ino kneeling next to her, both of them with their jaws hung low. He slowly walks over and his eyes once again are shadowed by the bangs of his hair. "A-Are y-y-you okay?"

Sakura snaps back to reality and looks at the knocked out Uchiha and then back to Naruto. She slowly gets up never taking her eyes off the blond fox. And in the next second she did a thing only Ino would do. She glomped ((jumping-tackle-hug...I get it a lot T-T)) the blond boy

"Ghah!" Thump! "Oh Naruto that was the sweetest and coolest thing I've ever seen!"

Sakura squeals in joy as she hugs the poor fox to death. And the sound of laugh fills the quad as everyone watches the sense and wonders how the boy who beat the Emo-pants ends up as an oversize tackle plushy.

Ino blinks and joins in the 'fox-pile' and says "Oi forehead save me some I want to play with Foxy-kun too!" And the girls hugs the poor boy to death, Naruto just stiffens his body and he slowly relaxes and lets the two girls do whatever they want remember how Lady Saya always wanted him to lay still until he got orders.

As the poor fox was being assaulted by the future-vixens the future-clan heads look at the sense and smiles. In the matter of 10 minutes a new kid has made a place in there not only in future rumors (( Wow I'm using the word future a lot lol hint. Wink wink nudge nudge bobs your uncle….Aghhhh you'll get it lol.))

Everyone smiles at this and Kiba voices the group's thought "Yeah! Finally someone put Emo-pants in place! FOX-PILE!" And he jumps on the trio followed by Akamaru and Hinata which raises some eyebrows. Shino, Shikamaru and Choji look at one another and then back at the pile and just laugh finding that it was to childish ((Shino)), troublesome ((Shikamaru)) or just saving them from being squished ((sorry Choji. Being people in dog pile = trouble for bottom people))

After about three minutes of laughter Kiba and Akamaru get off of the unfortunate fox. Ino, Sakura and Hinata take their time feeling the young kitsune's muscles. After the three blushing girls stand up and avoid one another gaze. Naruto stands up and dust him off and smiles slightly at the playful feel in the air. And due to his tail everyone around him knew his mood which earns another round of quiet chuckles.

The mood of the new group of friends was broken as the sound of clapping was heard and they turned around to see a red head beauty standing there clapping her hands at the sight. Kushina smiles and walks over to them happy for multiple reasons. The 1st reason was her son just beat the annoying son of Fugaku which she caught the end of. The 2nd reason was how they all acted like a bunch of children on sugar which might not be that far from the truth. And the last reason was that it was just super cute and wishes she had a camera not knowing that the local newspaper group was around watching and snapped a photo.

"Mom!" Said Naruto as he ran over until he was arm reach and he stood there with in arm reach. And Kushina reaches over and hugs him feeling his body flinch. 'You're slowly learning Naruto. One day you will be able to hug and be around me without someone having to finish the rest of the physical contact.'

Kushina smiles as she lets go of Naruto, she then looks at the other kids and smiles. "I'm sorry. Hello I'm Kushina Namikaze." The future-Konoha 11 bows as they introduce them self which brings a smile to the red heads face. Sakura and Ino step forward and the blond say "Um Mrs. Namikaze is Naruto going to attend the school?"

Kushina looks at the little girl with her lavender eyes and smiles. "Please call me Kushina, and right now we don't know..." Ino frowns as well some of the other kids and she smiles. "You know why don't you all come back to our house and try and convince the person who is in charge."

The hopeful genin look at one another and Kiba says "Um...what about our parents?"

"Invite them. We're going to have a party of sorts for Naruto and...his father." She looks down at Naruto who raises an eyebrow at the sentence but keeps his mouth shut due to habit. "So after classes bring your families to the Namikaze compound and well have a little get together." She puts her hand on Naruto's shoulder and bows formally "Until then Jaa ne. We have to get things ready." And both the Namikaze's leave the academy leaving a bunch of children still digesting the events that passed. As everyone leaves the courtyard Sasuke groans in pain as he slowly comes to. The sight he comes to wasn't what he thought it would be, above him was Akamaru with his leg raised and a golden stream shoots out onto his face. Which earns the poor village a loud screech and for the Uchiha 'Prince' a taste of dog pee.


[Konoha/ Hokage Tower/ Council Meeting Room]

Inside of the council meeting room sat all the major players of the hidden village. From the ninja clans to the respected civilians and the three advisors that was picked by the Fire Daimyo. They all sat on a tall benches looking down on the Hokage or anyone they spoke to. Which made the group before them look like children and made one fox wonder if they made the seats like this to help make them feel better.

Tenchi looked at the council who stood foot higher thanks to the benches. Behind him sitting behind a half circle table that was at normal level but had a really cool chair that had a tall back, was Tsunade wearing her Hokage garb. Jiraiya was standing in the shadow of the room with his arms over his chest wondering how this event will turn out.

Danzo one of the tree council members who was picked by the Fire Lord, he had half of his body in bandages do to old battle wounds. With his one good eye he places a steel gaze upon the young samurai before him and speaks in a cold tone. "So tell me how is it that the once great Namikaze who died fighting the Kyuubi is standing before us? And why does his have fox ears and tail? Is this a trick by a demon? If so I say we kill you…."

The old war hawk was stopped mid sentence as Tenchi glared at him with the eyes of a Samurai. Ninja's may be skilled warriors but to real Samurai they are annoying. Tenchi raises his hand and fixes his glasses as he stops his killing intent and he says. "Please don't make me kill you old man."

With that shouts for respect and 'Kill the demon' filled from the room from the civilian side of the room. The ninja side just looks with raised eyes and peeked curiosity and wonders how this will play. Tsunade quickly brings the room to order and she says "Now to answer your question Danzo. Minato-kun here was found in the forest with Naruto. We found them both in a burnt patch of land after feeling a large chakra burst. At first we were skeptic but after we returned I did some test and found without a shadow of doubt that he is in fact the old Yondaime." She then signals Jiraiya to pass out the test papers they made to everyone.

After a few minutes of reading and silence Danzo speaks again. "Very well but that doesn't explain the ears and tail." This earns him a sigh from both Tenchi and Jiraiya. So the blond speaks "You expect everything to have an answer? I mean how did great creatures as the bijuus come to exist? You don't know the same goes for Naruto and I new features. I for one don't have a problem with it."

Jiraiya smirks at the idiot samurai's answer and he continues "From what I guess is that during the cleaning process a bit of the Kyuubi's powers transfer over to him. But that is a theory seeing as how Naruto has it as well. My guess is that either Kami-sama or Shinigami-sama is playing a game. And sense no one here can talk to gods….well just play along with their game."

Everyone nods and say's nothing more on the logic of things being out of their hands. All but Danzo that is "So what now we just go on like nothing happened?" This earns him a blank stare from all the ninja in the room followed with a nod.

"So if that's it I shall be watching both Naruto and Minato for any changes. And cause of his current predicament I shall stay on as Hokage until I deem him able to continue on as the Yondaime Hokage." And with that Tsunade calls the council to order and leaves with Tenchi and Jiraiya following her. "You know Minato you have to learn to control your anger." States the Toad Sage.

Tenchi nods and says "Yeah I know but something about that man….Just throws me off…. It's like I've seen him somewhere before…." With a shrug and sigh he follows them back to the Namikaze compound. To help with the little get together.

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