Alrighty, here's Chapter Two! Thanks for the comments. This is my first fanfic, so it might not be the best, but I couldn't get Derek And Chloe out of my mind so I had to come up with more. Enough of my talk..

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Chloe's POV.

While Derek brushed his teeth, I got dressed, putting on a pair of worn out skinny jeans and a nice, warm, plain red sweatshirt. As I was slipping on my socks, Derek walked back into our room.

Yes, that's right. Our room. About a year into staying with Mr. Bae, Aunt Lauren, Simon, and Tori, Derek decided it was safe enough for us to get our own place, which was a nice apartment in Pennsylvania. About everyone objected to the idea, except, surprisingly Tori. We made a deal with the rest of them. If we promised to visit and stay close, we could have our own place, and the privacy we needed.

Derek sat on the soft, plain bed next to me. He handed me my sneakers, then tugged on his shoes. I murmured a "Thanks."

"So, what exactly is this?" he asked. I could imagine his face shaped in frustration. Derek like to know everything, and when he didn't he got annoyed. "I have no idea. All I know is apparently, it's important." I finished tying my shoelaces, and stood, almost slamming into Derek's chest. He looked down at me, then wrapped his arm around my waist. My stomached fluttered, heart hammering. His finger tips brushed my face. I stood on my tiptoes, and our lips touched.

There was that buzz again, The sudden slam of energy that came when we kissed. It was hard to describe. You think I'd be used to that by now, but that feeling is something you never get used to.

We parted, and I could see a smirk on his face. "What?" I asked, breathlessly. He shook his head. "Nothing." But I could see the humor in his eyes. I narrowed mine. He laughed, and with a kiss to my forehead, he walked out of the room to the front door.

After I grabbed my purse - an item which Tori insisted I have - Derek called out from the front door, "Ready?"

I turned off the lights in our room, walked out, then muttered, "We're never ready for anything Tori invites us to." Derek laughed again, then held the door open for me and we walked out.

We pulled up to Tori's place, well, really Mr. Bae's place. Tori decided to stay with Simon and Mr. Bae after we left. What was odd was she still didn't know about Mr. Bae being her father, or about Simon being her half-brother. So why would she want to go with Simon? She said she was over him back at the supposed "Safe House", but I wasn't sure. I hoped she was. I could only imagine how awkward that would be.

I opened the car door, and hopped out, then slammed it shut. Derek was by my side in an instant. He grabbed my hand, and squeezed it as we started walking up the familiar drive way.

"I'm scared." I whispered. Not just because it was six in the morning and we were two supernatural teens who could be being sent into a trap, but also because with Tori, you never know what to expect. Derek bent down to my ear. "Me too."

We reached the door. I took a deep breath, and was about to ring the doorbell right when the door flew open quickly. I flinched back. Tori poked her head out, a smile taking up about half of her face. Her dark hair was twisted and mangled, like she hadn't bothered to clean up. I suddenly felt like a fool for taking so long doing my hair. "Come in!" She whispered excitedly , opening the door wider, allowing us to enter. She grabbed my arm and practically dragged me in. Derek followed.

Tori shut the door behind her. I glanced around the room, then at Derek. He sniffed the air, then stiffened. I suddenly became worried. He looked down at me, and gave a reassuring smile. I tried my best to smile back. Tori held the small of my back, and hurried me along, leading me down the long hallway and leaving Derek to follow behind.

"I know you think I'm crazy-" We turned a corner into another hallway. "-but when you see who I'm talking about, you'll thank me." She said, with a twinge of humor in her voice. My face crumpled in confusion. We came to a stop a wooden door, ajar. Tori went ahead of me. I could feel Derek's hands on my shoulders, telling me to relax. But so many thoughts ran through my head.

What if this is all a scam? No, Tori wouldn't do that to us. Or…would she? I shook my head, clearing that thought from mind. She would never. I needed to stop being so paranoid. But there was a part of my insides, nipping at me, telling me something bad would come of this. Tori gave me a wicked look, and opened the door.

For a minute, Derek and I stood there, in complete silence, just staring at the figure in the room with disbelief. I thought my knees would give out. Finally, my senses snapped back, and I lunged forward and wrapped my arms around her.

"Rae." I whispered as tears filled my eyes.

So? What do you guys think? What will happen with Rae? Where has she been this whole time? And...What if Chloe's gut feeling was right?