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Falling in Love Sucks Royally

Chapter 2, Never Lucky to See You Again

I jolted up-right. Sweat was dripping down my face and onto my covers. My breathing was ragged. Little puffs of air came out of my mouth and with each one, my throat burned. I swallowed, trying to get my breathing even. Breath in and out. In and out. I closed my eyes and took a deep, calming breath. I heard a movement outside my door. My eyes snapped open. I gazed into the pitch black. My eyes narrowed, I searched for the source of the movement. Nothing. Nothing at all. I bit my lip nervously. I was seriously losing it. First with the tree falling...GOD! It was just a dream for Christ sakes. I shook myself and squeezed my eyes shut, trying to get a hold of myself again. Never again would that happen. I would keep my cool and NOT freak out. I was a novice, a person training to be a guardian. I needed to be focused and strong. I needed to be like that for Lissa. Lissa...I hoped she was ok. I sighed. She needed her space. I would see her later today. She would be fine. I needed to get back to sleep. I took another deep breath and laid back down on my pillow. Slowly, I drifted off to sleep. That night, I didn't dream at all. Not one dream.

I woke up once again to the pitch black. I groaned and turned on my bedside lamp. Another day of work. Another day of sitting in class being bored out of my mind. I sighed and swung my feet over the bed and onto the floor. I got up and headed toward the bathroom. A shower was sure to wake me up. I undressed and brushed my hair before hopping into the steaming hot water.

After I got dressed into a casual look, I headed to the cafeteria to get something to eat and to see how Lissa was. When I got there, it wasn't as busy as usual days, but still pretty packed. I saw Lissa with Christian and Eddie sitting at a table by the left side of the lunch room. Deciding I'll get something first to eat, I walked into the line of people getting food. I grabbed random foods and headed toward my friends. Sitting down I forced a smile on my face. I gave an acknowledgement to Eddie and Christian and turned my attention to Lissa. She was picking at her food, not really looking like she was aware of doing so. I cleared my throat. She whipped her head up and smiled a small up at me. I smiled back.

"So, how are you doing Lissa?" I questioned.

She shrugged and looked down at her tray. "Alright I guess. Still a little exhausted. Didn't really get enough sleep last night." She peeked back at me. "But I'm sure I'll catch up on my sleep tonight." She added on hastily.

I nodded and started digging into my food when Adrian glides in like he owns the school. I rolled my eyes and kept on eating, hoping he'll just go away. I so didn't need any more of him right now. I took a last bite of my food and stood up just when he got to our table. Without paying any attention to him, I throw out my food and head to the gym for a little work out. I waved to Lissa, Christian and Eddie. They wave back, but being him, Adrian waved too. I glared at him and glided away toward the gym.

It had been about an hour since I had started working out with dummies, punch bags, and other things. I knew I had to be prepared when the time came to fight and finish Dimitri off once and for all, since I didn't the first time and messed up completely….or find a way to safe him and turn him back into a dhamphir. But it's unlikely. The one person who was alive was the one person I seriously didn't won't to encounter again….Victor Dashkov, Lissa's uncle who betrayed her and tried to use her ability to heal. Victor had an air user who was working for him torcher her. I was only experiencing this second had, but it was horrible. I seriously thought I was dying. It had to be worse for Lissa and I would never ever forgive him for it. Though, I needed to know how to make a Strigoi, back to what they were before they became one. This was going to be hard and I had to be prepared for anything he threw at me, so here I was, training my ass off.

I did one more round house kick into the bunching bag. It rattled a couple of times and fell to the ground with a big thud. I winced, but with a grin on my face. I heard footsteps behind me. I spun around and went into my defensive crouch. I went to pounce on my attacker, but freeze. It was Jesse Zeklos. My eyes narrowed.

He was supposed to be somewhere else. I didn't know where, all I knew was away from here. I stood up, out of my defensive stance cautiously. He walked the rest of the distance between us. A smile was on his face and his hands in his front pockets of his faded blue jeans. I backed up to the wall and leaned against it casually, waiting to see what he wanted. I crossed my arms over my chest with irritation on my face. He just kept on smiling. I sighed impatient. I pushed off the wall and walked over to the dummies. I started punching and kicking them, glancing at Jesse once and a while.

He cleared his throat. I rolled my eyes. Stopping the punch I was going to give the dummy, I spun around to face him squarely. He had that retarded ass grin on his face, the smile that I used to think was hot. But now just think was just plain annoying.

Jesse Zeklos was what you would consider a total hotty. From a scale from one to ten...he would be a nine. Of course he couldn't really compete with Adrian Ivashkov, but he was close. Not that I would really pay attention to anything like that. Jesse is a Moroi. He had dark blue eyes and was a flirt. He practically flirted with anything that had two legs and some chest. But even though he tried acting like he was tough and mocho, he was not. He was a chicken, a scaredy-cat and wimp. But also an asshole and jerk when he wanted to be. And to top that off, he was royal. A royal Moroi. One of the top royal families and that explains him being an ass.

While he and all the other royals just sat around drinking vodka and just chilling out, we, I, novices, and guardians had to train our asses off and protect them. Never having a real brake. But if I could change who and what I am...I wouldn't. Not at all. At least I would be prepared for what was to come. I'm strong and skilled. And that would save me in the long run.

I crossed my arms over my chest and gazed at Jesse, waiting for him to start speaking.

He opened his mouth and said, "It's so nice to see you again Rose. It's really been too long."

I smirked and said in a snarky voice, "I would say the same thing...but it's never nice to see you again."

He chuckles and grinned wider. "Oh, you're the same old Rose. Same attitude problem. But that's why everyone likes you so much...wait, no that's because of your body."

I smiled sweetly. "And you're the same old Jesse; wimp, dumbass, and jerk."

I list all of them while tapping each finger off. I smirk. "Should I say anymore? No? Thought so."

His grin vanished and he clutched his jaw. I grinned in satisfaction. Then wanting to just get this over with I ask the question that's been on the tip of my tongue.

"Since we're finally done with introductions. I want to know something," I paused. "What are you doing here?"

His grin snapped right back into place. "Why Rose, does there have to be a reason for me being here? Can't me just wanting to see your beautiful face again reason enough?"

I rolled my eyes and placed my hands on my hips. "Quit it with the bullshit. What's the real reason you're here?"

He tisks me and shook his head. "Rose, Rose, Rose. Don't be so hasty, why don't we just start catching up?"

I narrowed my eyes again. Before I know it, he was right in front of me, pushing me up against the whole. His hands on either side of my head and his body up against mine. He slowly leans down toward me...

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