"Silver & Saphy's Excellent Adventure" – Prince Kiba

I dedicated this story to my girlfriend before I wrote it. It's about her and my favorite character traveling the world together. I've already written most of the second chapter, as well. Expect updates soon.

The sun rose slowly upon the waking landscape below. Birds chirped cheerfully, the sea stirred ever so slightly... but perhaps it was the most special in the eyes of the youth.

"Finally, I'll be able to REALLY enjoy my life...!" A young girl excitedly hopped out from her house. She had luscious short brown hair hidden under a black paperboy hat, complimented by deep Prussian blue eyes and a petite figure. In sharp contrast, she was sporting simple clothes; a black T-shirt and jeans that matched the color of her eyes. On her feet she wore brown sandals, for the climate of her town of Cherrygrove had always been warm and breezy. Living next to the beach was to be treasured, in her captivating eyes.

Ready to head to the neighboring town, she glanced at her figure before leaving. Everything was perfect, from her beautiful chest to the soles of her feet. Looking down at them, she recalled the places they had taken her. Once she had jumped upon the white boulders protruding out from the ocean along the northwestern part of her town, and made it all the way to a grassy cliffside surrounded by trees inhabited by foreign, invasive birds. This memory of when she was 5—nine years ago—was one of her clearest memories. That's...not a good thing, you must realize. Nine years and she can't say much for her life so far. Without even a single friend in her town of less than 50 people, she decided when she could, she would travel the world and see all that it has to offer.

With nothing but a backpack filled with money and tasty snacks, she decided to head north to Violet City, a city well-known for its unique aviatory police department and the immense pagoda called the Sprout Tower on the northeastern part of the city. She put her first foot forward towards her destination.

Already something had caught her attention. A boy with the deepest red hair and an intimidating aura brushed past her. She stumbled, and fell on him.

"Hey, watch it!" he snapped, glaring at the klutz resting on the black traditional Japanese top covering his upper body.

"Agh... Gomen...!" She bowed sincerely. Then, thinking back to her previous thought of interest, she asked, "Um... Can I ask your name?"

His eyes grew wide. "Er—! No! Get lost!" He clenched his fists in anxiety. Without realizing it, he subconsciously put his hands in front of his right hip, as if to guard something. That's when the girl noticed something of a different color peeking between his fingers. She recognized it as his trainer card. Feeling mischievous, she lured his attention away with a seductive batting of her eyes. He glowered, but couldn't look away. She didn't understand why, but it never failed to stop boys. She didn't think she looked too special, although to the average person she'd have seemed crazy for thinking that.

With him distracted, her nimble fingers tore between his and snatched his ID. His eyes practically bulged out of their sockets. 'No...! If she finds out my name, she could match it with my description if she runs into the cops...!' The boy had just stolen something of great value from a laboratory in New Bark Town, to the east of Cherrygrove. "What do you think you're doing?!" He clawed at her hands to retrieve it, but it was to no avail. She ran a short distance away, reading while she moved. He gave up. She knew his information.

"Your name is...Silver?"

He sighed. "Give me that…" She released it, letting him take it back with ease. He stuffed it into his pocket for now. "Look... I'm on the run, okay? Let me leave before they catch me."

She stared in disbelief. "Wait, so...you're on an adventure now?" She grinned. "I won't turn you in if you let me go with you. You sound fearless. I bet you could be of use to me!"

Silver was stunned. "Wait...you're blackmailing me?!" he cried. "...heh. Hahah…! I like you…" Silver admitted. "Okay, sure."

Her face lit up. "Yes!" She smiled at him. "I'm Saphire... Trainer Saphire. I think we'll get along just fine," she introduced, grinning from excitement.

Silver stopped scowling. "...humph. Come on, we need to leave-now."

The two sped off into the distance, leaving everything they had ever had behind.