"Silver & Saphy's Excellent Adventure" – Prince-san

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They began their walk to the gym leader. Passing along the stone path, they conversed amongst each other.

"So, do you know anything about this town's leader?" Saphire asked. Silver shook his head. Saphire suggested they ask someone. She reached out to an elderly woman passing by them. "Excuse me, ma'am… Can you tell me what you know concerning the gym leader here?"

The woman gave an old lady smile. "Of course, child. His name is Falkner, and he's a birdkeeper." The woman pointed to the police HQ to the west. "He's also the son of this city's police force."

A siren rang inside Saphy's head. Expertly hiding her worry, she bore a fake smile and thanked the lady. She walked away clutching Silver's hand. "You don't think Falkner would know about you…"

Silver remained calm. "No, actually. In a town as history-cherishing as this, we'd have seen oldtime wanted posters by now if they knew of me, wouldn't you agree? Johto's police probably thought I'd have gone to Kanto, just east of the lab, so I doubt they're concerned. Makes sense, anyway."

Saphire gave a sigh of relief. "You're right."

As they neared the gym, she took Totodile's Pokéball off of her belt and pressed the button in the center to release him. He bounced out with excitement.

Saphire bent down to his eye level, about two feet off the ground. "Totodile, are you ready?" Her smiling face embedded confidence into his. He grinned confirmatively. "Let's go, then!" She screamed, practically exploding into the gym. "Falkner! I come as a Pokémon trainer, to win a battle against you!"

For a moment, no one replied. She began to feel stupid, until all of a sudden a blue-haired teenaged boy swooped down from the extremely high second level hanging over them. The thought of how his legs didn't completely die from the jump raced through her mind. "I like your enthusiasm," he complimented as he adjusted the hair fringe over his right eye, taking in a long glimpse of the redheaded male in front of him. He soon averted his gaze to the brunette female. "My name is Falkner. As my name implies, I tame birds," he chuckled. "They say you can clip a flying Pokémon's wings with a jolt of electricity. I won't allow such insults to bird Pokémon!" A sudden intensity arose in his voice. "So, you ready to fight?"

Saphire gulped. "Yes." She managed to hide the nervousness in her voice well. Falkner's sudden fierceness had caused her confidence to slip away from the world.

"I'm ready when you are," he said coolly.

Saphire took in a deep breath. She paused to relax her nerves. "Okay, I'm ready."

"EXCELLENT!" Falkner's voice boomed as he released a large bird from a Pokéball in his hand. "Pidgeotto, go!" The bird soared through the vast space in the gym, and flew to the floor above.

"Come with me," he gestured with his hand. He stepped on a platform. Saphire followed suit, as did Silver. Suddenly, the platform shook, and they rose into the air at an alarming speed.

"Whoa!" Saphire cried, almost losing her balance. Silver put an arm behind her, just in case.

Falkner chuckled. "How did you think we were going to get up there?" He winked, although it looked like a blink, since the upper-right corner of his face was obscured by blueness. His guests weren't amused, yet he paid it no attention. "We're here!"

Saphire took in the breathtaking battlefield. It was a glass arena with strips of flooring missing. "If you have a bird Pokémon," Falkner started, his Pidgeotto returning to its perch on his arm, "this stage won't seem as frightening." He winked once more, and again, it just looked like a long blink to them.

"Voii..." Saphire grumbled. "I hope Totodile isn't freaked out…" She pushed her Totodile into the arena.

Falkner laughed. "We'll show you the true power of flight! Pidgeotto, go!" His bird sprung off his arm and lunged at Totodile. In less than a second, Totodile was struck by a beak and pushed back, rolling toward a missing strip of floorboard.

Saphire's heart began to pound. She glared at Falkner, who smiled menacingly at her. "Come at us with everything you've got!" he yelled from across the room. Saphire nodded.

"Totodile, Ice Fang!" The alligator sprung into the air and opened its jaws wide to bite Pidgeotto. It almost succeeded, but the bird evaded and flew above Totodile's reach. Totodile, in turn, fell and smacked the floor hard. It began to get irritated.

"Pidgeotto, Wing Attack!" The bird complied with its master's command and dive-bombed toward its smaller alligator opponent. As it came closer, it spread its wing out and smacked Totodile right on its snout. It hit so hard that Totodile flew even farther than Pidgeotto did. Saphire's eyes practically exploded out of their sockets. Totodile was finished.

Falkner sneered. "Sorry, better luck next time. Pidgeotto!" On his call, the bird returned to its perch on his elbow. "Come back after you train a bit more, Saphire."

Silver glared at him. 'This guy is pretty strong…' He turned to Saphire. "Saphy, let's go to the Pokémon Center."

A woman in a nurse's outfit standing behind a counter took the ball capsule containing Totodile and put it on the top of a big box of a machine. A light flashed along the top and enveloped the ball. The next moment, the nurse picked up Totodile's cage and handed it to Saphire. "All better!" smiled the nurse. Saphire thanked her profusely, then walked out with Silver.

"Silver, you haven't said much since we left the gym…" Saphire commented, looking upset. "What are you thinking of…?"

Silver looked at her straight-faced. "Hm...? Why? Am I usually talkative?"

"Well, no, but…" She chose her words carefully. "You seemed…like you were envious of his strength…"

"Envious?" he repeated. "I don't envy weaklings."

She raised an eyebrow. "Weaklings, huh…?"

"Just shut up, okay?" He shoved her slightly.

Saphy giggled. "Did you want to fight him, Silver…?"

He shot her a glare. "I said shut up…! I told you, I don't waste time with weaklings!"

Saphire laughed a little. "Okay, okay…" She smiled amicably. Silver thought it was strange.

Later that night, they were spending the night on cots in the Pokémon Center. These buildings, scattered all across the region, housed trainers and healed tired Pokémon. They were a haven for trainers.

That same night, as Saphire was sleeping like a rock, Silver fled and snuck into the gym to find Falkner feeding baby Pidgeys from his mouth. Silver was astonished, but honestly not surprised. It was definitely a shock to Falkner, though. As Pidgeys scrambled to remove their feeding beaks from Falkner's quickly closing garden of a mouth, he spit out the feed and eyed Silver warily. "What are you doing here so late?"

"I could just as easily ask you why a birdfeeder wasn't good enough, but you'd probably lecture me on how nurtured birds grow stronger, wouldn't you?" Silver retorted. Falkner wanted to say something, but had admitted to himself that the redhead in front of him wasn't wrong. "Humph. Such feelings are for weaklings," Silver continued. "Love…compassion… All of those words mean nothing to me."

"Why are you here?" Falkner asked. "Did you come to steal a badge?" he grinned.

Silver stared questionably. "What was that…?"

"No use hiding it," Falkner laughed. "I know you were the burglar from New Bark Town. How could anyone miss that hair of yours?" he grinned. "You should dye it if you want to get away with your crime."

Silver suddenly had so many questions, but they were all stuck in his throat, refusing to come out and in turn, choking him. "D…damn it…" He hit the wall behind him with his fist. "H-hey, wait… If you have connections with the police, why didn't you stop me earlier?"

Falkner adjusted the fringe of hair over his blue eye. "Heh… Dunno." It seemed Falkner didn't want to give an answer.

"Humph. You must be pretty indecisive, ve?" Silver stared coldly. "Look, I didn't come here to chat." He put his hand to his belt. "I'm here to defeat you!"

Falkner chuckled. "With what, a Chikorita?"

"Not today," Silver answered. "What I'm about to use is a Pokémon I've lived with since I was 2. Sneasel, go!" He threw a black, decorative Pokéball to the floor and released a small black catlike beast that stood on two feet armed with two long metallic-looking claws. It hissed at Falkner.

Falkner examined it perceptively, then put his hand on his own Pokéball. "Hmm… Pidgeotto, I'll let you have another go." He threw his ball into the air and sent out his well-sized pigeon to soar through the vast and spacious gym. It halted its ascent to steadily flap its wings and size down its foe, keeping airborne. "Why don't we take this up top?" Falkner suggested. As like before, he led Silver and Sneasel onto the rising platform, and they were lifted up to the second level.

Taking their positions, they readied themselves for battle.

"Sneasel, tear that overgrown bird apart feather by feather," Silver ordered, by which was met with an affirmative, low battle cry.

"The challenger makes the first move," Falkner informed.

"Really! I didn't know you had changed the rules so soon, after watching that cheap Quick Attack last time," Silver sarcastically remarked. "Alright Sneasel, rip Pidgeotto to shreds!" Sneasel cried and darted over to its airborne opponent and slashed at Pidgeotto's breast. Blood gushed from the giant cut that just one of Sneasel's scratches had caused. "Pathetic; your bird can't even survive the first blow!" Silver jeered as Pidgeotto halted its flapping and fell to the floor; motionless, but not dead.

"Utterly merciless…!" Falkner cried, examining his bird's wound. He took out a roll of bandages from the bag against the end of the wall where he awaits challengers, and wrapped up Pidgeotto's wounds until he could heal the bird later. "You're pretty brutal," he commented.

Silver grinned maliciously. "Only the weak lose this easily."

Falkner disapproved. "Fine, you want to see who's actually weak?" He put his hand to his belt, unintentionally making it seem as if his next Pokémon was fragile. "Pidgeot, go!" He threw a ball into the air and released a bird larger than Silver had ever seen. It was almost as big as him, quite honestly. Its wingspan was tremendous, and a single flap of its wings sent a chilling breeze right up to Silver's face. "Pidgeot, Sky Attack!"

The giant bird took aim at Sneasel, marked its vital areas, and nose-bombed at its head.

"Sneasel, use your agility!" Silver reminded. Dodging a huge opponent that could move freely in the sky was hard enough; but if Sneasel were to use the battlefield to its advantage…

Sneasel cried affirmatively and rolled over to the nearest missing strip of land, and hung onto the glass edge to avoid its enemy's dive-bomb.

As Pidgeot neared, it realized that upon hitting Sneasel between the gap, it would also take recoil by slamming into the glass. It showed no fear, though, and kept at it. But Sneasel wasn't about to let itself be hit. It gaped its mouth and released a huge blast of cold breath.

Falkner frowned. "Icy Wind?" Pidgeot was afflicted by the cold air, and its aerial strike was slowed from the chills creeping throughout the bird's hollow bones. It lost focus, and due to the blast of air forcing Pidgeot to close its eyes, it couldn't see where it was heading and ended up smashing into the glass arena and cracking the floor, along with severely hurting Pidgeot's beak.

"Humph. Your Pidgeot doesn't have very keen eyes, now does it?" Silver taunted.

Falkner growled. "Pidgeot's one weak area and he managed to abuse it without even discovering it…" He fixed his line of sight toward Pidgeot. It was hurt; but it wouldn't give up that easily. It jumped back into the air and powerfully flapped its huge wings, forcing Sneasel to lose balance and fly back with the wind.

"That's right, Pidgeot! Start up a gust!" Falkner encouraged. Pidgeot cried loudly and recreated the feeling of being inside a wind tunnel for the opposing side. The force of the air was so strong that it even gave Silver a challenge staying cemented to the floor. Finally, Sneasel couldn't persevere through its struggle to stay on the battlefield, and was carried away by a whirlwind. It was about to be dropped off the second level, but Silver pressed the circular button on the center of the front of its Luxury Ball and was recalled back into it by a red beam. Silver closed his eyes and clenched his fist over the capsule, gritting his teeth.

He brought out a regular Pokéball this time and released his new ghost ally. It stuck its tongue out at the opponent. "Gastly, stop it in its tracks," Silver commanded. Gastly followed through by glaring malevolently toward Pidgeot. Its poor visionary skills once again caused it to be taken advantage of, as it couldn't allow itself to look away from Gastly's evil eye. It ignored Falkner's calls to it, completely unaware of its surroundings. Its focus was completely fixed on its ghostly foe.

"Good job," Silver praised. "Now, hypnotize it into slumber!" Gastly nodded and released telepathic waves from its mind to Pidgeot's. The waves broke its fighting spirit and induced it into sleep. "Now, come back," Silver said, returning it to its Pokéball. He then brought out another red Pokéball. "Chikorita…!"

His one-leaved dinosaur youngling bounced out with fierce determination. After a moment of inferring the situation, Chikorita attacked on its own. It shook its one leaf to release dozens that sliced through the air to cut up Pidgeot's body. After a few hits, Falkner admitted defeat.

"Alright! You win!" Falkner announced dejectedly. "Take the Zephyr Badge…" He returned his overgrown bird to its undersized capsule.

Silver smirked and proudly took it into his hand. "Kufufu..."

The next morning, Saphire awoke in the PokéCenter lobby to what seemed to be a dark day. However, it just happened to be a large figure looming overhead.

"Eep!" she cried, covering her mouth in an unrealistic attempt to take back her strange noise. To her delight, after a moment of closer inspection, it wasn't a red-headed giant; it was just an intimidating 10-year-old thief.

… Yeah.

"Oh, Silver, it's you!" Saphire exclaimed, a hint of nervousness in her voice. She calmed down though, and sat up straight.

"We're leaving, hurry up," Silver said suddenly.

"What?" She cried out, "But I haven't beaten Falkner yet!"

Silver looked out the nearest window, turning his haid to the right. "He knows I robbed the professor," he said slowly. "We'll come back later; don't you worry about your badge. This road connects to route 32, which then goes down to Azalea Town, Goldenrod City, and then the national park just west of here. We'll make a loop, strengthen Totodile, and then come back. Now come on, we gotta go." He gave her his hand. Saphire looked up, thinking about something, then grabbed his hand and smiled brightly.

With the warmest tone in her voice, she complied. "All right, Silver..." -End of Chapter!

The ending was originally almost the exact opposite, but the I realized the one uploaded now makes much more sense. Chapter 7 will be fun, expect to see Gold soon!