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Chapter One: Dismissed Date.

Okay… Please, just start! I should've never trusted Dad in the First place. Him and his so called 'briljant cars'. Damn it!

I was driving back home from my Father who lived in Forks. That was until the old piece of crap called 'car' refused to go any further.
Just brilliant!

It was raining. Well, pouring would be a much better description.

The few people who had to walk trough this terrible weather looked like they just took a shower and forgot to take their clothes off.

Of course, being Isabella Swan, my car had to break down at a moment like this.

With a sigh, I collected my black leather purse from the passenger seat, opened its zipper and began searching for my Phone.

Some light might come in handy, I thought as I reached for my flashing light in the glove compartment.

I couldn't find the phone I was looking for, until my eyes found a hole on the inside of my worn bag.

Wonderful… Anything else?

At last I found the BlackBerry I was looking for, and spotted a new unread textmessage.


Jacob Black was my one and only beloved boyfriend, who'd stuck with me since highschool.

He moved out of the La Push reservation with me after I graduated from New York University to find ourselves an appartment in Seattle.

From: Jake

Subject: Where the heck are you?

Bella, Bella, Bella…

It's about ten-twenty five p.m., and you are extremely late for the special night I planned for us.
And honestly, what happened? Did you forget to come home after your visit to your Dad?

I tried calling you, twice but all I reach is your voicemail.

You know how I get sometimes… Call me, please!


Oh boy, I better hurry up and call him. The text was about an hour and a half old.

But why didn't I hear my phone when he called?

Oh, that's right. I decided to set my phone on vibrating only, just in case Alice decided to call me. Again.

She'd called me a million times today. To remind me which outfit I had to wear, then to explain how I had to do the make-up and hear and at last to threaten me.
Yes, she actually threatened with taking away all of my sneakers if I dared not to wear the towers she called shoes.

I obeyed. Of course.

The thing Jake set up for tonight was because it was exactly six years since our first date.

He wanted to recreate that first date by hiring our all time favorite Movie and ordering pizza.

I pressed the speedial button on my phone which leaded to Jake and waited for him to pick up his phone.

After the phone ringed five times, he finally answered. So not Jake, I thought.

"Bells? 's That you baby?" He sounded distracted and his voice was husky.

His voice was only husky when we were … Well, you know.

"No, it's Jennifer Lopez calling. Of course it's me. What are you doing?" I asked him.

"Nothing much… I already ate the pizza, sorry. Just watching some television, why?" He said, again with the hint of huskyness in his voice.

I heard what resembled to a giggle, but it was hushed so I wasn't sure.

"So, right now I'm standing on the side of the road, the car broke down." I told him.

He didn't seem to care much.

Then he laughed;.

"Damn Bella, I told you that car wasn't a good ride."

"Could you say 'no' to your father if he would offer you a free car? I didn't think so. Now, are you going to help me or what?" His lack of interest really really bothered me. He was never like this, and I didn't like the way he was acting at all.

A deep sigh escaped his mouth.

"I'm not really looking forward to riding a motorcycle in this kind of weather baby. Do you want to have me killed?" he said annoyed.

"Oh, alright… I'll remember that the next time you call me to come and get you. I'll just call Alice. Maybe she'll want to help me."

"Text me when you're coming home?" He asked. Why would I have to text him?

"Sure, lov-" He'd already closed the line.

What was it with him tonight? He's acting so strange… I just hope that he was in fact alone, watching television.

I decided to let it rest, and just call Alice.

Whenever you start to think of Alice Cullen, a smile just appears on your face.

I've known Alice since my mother passed away, and I came to live with me father in Forks.

She's been a friend, my best friend from the start.

A lot of people say that you easily lose touch with your friends from high school.

But strangely enough, our lives never seemed to part.

We also went to college together, and shared a studio in New York then.

Alice's family is very rich.

Seriously, I even doubted they were richer than the Hiltons.

Doctor Carlisle Cullen, Alice's father was one of America's most respected surgeons.

His salary could probably be compaired to what midclass American citizens earn in six months.

A few weeks after Alice and I became inseparable, I got to meet her family.

She told me that I was the first outsider to be in their house.

The Cullen family don't easily let people into their world. They've been overtaxt by some people in the past, and therefor they don't trust easily.

So, once you've earned the trust of a Cullen, you better keep it.

Well, the story that Mike Newton told me on my first day of school resembled a lot to the script of 'The Godfather'. He just couldn't seem to get over the fact Alice Cullen had turned him down four times already… In the past month.

But really, the Cullens are all very nice and generous.

Esmé, Alice and her brother's mom is the sweetest woman I'd ever met.

She doesn't even act like she's a rich woman. She also looks for discount prices in the grocerie store and loves to go to the sales in the mall.

I have to say that my friend's family had a really really nice taste in cars. The Cullen residence had four garage doors and behind every door was a fortune of cars of motorcycles.

Alice herself, owned a yellow Porsche 911 Turbo which she treasered and treated like her baby.

Carlisle had let the car come to America by boat. It was an exclusive Italian car.

She also had a nice, white Mini Cooper Convertible, for the days where she found herself feeling casual.

I looked through my phone, scrolling through the list of numbers until I spotted my little pixie-friend.

"Lo?" She shouted, and I was distracted by the noise in the background.

"Alice? It's me, Bella." The background noise faded away into nothing after I heard a door close.

"Sorry fort hat. What's up Bella?" She asked me.

"My car broke down… Could you help me? It's pouring outside." I didn't like the fact that I sounded hopeless.

"Sure Honey, where are you? I'll talk to Edw- the boss. I'm sure he'll let me come and get you." She babbled.

"About five kilometres until I'm home, I just passed the 'Welcome to Seattle'-sign.

I sighed.

"Are you wearing my selected outfit?" Of course Alice, care about the clothes…

"Yeah, but why would that be important right now?"

"You're respecting the dress-code from where I work if you are wearing them. Why don't you come over? I could drive you home after my shift."

I'd never been to the club where Alice Works. It's owned by her older brother, Edward. But he wants to keep private things and work apart from each other, so at work it's 'Mr. Cullen', or 'The Boss'.

Mount Olympus was known to a lot of people. There have been celebrities and other A-list people. But most of all, it was hard to get in and super exclusive.

Alice told me it was full every single night.

So, I was going there now… To the Mount Olympus.

Jep Jep...

Reviews are so much better than an outfit selected by our all Alice...