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Chapter Three: The Golden Goddess and Bastard Boyfriends.

It was just now that I'd noticed Alice' clothes. And they didn't exactly scream 'work' if you ask me.
She looked stunning, all dressed up like she had to be at some kind of exclusive party. But yes, this was exclusive with a capital 'E'.

Her dress was an eyecatching emerald green and was clearly inspired by the ancient Greece. I immediately noticed that my little pixie friend looked taller than usual. When my eyes scanned her glamourous outfit, I spotted the huge platform wedge sandals. The colour even matched her silky dress.
"Bells? You there?" she waved her little manicured hand in front of me to get my attention.
"Sorry, yes. What did you say?" I asked her as I focused on her.
"So, I said: Bella, you look so damn nice!" She giggled.
"Why thank you Alice, I have quite the stylist." Now I made her beaming with proud.

Alice always wanted to dress me, since –according to her, I hadn't got any sense of fashion style and hadn't got a clue how good I looked with showing some skin.
But yeah, that just wasn't really me.

"well, I must say that that boyfriend of yours is really being a prick." She said to me as she guided me along red and grey walls and shiny floors.
The noise become louder and louder as we kept on walking. I noticed that several red doors had some lettering on them.
In an elegant script stood 'Alice & Rose' in black letters. So, she had a dressing room? To wait in a club? I'll sign for that!

"Oh, that's my door. Wanna see it?" She said close by my ear so I could hear her clearly.
"If you think it won't be any trouble?" I told her.
She made a come on sign with her hand, and pulled me with her.
When she let go of my arm, she began fumbeling at her bracelet. I then saw there was a key-shaped charm, which Alice used to open her door.

When the red door opened, it blew me away!
The dressing room could've belonged to a famous movie star with an attitude the size of the Mount Everest.
The walls were a light grey, designed with photoframes everywhere. Mostly it were photographes with Alice and a blond woman. She looked like she was the moviestar who could've owned this dressing suite.
The two big- enormous oval mirrors were designed with little led lights and on the table were tons and tons of make-up and perfume bottles.
"What are you doing here? Seriously, does a waitress need so much… stuff?" I said, totally blown away by the décor in front of me.
"Well, we get that from my lovely older brother. He just wants to take care of us, since we work so many hours." She explained as she stroke her finger over her cheek to remove some unvisible dust.
"Oh, well… That's very nice of him." I couldn't quite remember how Edward used to be. He didn't have a lot of contact with us when we were younger. Every time I would sleep over at Alice' place, he would be in his room playing his guitar and listening to music.

He was really the artistic type, I would never have guessed he would be doing something like this for a living. Owing a very full club.
"We're planning on some new project too Bells, maybe you could work here!" She whispered.
I was actually looking for some extras, but I don't think I would be what they are looking for here.
"I don't know Alice, do you really think I'd fit in here?" my upper teeth caught my bottom lip, my nervous-sign.
"Oh please Bella, why would you think you're not good enough to work here?" he was giving me the 'come on'-look.

A knock on the door interrupted our little discussion. My face automatically turned it's attention to the person holding the doorknob in her hand.
It was the blonde from Alice' pictures. The abnormalically gorgeous blonde, I bet she was supernatural.
A smile crept to her full, bloodred lips, then continued mark at her icy blue eyes.
I was totally straight –Jacob was proof of that, but I bet she could even get the attention from a goldfish.

"Alice, I would really appreciate your help on the second floor… Victoria got sick and went home." She said as she left the door open behind her and walked in our direction. The click-clack sound immediately attracted my attention, and before I knew it, I was staring at her immense, high heels. They also, were the kind of enchanted shade of green like Alice' outfit.
The blonde's dress was just like Alice', but only a few inches shorter and her jewellery looked extremely expensive.
"Sure Rose, I'll be there in just a minute. This is Bella, my best friend since High School." Alice waved her hand to me and the golden sunbeam smiled at me.
"Hi there, I'm Rosalie. Nice meeting you." She shook my hand, winked at Alice and then dissapeared again.

"Well, I think I should go. And you absolutely will go with me." Alice told me as she grabbed my hand.
"Well, okay I guess" with a deep sigh coming from my mouth, Alice dragged me behind her in a high tempo.

We entered an elevator, the inside completely reflecting myself and Alice.
She pressed the button with the number 2 on it, and not long after that we arrived, and Alice led me to a door.

When she opened the double black doors, I was utterly stunned.

All I saw, were people.
People in all diffentent dresses and tuxedo's. But still, they looked very alike.

The women were all dressed in the same way: expensive black dresses for the ones who were playing safe, and some colorful pieces of fabric for the ones who weren't afraid to be looked at.

I kept on being dragged forward by my little friend, Alice, which didn't gave me the opportunity to look around and see some faces.
My gaze was on the floor, which looked like some kind of black marble.
There were also people showing off their moves on the dancefloor, and also on the stage which was on a kind of plateau.

To my opinion, you could really see this wasn't just a 'club' like there are so many of them, here in Seattle.
At Mount Olympus, there were no cheap sluts or drunk guys who were obviously and desperately trying to get laid.
At least, none of that was visible.

"Come on Bella, you need to help me a bit here," Alice's voice dragged me out of my thoughts, and I saw that I needed to step on three stairs.
This was the 'bar'.
The black marble bartop was almost reaching the other side of the wall, and there were an uncountable amount of cockailglasses, champagneglasses and such present.

Wow, again.

I saw Rosalie, working behind the bar, serving customers and pouring drinks in their glasses in a very graceful and interesting way.
She didn't look up from what her hands were doing when Alice and I also found our way behind the bar.

"So Alice, bringing your friend here when you should be working isn't the best idea. You know the boss won't like that," she noticed as she set the bottle of wodka down and slid the glass over to the man on the other side of the bar.

He gave her a bill… Fifty smashing dollars!

Rose winked and then turned around, grabbing another bottle filled with liquir of the highest quality and served another client.

"I know Rose, but I can't help it her boyfriend is being a total ass and won't come and get her." Alice said and Rosalie smiled knowingly.

"Welcome to the club, Royce always lets me walk home."

My eyes widened at her sentence.

Walk? When her shift ended on like what? Five am?

"Don't worry, it's only a block away… But still, it's the gesture," she shrugged and watched how a guy just went to sit on his one knee in the dining area.

"Well, at least one girl will be payed attention to tonight," she sighed dreamily as she took in the happy-tears crawling out of the girl's eyes.


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