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Chapter 2: Enemy Encounter

"Uh…H-hello? …" The young man slowly opens his eyes to see milky opal eyes. "Ah, you're awake," said the young girl sighing in relief and for some reason; a tint of joy is heard.

"What…opal…who the heck is this?" thought the young man, as he continued to stare at the young girl and his surroundings with confusion trying to register what was going on.

She her self was nervous so she responded rather quickly stuttering along the way. "O-oh, you look confused. Well, y-you see, I-y-you were lying unconscious in the woods and I- w-well kinda f-found you. So I thought -"

Before she could finish what she was saying a monstrous hand-shaped sand mound hit her, sending her back first into the wall, keeping its grip tightly wrapped around her neck, nearly choking her. Hinata felt the pain, as if shockwave was sent throughout her whole body, especially her right arm. The tables against the walls broke along the way, throwing the glass and clay pots on the table shattering and scattering all over the wooden floor.

"Who the hell are you?" he asked threateningly, piercing her with his laser bloodshot eyes.

She couldn't respond clearly because she couldn't breathe. She began to gasp and choke in pain, trying to find room to breathe.

"Answer me…" he snapped tightening his grip.

"H-Hi-Hin—a-ta" choked Hinata about ready to pass out.

"Ack…" His eyes widened. The young man covered his face with his free hand, but released Hinata immediately placing his other hand on his head as well, causing Hinata to fall hard onto the wooden floors coughing and gasping violently with her hand wrapped around her own neck.

He seems to still be in pain but the pain seemed to subside when the scent of metallic blood clogged up his senses. He loosened his grip from his head, allowing them to flow slowly down. He began to look around to locate the source of this fragrance and immediately settled his eyes upon the injured Hinata. Apparently, he had hurt her in the process, while asking who the heck she was.

Blood was flowing down her right arm, dripping onto the grounds like ripples onto water. Hinata realizing the immense pain in her right arm immediately tried to treat it. She examined it and realized that the shatter fragments of the glasses and clay pots had seeped deep into her flesh, so she gently removed the materials piece by piece.

As she was doing so, a shadowed was casted upon her grabbing her injured arm sadistically causing her to cry in pain. Hinata quickly grabs the oppressor's arm in an attempt to refrain from deepening her wounds. The bloodthirsty teen yanked her from the ground, hardening his grip on her arms to make her scream in pain as he smiled cynically.

Hinata still trying to pull his arm away from hers lifted her head, wincing at the pain, and eyed the young man who looked like he was possessed. His smile widened when he saw her eyes connecting with his. He immediately grabbed her around the neck again with his free hand, holding her up in the air, choking the already frail girl. Hinata removed her hand from his left arm and place it on his arm that was choking her. Gasping and drowning, Hinata's body went into confusion.

Her Byakugan immediately activated on its own will, however it was not the ordinary Byakugan. A wave of black designs began to crawl towards Hinata's eyes from the back of her neck, dancing along the way. Hinata began to panic, fearing for she did not know what was going on so she shut her eyes quickly and tightly. The red head tilted his head in confusion then threw the nearly lifeless girl to the side, sending her crashing against the walls, landing on the floor. She laid their motionless.

He then decided that he was done toying with her and that he would finish her once and for all. 'Sand Coffin.' He raised his hand palms flat and tilted in the air facing the girl, with his other hand forming the customary Jutsu seal. Sand began to gather around the battered Hinata on the ground, lifting her up into the air. She painfully squint her eyes open and gazed the young man in the eyes.

Before he could deal the finishing blow, he hesitated, looking the girl directly in the eyes. "G-G—aa—ra…" she said, barely managing to let it all out, more or less mouthing it in a windy mutter. However, her inability to speak correctly due to lack of air, the absent male nin was only able to hear the first part of her speech.

Was is pity? Pain? Sympathy? No, it was loneliness. The same neglect he had in himself. His piercing eyes slowly soften as he slowly lowered his hand tempting himself. Should he kill her once in for all? He began to hate himself for hesitating, so he instantly shook his head, sharpened his eyes again and prepared to finish her. 'I can't…have to kill her…"


Just as he was about to clench his hand into a fist for the kill, the door swung open. "Hinata-sama!" The man at the door, his eyes shot in horror at the site. Hinata at her deathbed and her killer preparing for the kill. They both quickly eyed the man at the door however before they could react he sprang quickly towards the young man and ferociously pushed him out of the way, landing a hit upon the confused young man's shoulder using his Gentle Fist, which sent the young man flying towards the wall, falling forward on his knees.

The sand surrounding Hinata disappeared immediately as well as the wave of black markings as she fell. She looked at her savior and spoke his name before falling cataleptic. "Kō…-san…"

Kō rushed towards Hinata and caught her as she fell forward, head on his chest. He had long forgotten about the man who harmed Hinata because he was so determined to save the innocent girl. He carried her bridal style, placed her onto the bed and began to examine her, using his Byakugan when necessary.

As he continued to heal Hinata, Hinata's attacker, still on his knees, finally regained 'conscious' and steadily stood up on his two feet. "Ugh…" he grunted shaking his head as he looked around the room, seeing that it was trashed. And blood…

Kō sensed that the boy had awaken so he instantaneously turned around, shooting him with a pair of death glares. The young man glowered right back are him then glanced pass him looking at the pale girl lying on the bed.

"You…who are you…" demanded Kō. The poker faced boy looked at him blankly.


"Gaa..ra.." answered a hushed and ghostly voice. Both the men turned their heads towards Hinata, surprised. Hinata's eyes flickered turning her eyes towards 'Gaara' who now stood confused. Her eyes smiled, gleaming at him despite the fact that her face was implanted with blank stillness, causing him to flinch.

Kō look at both young nins unexpectedly and perplexed, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

Gaara stared blankly before vaguely grasping his head and walked out of the room casually, trying to cover the fact that he feels weak to the bone. Kō and Hinata just watched as he walked out, however Hinata attempted to speak out in which her efforts were futile for she was too severely injured. Kō noticed and refocused his attention onto her again, after the sudden awkwardness.

Meanwhile—Gaara walked out of the residence and into the 'great' outdoors where he realizes that he's in the middle of nowhere. He assumed that is was early morning as the rays of light peaked from the blue flushed sky as the white clouds peacefully drifted about. He was surrounding by trees and singing birds. The trees, their leaves and branches were dancing with the wind gracefully and unimaginable serenity.

As Gaara stepped outside he was struck by a sudden breeze, tracing through his hair, become one with the wind. He paused momentarily to observe his surroundings. He silently closed his eyes, perking his hearing senses. As he had done so, he suddenly heard the sound of running water. If one hadn't known better, one would think that Gaara was actually admiring nature's beauty.

He snapped back into realization and continued to walk down the dirt path. He had no memories of what had happen. Everything was a blur. He continued walking until he reached the end of the long dirt road which was where two new roads opened, one to the left and one to the right. He stopped abruptly closing his eyes again. He opened them again and continued walking, deciding to take the path to his right.

Gaara continued to walk for several minutes, before turning right again to a veiled path that is so discreet that no one would ever notice it unless the observe it long and hard, which may still be impossible to notice. Nonetheless, he noticed and walked down the newly discovered pathway, removing the bushes, tree branches, and vines out of the way.


It's been hours since Hinata last heard from this young man named Gaara. The earth's natural light has already settled down causing Hinata to worry even more, especially when he hasn't fully healed. She lay on her bed staring up at the ceiling, wondering…wondering…wondering. The hot-head…

In the midst of her trailing thoughts, the sound of the creaking woods awakened her from her thoughts. "Hinata-sama…"

"Ah, Kō-san…" now awaken as she turned her head towards him, sitting up as she does so.

"Uhm…you worried, Hinata-sama?" he asked awkwardly, knowing how she might react.

"Wo-…Kō-san, didn't I tell you not to be so honorific? Hinata, not Hinata-sama, remember," retorted the utterly flustered girl.

"Hehe…"chuckled the apprehensive Nin as he scratched the back of his hair nervously, to which he suddenly stopped. He looked towards the pale complexion of the shadowed figure who stared blankly out the dawning windows. "Um…Hinata-sa—Hinata…you shouldn't worry so much…I'm sure he's ok. He'll be back before you know it. Besides, he's in no condition to be moving around, he can't travel that far…" The loyal Hyuuga looked towards the obviously worried Hinata unable to comprehend the situation at hand. "I really don't approve of that stranger staying with us…but…Hinata-sama refuses. Ah…Hinata-sama's safety? Hinat-sama's wish…? Ah…I don't know anymore," he thought sighing each multiple times throughout his train of thought. Not wanting to continue with the awkward atmosphere, Kō decided to leave Hinata to her thoughts. "I'll be going now Hinata…Hinata…I'll be in the next room if you need me. Get some rest, ok," he said smiling as he retreated towards the doors.

"Thank you, Kō-san." She turned her head towards the retreating Hyuuga after her thanks, as she returns with a gentle, heart-warming smile.

Kō startled, not knowing what to say but returned a smile, comparable with Hinata's demeanor. "Pleasure's all mine, Hinata…" Those were his final words as he withdraw to his room.

The light which crept in through the cracks of the open door finally disappear. She reverts to her deep thoughts, this time lying and gazing at the ceilings again. She continued to stare exchanging looks with the cold paintings of earth's slumber. Just as it dimmed, the dark had finally become darkness in the pale eyes of the Hyuuga.

"You…!" the darkness growled, bone-chilling.

Panicking and bewildered of her surroundings, she young Hyuuga began to breathe heavily, like she participated in a triathlon. She looked around ferociously, until she finally accepted the fact…nowhere…

"You…! What'd you do?!"

She continued to look around, her breathing becoming more labor. "W-what-…" She felt like she was little again. Memories stared rushing back…

As if she was reliving past experiences, she woke up. Voices echo, rippling through the darkness.

"You're useless…"




"You deserve to die…"


"You…you're nobody…you'll never be somebody…bakemono..."


"Why don't you just…die already…"


I'm sorry






Her eyes shot open, widened again. She began to breathed hastily and inconsistently, drops of water forming around her pale complexion, raining like there's no tomorrow. Another shot of terror shot through her eyes.

This time, she's the perpetrator. The victim remained silent the whole time.

"Ack! You…why'd you do that?!" Crazily…"You know who I am…Do you!? Answer me, damn it?!" chuckled the unstable doer. "What's wrong…cat got your tongue…?" he mocked, laughing demonically, throwing his head back.

Suddenly the darkness is liberated, illuminated with unsullied rays of light.

The demonic being cocked his heads, tilting it towards the victim on the ground and smirked sinisterly, enlarging his inflame eyes. "Enough…die…"

He rushed towards the fragile human striking it with an ordinary ninja sword, connecting with a vital point. Blood began to drip as the diabolic creature continues to strike, slash, decorating the once forlorn greens with its complementary color.

With light now glowering, the monstrous killer struck his sword onto the ground, positioned in a marital proposal stance. He began chuckling to himself crazed, confused, sad. He lifted his head as the rain began to pour, eyeing the reflection of his sword as the blood mixed with the precipitation, shedding the sword's crimson hide.

As he looked up, he noticed his silky pallid eyes, inching him into reality. He continued to look closer, his hair color…dark…blue…? His face, plastered with sinful remains...A circuit of fear, ran through him…beginning with his eyes…the suddenly…the air…it's dying…His hands, trembling as he began to remove that strands of hair from his face…Shocked…

"Wh—what…" He touched his face again…Fearing it may be an illusion. "What is this?" he questioned. Terror…panic…confusion…

He looked towards the still corpse of his fallen victim. Everything was red. Or were they. He got up and walked towards the lifeless being, bulleted with fear every step, every passing minute, everytime…The slayer finally reached the body, reluctantly bending down to get a clearer look at the unfortunate 'thing'…

He slowly reached out, as if attempting to revive it, uncontrollably trembling. Just as he was about to contact the being, it quickly grabbed his hand, gripping tightly, and its head jerked up glaring at him. He was met with cyan blue eyes, one in which turned black and yellow…Sand began to poor from the cracked shell face.

"You..!" snarled the revived prey, sending a wave of anguish and terror to its killer which was well received. "I didn't think I'd go alone did you?" he snapped, chuckling slyly. "I'm lonely so I've decided to allow you to join me…invitation given and received…let's go…" he snarled as he summoned a storm of sand around his attacker, as he screamed in pain and horror. "Hey…Hyuuga…" sneered 'Gaara'.

Am I really dying…

Everything went black. The young Hyuuga shot up from her bed sweating and breathing heavily from terror. She looked around the room and realized that it was still dark. The nightlight radiated from the blanketed skies. She suddenly remembers something…someone…"Gaara…"

She jumped out from under her covers rather quickly and headed straight towards the door outside after she realized that he wasn't in the guest room. Hinata rushed outside into the cold, panting, panic…? She looked around a couple times before continuing her search. She ran towards the dirt road which led to a crossroad. "Tsk…"

She encountered a crossroad and didn't know where to go. She had to decide quickly, so she closed her eyes, feeling the gentle wind. She listened intently as she heard the sound of water running.

Her eyes shot open as she continued to run, taking the 'right' road. She continued running until she reached a hidden path. Of course Hinata knew there was a secret path there because she was the one that found it. She also noticed that the branches were moved. Instinctively, Hinata rushed through the barrier hiding the path, and continued running. She was beginning to feel tired and weak due to the injuries she sustained from Gaara's attack. However, that wasn't going to stop her. Ignoring the pain, she continues to roam in the cavernous murky forest.

The sound of water was getting closer and closer. Thanks to the wind she thought. It was all thanks to the wind. The wind had carried him to her.

She finally reached the running water and stopped, panting like no tomorrow. Hinata looked around for any signs of 'life'. She continued her search for the mysterious Gaara. For some unknown reasons, it struck her. She began to fear for the worst. "Gaara…"

"I see…"

"Are you ready? On my command…"

"Shouldn't we wait a bit?"

"No, this is our chance."

"Alright, let's move."

End of Chapter 2!

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