Hey looser…

I'm not one to usually say something like this… I know my pride is a tall obstacle I've placed in front of myself… but still, I wanted to tell you…

…thank you.

Thank you, Naruto.

After the death of my clan, everyone stared at me. They'd whisper about the incident, assuming I couldn't hear it. They'd gawk when I passed by, as if I was a rare, strange species of subhuman. Some would gaze at me like I was a pitiful, worthless creature…others would make jokes about what happened. But either way, it was agonizing. It further intensified the pain and isolation I felt. I hated those kids. I wanted to make them stop somehow.

I don't know if it was what you intended, but you saved me from that pain. You distracted them from me with your pranks on Sensei and your outbursts in between classes. Because of you, I didn't have to burn under the scorching spotlight. Their laughter and their scrutinizing, judgmental eyes were all absorbed into your antics. So I never told you this but… I actually felt relieved when you were around.

Thank you for that, even though that was probably not your intention. I think your idealism is stupid and your optimism won't last, but I will always appreciate what you did for me back there.

Sincerely, Sasuke