Neurotic-Idealist and I teamed up and wrote this together, we have based it on the American Idiot CD by Green Day.

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Randy Orton was drifting back into conscious, he tried to hold on to sleep but there was pins sticking in his eyes, and sleep was getting further and further away. He groaned and opened his eyes. The pins turned out to be the bright midday sun shinning in his window. He blinked several times trying to adjust to the new light. He glanced over his mirror; there was a piece of paper there, a piece of paper he hadn't put there. He knew who the note was from and he knew what is said, but he wanted to read it anyway. Cody was so damned predictable. Randy threw the sheets off of him and went to read the note,

You were too hard to wake, I left before Brad was awake.


That was his Cody: short, sweet, and to the point. Randy chuckled and roughly folded the note and put it in a drawer with several others of the same nature. He didn't really know why he had kept them all but he had. Perhaps it was just out of habit. He moved around his room looking for his pants. He wanted the black ones, Ha! He found them! It wasn't really saying much for his hunting abilities, he wasn't sure he owned clothes that weren't black. He heard glass brake down stairs. Breakfast wasn't worth the fight. He pulled a black shirt out of the tangle of cover on his bed, was this one his or Cody's? It didn't matter, it was a shirt. He looked out the window trying to guess just how hot it was outside his bedroom. He heard an undistinguishable yell, Brad was awake now. It didn't really matter how warm it was, the chances of him buttoning more than half the buttons were slim to none, and there were certain events that his piers didn't need to see. He shook the shirt out and pulled it on. He closed a few buttons and pulled the sleeves down and buttoned the cuffs.

He was one of those teenagers that people would label as 'no good' and they where probably right! From head to toe he was dark. Black hair that he couldn't remember ever combing, black shirt, black pants, black converses. Black! Everything was black! It was the color that defined his whole being! Some thought that even his heart was black, but he was loved for being so… cruel.

He looked down at his watch, it was only two, but he was sure there would be some losers at the 7/11, and it was never too early to work on getting hammered. He raised his bedroom window and jumped out. It wasn't that high. Besides he knew how to land, he had been doing this for years.

It was a little over a mile to his favorite meeting place. The dingy white building and dirty parking lot had no more than came into sight when the recognized the two young men leaning against the wall sucking on cigarettes. Two of his best friends, Ted DiBiase; He had a bright future ahead of him, well he could if he would stop hanging around with the likes of Randy. And the other was Cody, his Cody. Randy wasn't quite sure how Rhodes and DiBiase had found there way into his little group, but he was damn sure glad they had. "Why are you boys not in school?" Randy asked by way of a greeting. Ted surged, and Cody answered the question. "Well you kept me up all night, and by the time I left you place it was too late to go to school." He said and smiled because he was remembering last night, and he was pretty sure Randy was too high to know what had he done. He was right. Rand smirked and trapped Cody by putting his hands on either side of Cody's head, and he leaned down and stole a kiss. No one dared to make a scene over Randy's sexuality; they had too much respect, too much fear! Everyone knew he was just crazy enough to kill somebody and just sane enough to get away with it.

"Evan been around?" Randy asked and this time Ted answered. "He went off with that Conner girl." He said and pointed his thumb in the direction of the back of the building. Randy smirked again, leave it to Evan to talk his, (for lack of a better word) girlfriend to the back of the building for something not exactly 'moral'. Randy and Cody went back to their makeout session and Ted kept smoking like there wasn't crude sucking noises' coming from the two men a few feet from him.

Evan came around the corner of the building; Joyce was straightening her top behind him. Evan's hair was ruffled more than usual and his eyeliner was smeared. It was a mark of just how high on the food chain they were that he and Randy wore it so freely. They maybe young but the rest of the misfits in the town looked up to them. They were almost a form of justice. Things had an order around them, everyone had a place, and knew it. Everyone knew the things that were tolerated and the things that weren't, and everyone knew the consequences for stepping out of line. No one knew if Randy had ever given the full punishment, but no one doubted he was capable of murder.

"Are we going to the palace?" Evan asked, and Randy pulled away from Cody. "Yea, I figure we could go down to the corner and get something to make us feel really good." Randy said. "You don't have to go all the way to the corner." Evan said and pulled out of his pocket a bag half full of white pouter. "Between this and Cody you should fill real good." Cody gave Evan a look. "Sorry Cody that's your job, I don't swing that way." Evan said and pushed Cody playfully. "Sorry I'm going to miss the party. I have cheer practice in an hour." Joyce said speaking for the first time. "Well you better get going then!" Evan said and kissed her obscenely. When she walked away Randy spoke again, "Have you two set a date yet?" He asked Evan, and Ted found the extremely humorous. "No, she's good for a fuck but could you imagine spending the rest of your life with that bitch?" Evan said watching her walk down the street. "No, I couldn't." Randy put his arm around Cody to emphasis his point. "That's cause your gay ass wouldn't know how to treat a really woman!" It was one of those comments Randy would have killed any other person over, but Evan had premising to make all the jokes he wanted. Randy had been with Cody for years, and the longest 'relationship' he had had with a girl only lasted a few weeks

The four friends left the parking lot. Evan in the lead with Ted by his side. Randy had an arm about Cody's shoulder and they were walking slightly behind Evan and Ted. They were on the way to Randy's 'palace'. The 'palace' was a wear house were a large furniture company used to store furniture, but when a sex ring was discovered there, the building was mysteriously unowned. It was an empty cold old building to any other, but to this group, it truly was a palace. It was the one place they could go and be themselves, and take part in any illegal activity they wanted. That was where the most popular substances were made, Crake, Meth, Marijuana, these where the things that made this town function. They were what made Randy the leader of this town. The things in this warehouse belonged to Randy. His boys sold the drugs for him and he collected the profits. It truly was Randy's palace. This was his territory, he knew everything that went on around there. And it all had his premising. The people that made up that part of town were loyal to him. If Randy ran this town, Evan was his second. Evan and Randy had known each other since they where in second grade. They had a close and unique friendship. They arrived at the warehouse and Evan pushed open the gate, and the four young men went inside. It wasn't long until the he building was filling up and drugs and alcohol were in everyone's system.

A young man who looked about sixteen came into the party and sought Evan out. "What's wrong Brent?" Evan asked, for the young man had a bloody nose and looked as if he had just been in an unfair fight. "It was Gabrel, he came to my corner." Evan looked a bit more serious. "Gabrel? That's one of Jericho's boys. What was he doing on your corner?" Evan asked, Randy and Cody had found their way over to them and were listening intently. "He said it was the best spot and he was going to start selling there." Randy joined in the conversation. "No he's not! Surely Jericho doesn't want to start this again. Somebody will die this time." Then Randy turned his words to Evan. "Do you think you can take care of this?" Evan nodded and the young man named Brent and Evan left the party to talk with Jericho. Randy looped his arm back around Cody, "Lets go find some were a bit more privet." Rand and Cody went to what use to be an office, but Randy had turned it into a decent bedroom. He had spent many nights there and occasionally slipped and called the room home.

It was one of the uncommon times when Randy and Cody were both still awake after sex, and where sober enough to remember it. Cody was curled into Randy using his chest for a pillow, and Randy had an arm wrapped around him and was smoking a cigarette with his other hand. Randy watched as Cody ran his hands over his tattooed arms. It was less of a fashion statement and more of a way to cover up the physical scars of an abusive childhood. Your own parents are supposed to love you, no matter what. He didn't know anything about his early life. His father was never around, although his mother claimed that he later died, to explain his absence from his only son's life. She spent so much time drinking herself stupid, that Randy wasn't surprised when she brought home a guy from a bar. What did surprise him, was that just three weeks later his mother married the guy. Randy was eight years old, and thus began an endless cycle of abuse. It was abuse of every form that you could imagine.

Randy never envisioned getting to nineteen. He had Evan to thank for the fact that he did. They didn't talk about things, like girls would do. They shared cigarettes and became blood brothers, staying out all night, while Randy anticipated his next beating, or worse. Evan was a free spirit in a way, which made Randy feel safe and untouchable. That boy had never judged him and he loved him for it. Now, he had Cody, who looked up to him the way he had looked to Evan.

"Has anyone ever tolled you they love you?" Cody asked tracings the lines on Randy's shoulder. "What the hell kind of question is that?" "Just answer it!" Randy glanced down at him and took another drag off his cigarette. "No." Cody had figured as much. "Well I do. Can I tell you?" He asked. "No." Randy said and stamped out his cigarette in the ashtray in the floor by the bed. "Cody look," Cody brought his blue eyes up to look into Randy's gray ones. "If I wanted 'I love you's and flowers I would be with one of those other sluts. You are the only one man enough to handle me." And he smirked down at Cody then did something odd; he gave Cody a rare kiss on the mouth. He usually kissed Cody when people were watching; he kissed him more to establish dominance than out of affection for Cody. "How old are you now Cody?" Cody smiled. "Like you didn't know I'm sixteen." Of course Randy knew how old Cody was; he had never missed a birthday. "We have been doing this for a long time. Haven't we." "Two years." Cody answered. If Randy had a heart he would have said 'thank you' but he didn't, he wouldn't even allow Cody to say 'I love you'. Perhaps out of guilt, Randy rolled onto his side and put his other arm around Cody and kissed his forehead. Cody couldn't stop himself from kissing Randy's chest. Randy's grip tightened ever so slightly around Cody. Cody closed his eyes and the two went to sleep in the most intimate embrace they had ever shared.

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