Chapter 11!

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Randy awoke with the warmth of another body in the bed beside him. His heart raced as he imagined it were Cody lying there, but his head screamed that Cody was gone forever. The body was female and blonde. Randy carefully turned to stare at the dirty blonde as she slept. Her slender neck was littered with plum colored bruises and what remained of her bra was hanging off the edge of the bed. He sighed and ran a hand over his short hair as the previous night's events came flooding back to him.

Something at the back of his mind questioned why Ashley had just lay down and took it. He had been permitted to use and abuse her for hours before the sunrise. The blonde did not complain once. Not when he grabbed her hair, not when he pierced her skin with his teeth and not when he drilled himself as far into her as he could. Why was she so accepting of his behavior last night?

"Don't you know it's rude to stare?" She mumbled as her eyes flickered open to meet his.

"Sorry." He replied.

"What are you sorry for?" She asked as she sat up.

"For what I did last night." Randy replied in almost a whisper.

"It's fine. What are friends for?" The blonde shrugged.

"Is that what you are, my friend?" He asked her.

"If you want me to be…" She whispered as she inched her face closer to his.

"Ashley, I think you should get up before Evan wakes." Randy told her.

"Ok." She sighed and got out of the bed.

Randy probably should have averted his eyes but he didn't. He felt he had crossed a line last night. By rights she was Evan's girl.

"Are you going to get Madison?" Ashley asked as she pulled up her pants trying not to look at him.

Now he understood why she went through last night. Randy just stared at her for a moment. He almost felt exposed at being taking advantage of. He wanted to be mad, but he couldn't say he wouldn't have done the same thing in her place.

He pushed himself up on the pillows so he could look more mincingly at her. "I said I would. I'll have to talk to Evan, we'll have to work out a better game plan than… than last time. I don't won't to loose anybody else." He averted his gaze to the floor.

She leaned over and kissed his lips. "Thank you for doing this for me" She said.

He pushed her away. "Don't thank me! I'm not doing this for you, Cody asked me to." Even saying his name caused a sharp pain to go through his heart.

They finished getting dressed and went down stairs. Evan was sitting out on the front porch steps smoking. Randy took a seat next to him and Evan handed him the cigarette.

"I thought you might need it after the night you had." Evan said smirking as Randy took the smoke. Randy just looked at him, wondering if Evan had the balls to reprimand him.

"It's okay man. I'm not mad. She's a good girl and all… but just not for me. Bros before hoes, right?" He said with a laugh.

Randy smirked too, but quickly returned to his stern seriousness. "We are going to get that little girl back today. You better go get ready." Randy said as he gazed absently in the distance, he was thinking about Cody, he was wondering if he would have approved of Ashley taking his place in Randy's bed.

Randy and the other guys were on there way back to Phil's house. He had once again made Ashley stay behind. Everyone was silent. It was like déjà vu for all of them. Were they going to lose someone else? They didn't think they could take the thought.

Randy thought of the little girl with a man who would kill somebody as sweet and innocent as Cody. He was thinking about the best way to tare the man limb to limb. It was just hitting him how angry he was at the man who had shot Cody.

Evan parked in the driveway of the house, there was the sand box and the swing. No one moved spoke.

"We better hurry up. Sitting on enemy territory is not safe." Jeff said from the back seat.

They got out of the car and started to the door. Before they had even ascended the steps the door was flung open and a young man about there age, with long flowing hair came out.

"I can't believe you idiots are back again!" The new man said.

Randy lunged at him, Evan and Ted caught him but not before Randy grabbed the man by the neck and began to choke him. "Did you shoot Cody?" Randy said through gritted teeth.

They young man was surprisingly strong for his size and was able to wiggle free. "No!" The man said and rubbed his throat. Randy stilled.

"Did the kid make it?" He asked. Randy looked ready to kill. "No."

"I am sorry, but Phil is just like that. He is asleep right now, and Madison isn't even here right now. My names John." He said and stretched out his hand to Randy.

Randy took it and shook it. "I'm Randy, that's Evan Jeff and Ted." He said nodding to the other men.

"If Ashley wants Madison back, I will bring her when she gets out of daycare." John said.

"Why should we believe you?" Ted piped up.

"Ashley knows me, she will believe me. And, Phil will kill all of you if you come back." John answered. Randy contemplated it for a moment.

"Okay, you have until tonight, then we are the ones that will be killing people." Randy gave him the address, then led them all back to the car. The little girl was in someone else's hands now.

They drove back to the house, and Ashley knew that john would bring Madison to them. It was just a matter of waiting now.

It was getting later in the evening, Ted was getting anxious and it was really starting to piss everyone off. Ted could be a very negative person.

"I should never have gone with you! It's all your fault Cody's gone! And you don't give a damn!" Ted lashed out at Randy.

"Nobody asked you to come with us." Randy hissed as he caught Ted by his collar and shoved him against the wall. He had chosen to ignore the comment about Cody, because he knew Ted didn't mean it.

"This is all just fucked up." Ted shook his head as he fought Randy's hold.

"I suggest you calm down." Randy sighed.

Ted broke away and straightened his shirt back out. He turned and walked the other way. Evan looked at Randy, as if to tell him he was too harsh.

"I know Evan, I know." Randy sighed and lit up a smoke.

"I'm getting out of here for a while." Evan said, looking in Ashley's direction.

"I'll come with you." She nodded as he walked past her.

It had been about an hour now. Ted had just walked and walked, because he was too frustrated and confused to do anything else right now. It was getting darker by now.

Ted carried on walking, pausing as he heard a strange noise. He wished that he hadn't bothered to look into the dark trees. What he saw was Ashley, the object of his affections, having sex with Evan. Resentment rose in Ted's chest as he turned away from the scene and carried on walking. What was there to live for? This new life wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Randy and Jeff had smoked another cigarette between them. Evan walked back towards the, his fly still down from his encounter. Ashley followed shortly after with her appearance looked a little ruffled. She lit up a smoke and eyed Randy and Jeff.

"Where'd Ted go?" She asked them.

"We had words. He'll be back." Randy nodded.

"Do you smell smoke?" Evan asked, sniffing the air around them.

"It wasn't me." Jeff shook his head.

"It's like fumes…" Evan mused as his eyes widened.

"Where'd you leave the car?" Randy asked Jeff, reading Evan's thoughts exactly.

"A few yards down that way." Jeff pointed as the two men ran in that direction.

"Ted!" No! Ted!" Randy yelled as they approached the car.

"Get him out!" Ashley screamed as she arrived behind them.

Evan smashed the window and opened the door from the inside. Smoke billowed out as Jeff leapt into the car and pulled Ted's body out of the car. Jeff lay Ted down on the ground, as Evan began to do mouth to mouth. Randy for once, put his arm around Ashley. She was crying in shock.

After five minutes that seemed to last five hours, Evan looked up and shook his head. He wiped his teary eyes with his sleeve, smudging his eyeliner in the process.

"He's gone. Ted's gone." Evan told them.

It really was déjà vu. It was Cody over again, another life cut pointlessly short.

Jeff through Ted over his shoulder and carried him into the house. Much like Randy had done for Cody, Jeff washed Teds pale face and put him on clean clothes, and wrapped him in a blanket. But when he carried him in to the back yard, the gave was already dug.

"We are starting our one little cemetery back here. I don't like it." Jeff whispered. He was still holding Ted bridal style, Ashley laid her hand on Jeff's shoulder. She knew his heart was broken the most. Jeff and Ted often got left alone when the other four coupled off.

Jeff kissed Ted's forehead and laid him in the ground. Jeff stood and was looking down at Ted. Ashley was sobbing into Evan's chest, and he had his arms around her. Randy was standing alone, he was thinking that if Cody were still here he would be holding Cody the way Evan was holding Ashley.

They had only just filled in the grave when they heard a car pull into the driveway. Everyone but Jeff ran to the front door. Evan was the one to open the door. John was standing there with a small blond girl in his arms.

"Madison!" Ashley shouted and grabbed the baby and began to kiss her all over.

"Hey Ashes." John said.

"John! I knew you would come through." She said and hugged him with her free arm and kissed his cheek.

Ashley turned back to face Evan, Jeff and Randy. "Guys, this is John Morison. This is my best friend and Madison's Godfather."

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