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"Randy, Randy wake up!" Evan pushed on Randy's shoulder roughly. Randy jumped a little bit and opened his eyes. Cody was still laying on him; their embrace was looser but still there. Randy's first thought was to release Cody, but when he realized it was Evan he held on. He didn't mind Evan seeing him show affection for Cody because Evan wouldn't say anything about having his walls down. "What is it Evan?" Cody kept sleeping soundly. "That fucker Jericho, he is getting out of his place and stepping on our yard. I think you are going need to talk to him" "What has he done now?" Randy asked. He gently climbed out of bed and pulled the covers back over Cody. He found his clothes quickly then Evan went own explaining. "His boys have taken over several of our corners; Brent was just the only one with the balls to say anything." "That's great, just great. Let's go talk to him." Randy said and pulled on the shirt from yesterday.

They walked to Jericho's part of town. Like Randy's palace, Jericho's hang out was an abandon building too, a very old, rather small school. "What do you want Orton?" Chris Jericho asked sitting on a ragged old couch with his arm around his long time personal slut Lillian. "I want you to stay on your own side of the river!" Randy said and Jericho's stood up so they were almost nose to nose. "Well what if I don't want to stay on my own side of the river." Jericho whispered, from the stench on his breath, Jericho had been partying pretty hard too. Two of his cronies stepped up behind him in a very threatening manner. Evan stepped closer to Randy to show that he has support too. "If you get back on my turf, and mess with my boys again I will kill you." Jericho drew back ever so slightly, because of the way Randy said it just as lowly and barley parting his lip, he knew he meant it. "Come on Evan, lets get out of here. He's not going to do anything." Randy said with a smirk, Evan let his glare linger a moment longer then followed Randy out.

"Hungry? My treat." Randy asked once they were safely back on their side of town. "Sure." Evan said and they turned in to a little gas station where Randy bought them a small breakfast and got Cody's preferred breakfast of a Snickers and fruit juice. He was sure he would be there at the palace when the arrived back, as late as it was he was sure Cody had skipped school again. He would have felt bad about keeping Cody from his education if he cared at all about school. But he didn't. As long as he was around, Cody could do what ever the hell he wanted to, and if he didn't want to go to school, then as far as Randy was concerned, he didn't need and education.

Randy and Evan stepped in to the familiar building, and the sight made Randy nearly drop what he had in his hand. Jeff Hardy! Sitting on the opposite end of the couch as Cody who was pressed as deeply into the cushions as possible to get away from the slightly demented rainbow haired man who was burning matches, and letting the flame get painfully close to his fingers before he dropped the stick to burn out on the floor. Cody was looking a bit terrified and Randy could understand why, though the Hardy hung out with the and some would even call him a friend, there was no denying that he was crazy and had an unhealthy obsession with fire! "Hey, Jeff. What are you doing here?" Evan asked and Randy walked closer to Cody all the while eyeing Jeff. "Here Cody, I brought you breakfast." Randy said putting the bag in Cody's lap and going in for a kiss. It was one of those kisses that were to say to everyone, 'Cody is taken, and he is mine. Stay away.' Cody new this and didn't mind he would kiss Randy to any end.

It was late when Randy arrived home. The only reason he had went was he need to shower off the stink of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex and sweet and all the other smells of careless existence of the past few days. This was not unusual, as his mother had never cared where he was or what he was doing. His stepfather on the other hand, was eager to punish him for any little thing. He seemed to take such pleasure from torturing the boy he had taken on as his own son.

Randy cursed as the floorboards creaked, alerting his mother and stepfather to his presence. He held his breath, hoping they wouldn't notice. A few seconds later he heard the slurred drunken yell of his mother. She hardly left the room, or the house.

"Randall, is that you?" She asked pausing to cough from the cigarettes she smoked.

"Yeah, I'm going to my room." He replied, quickly trying to make the journey across the landing before his stepfather appeared.

He ran into his room and slammed the door, only to be confronted by the sneering face of his stepfather, who had been lying in wait. Randy gulped back a lump in his throat as he turned to open the door again. Unfortunately he wasn't fast enough. As soon as he was spun around to face his attacker, blow after blow rained down on him.

He had been injured so many times he could mentally assess his own injuries. From the pain in his jaw he knew he'd been hit there. A familiar metallic taste of blood filled his mouth. He spat it out and felt around with his tongue for any missing teeth. Apparently there were none today.

The next part was the worst, because after the beating now always came the rape. He had been beaten from eight too, but only on his ribs and wherever his teachers wouldn't see bruises. The first rape happened after Cody had stayed the night. Randy figured that his stepfather had realized what was going on with him and Cody. And it occurred anytime Brad saw Cody in his house, Randy assumed it was because this was a reminder to Brad that Randy was gay, and everyone knew that just as much as Brad liked to beat up on Randy, he hated gays!

He stayed silent. He had learnt that crying and protesting did no good in this situation. It was best to let it happen and avoid another beating.

Something changed in Randy this time. Enough was enough. No more beatings and no more rapes. He was leaving home and leaving this town for good. He'd go alone if he had to, but a part of him hoped that Cody would come too.

He thought about Evan. He was the one person Randy trusted completely. When his parents weren't there, Evan was. He had never betrayed Randy or revealed his secrets to anyone. He understood, but he never tried to push Randy into anything. Some people told you to let it all out. Randy had done so well at keeping it in; he was sometimes like an emotionless robot. With scars from the only relief he got. There was something familiar about cutting his skin open and letting the blood flow. He could breathe again! When it wasn't open and he wasn't bleeding, his very skin felt too tight, it even hurt. Bleeding out reality was the only thing he could do to get away from it.

Randy blocked the door with a chest of clothing and tied bandages around his bleeding arms to keep himself from passing out. He lay on his bed with his headphones blaring out rock music; he began to formulate a plan to get out of here, for good. He stood up and began throwing random items of clothing in to a backpack, along with the pointless notes from Cody. He was going to tell the boy goodbye, and tell him to stay behind, but he desperately didn't want to loose the person he cared about most.

He jumped out his bedroom window like so many times before, but this time was different, because this would be the last time! The last time for everything, no more abuse, no more sickening rapes no more cutting, no more! He was going to be free! He walked to Cody's house in one of the more classy neighborhoods; Cody had been so far ought of his league. He sat his bag down and it was a pretty easy climb to Cody's room. On to the porch railing, a pull up to the roof and over the banister of the balcony right outside Cody's room. He had made this climb so many times before.

It was very late and Cody was probably asleep but Randy tapped on Cody's window anyway. He opened it in just his blue flannel sleep pants. His hair was ruffled and it was obvious he had just been asleep. "Randy, what happened to you? Your mouth is bleeding." Randy raised a hand and wiped the blood off unconsciously. "Brad. It happened again." Cody assumed he meant the beating, Randy had never had told Cody the rest of the sessions, he had never told anyone but Evan. Perhaps it was because he couldn't stand the thought of Cody thinking less of him, or maybe he didn't want him to find out that the Randy that he knew and he looked up to and counted on to protect him could be so easily pushed around and used like a little bitch. But for whatever reason, Cody was oblivious. "I hate that bastard!" Cody said and pulled Randy through the window and guided him to sit on the bed. "Yea, me too." "Are you okay?" Randy nodded. "I'll be fine. Can I get a shower?" "Yea baby, you reek! I'll get you a towel and some clothes." Cody said with a playful smile and gave Randy a kiss on the cheek. Randy got up and went to the door of Cody's bathroom, and Cody went to his closet. "And babe," Cody looked at him. "Make it long sleeves." Randy said, Cody's face fell, he had been afraid Randy had resorted to that. "Oh, Randy-" Cody said pleadingly. "Don't!" Randy said sternly. Cody bowed his head and went back to pulling clothes from his closet. Cody knew better than to push Randy tonight. Randy had never hit him but there was a first time for everything, and lets face it Randy had a reputation for being violent.

Randy's hair was still damp and he and Cody were laying together on Cody's bed. "Are you going to stay here to night?" Cody asked. Now was the time to tell him. "I'm leaving, Cody." Randy said very calmly. "Okay, well I will just see you tomorrow, but I should probably go to school. I-" Cody started but Randy went on over him cutting him off. "For good. I've got to get out of here. I've got to leave this place." Cody rolled over to face him, this put him on top, normally Randy would have never allowed this but this wasn't 'normally'. "I'm not coming back." Cody looked a bit shocked and heart broken. "I'm coming with you!" Cody said and Randy's heart eased and jumped a little bit, but outwardly his face fell. "No Cody you need to stay, finish school and make something out of your self." Randy said it simply for arguments sake but he knew there would be no changing Cody's mind. "Bullshit! Who cares about any of that stuff? You can't just leave me, you're stuck with me." Randy couldn't help but smile. "What are we waiting for? Let's get the hell out of here!" Cody quickly packed a bag too and they climbed out of his window to meet there new life. Randy figured Evan would be at the palace, and he was not disappointed.

"Well if you two are leaving I'm going with!" Evan said disbelievingly that they would try and leave him behind. "I thought you would say that!" Randy said and slapped Evan on the shoulder. Randy was smiling despite himself, he knew is best friend would want to come with him. "Where are we going?" Ted DiBiase said, butting his way into the conversation. "We are leavening." Evan said a little more freely that Randy would have liked. "But you're not going so forget about it!" Randy said to stop the thoughts he could see forming in Ted's eyes. "Why can't I go?" Ted said sounding some what less mature than he was. "Because DiBiase, you've got too much going for you, you're just a kid." Randy explained. "I don't have that much going, and I'm not a kid. Cody's going!" "Yea Ted, that's because I'm a loser!" Cody had jumped into the argument before he could be stopped, Randy wanted to tell him not to say things like that but he didn't have time. "Well I can be a loser too!" Ted argued. "You are not going DiBiase, forget about it!" Randy said in a very final way. Ted opened his mouth to speak again, but this time Evan cut him off. "Just let him go Randy, it's his life he can decide what he wants to do." "Yea!" Ted agreed enthusiastically. "Do you want me to talk him into this or not?" Evan asked Ted sarcastically, Ted nodded. "Then shut up!" Ted nodded again. "Come on Randy, what's he going to do in the shit hole town? Let him go with us, what harm could it do?" Randy looked at the tree young men standing before him, they had always looked up to him before, why should they stop now? Randy sighed deeply. "Oh okay alright. But don't make me regret this DiBiase!" "You won't." "Do either of you need to pack?" Randy asked. "I don't need to pack. Who's the son of the 'Million Dollar Man'?" Ted asked cockily throwing his shoulders back and looking smug. "Is that you answer to everything?" Cody asked, and Ted pulled something from his jeans pocket. "No, but this is!" He said holding it up. It was his dad's credit card. They shared a laugh before they all four set out walking for places unknown. Even though they were leavening everything they had ever known with practically nothing, and with everything that had happened tonight, they were all light hatred and joking. There was something new in the air, a new found nervousness and excitement of stepping out into the unknown. Ready for new life and new adventures, the little band of men marched own. Just before they got to the outskirts of Randy's jurisdiction, Evan voiced a burning question. "Randy?" Randy looked questioningly at him and kept his arm around Cody. "If we all leave, what are the other boys going to do?" Randy hadn't given this any thought, mainly because he was selfish, he found it very admirable that Evan would spare the boys a thought, but Randy just shrugged. "Brent can handle it, if not let Jericho have 'em." And that was the end of worrying out loud about the other bunch of misfits.

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