Chapter summary: Sora thinks about Naminer's strongest trait, and decides that her strongest trait is her innocence.

Chapter 1:


Innocence was by far Naminé's strongest trait, Sora thought, as he watched the girl against from him in his seat doodle an Easter egg in her sketchbook.

First of all, he had never seen her wear anything except that simple white dress. She never even thought about wearing tight, skimpy, or even colored clothing.

"Hey Nami," her brunette friend Olette called from next to her. "What're you doing for Easter?"

The blonde turned her head towards her and smiled angelically. "I'm going to stay home this year, and wait for the Easter Bunny!"

Sora grinned and chuckled to himself. Naminé never did seem to reach past the age of five, even though she was fifteen. She still believed in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the Tooth fairy. All of them were things most people her age didn't believe in anymore. She even still had her fear of monsters under her bed!

Olette laughed. "Naminé, you really need to get a boyfriend."

Naminé pouted and stuck her tongue out for a brief moment before returning to her drawing as she drew zig-zag lines across her egg.

That was another thing. No one had ever laid a hand on Naminé in any way. Her parents hugged her, but that was all. She had never been kissed by anyone except her family, she was obviously still a virgin, and was more than willingly to wait to change that with someone she really loved. Her bright blonde hair and naïve blue eyes would agree to that statement.

Upon wondering what Naminé's strongest strait was, he looked up "Innocence" on Wikipedia. Symbols of Wikipedia were the color white, the lamb, children, and virgins.

Naminé never wore anything except white. She was a lot like the lamb-quiet, delicate, and very cute. She always acted like a child. She was completely unaware of the evil world she lived in. And she was a virgin.

Sora smiled at her as she looked at him with a confused expression. "Why're you looking at me like that? Do I got something on my face?" She asked as she brushed her fingertips against her nose.

Sora shook his head and she titled hers to the side, baffled.

Sora chuckled again. "What's so funny?" She asked. He was right. Innocence was by far Naminé's strongest trait.