Chapter summary: Naminé always been a bit dumb. She never did well in school, and she's very implusive. But he should talk. And for what she lacked in brains, she made up for in heart.

Chapter 4:


Naminé was always at least a tiny bit dumb. Other times, she was naive. And sometimes, she was just plain stupid.

The blonde girl had never done well in school. She had barely graduated the 8th, and didn't have plans to go to college. She was getting a C in Math, and a D- in Science. She was more of the creative type, and could easily get an A in art. She was very naive and fell for anything. She was by far too trusting of other people.

More over, she was very implusive. She got involved in fights because she didn't stop and think about what could happen, and this resulted in injuries.

But for what she lacked in brains, she made up for in heart.

She stood up for nerds who were bullied, and made sure the bullies' bad deeds did not go unpunished, and gave them a taste of their own medicine. She refused to go out with anyone just because they were attractive. Their looks didn't matter, but their personality didn't. If you were mean to other people for no reason, she would be mean to you for no reason.

She once said, "I stand up for what is right, even if I must stand alone."

She had other famous quotes like, "Those who stand for nothing fall for anything", and "If I have to be arrogant, stupid, and shallow to be popular, I'd rather stay a nerd for the rest of my life." Sora's favorite had to be, "Love is love, no matter who you find it in." Naminé was for gay marriage, and didn't mind incest either, believing it shouldn't be illegal anywhere. She was also for incest because of two of her friends were brother and sister, but were together, secretly.

Naminé also had a habit of making friends with people who were considered freaks, including two of her friends, who were teased for being anime fanatics. Another one of her friends was a teenage mom, another had various medical problems, and still, one was Star Wars obsessed. But she would turn her back on any of them. They weren't just friends. They were brothers and sisters, they were a pack.

They were a pack of angry, mangee, wolves. You piss one off, and the others will come and kill you.

Sora smiled. That was one of the many things he loved about her. What she lacked in brains, she made up for in heart.