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It was only after they got hit in the head by a Clima Tact that Luffy and Usopp thought that making slingshots out of the girls' underwear may not have been the best idea.

As the crew slept, their skeletal nakama watched on, reminded of the quiet of the past fifty years, but as he heard a snore, a thunk, a whispered curse, it was so very different.

When the Strawhats finally landed on Amazon Lily as a whole crew they were greeted with women and girls of all shapes and sizes, a banquet plentiful of good food, and an empress who simply wished to embrace her love.

As he ran back up through the great gaol Impel Down he had to resist fighting the traitorous ex-Whitebeard pirate; he know they would fight again as there was no way that he could hate his brother's captor more than he did now.

Their joyous reunion was halted when they saw the state their captain's body and mind was in and all they could do was surround him and remind him that they were still there for him along with all of their dreams.

The pirate was a pleasant man, wooing ladies and winning men's trust and friendship with rum and laughter, but it wasn't until you saw him in battle that you truly know the Yonkou Red-hair Shanks.

His son had become a revolutionary and had set himself to destroy the very ideals the Marines upheld, yet when he looked into his tiny grandson's adoring eyes, Garp felt that there was at least some peace in his world.

Bellamy had believed himself to be untouchable on Jaya, so when revenge came to him in the form of a lanky teenager in sandals and a straw hat, his laughter was understandable, until a single punch destroyed his world.

Fugitives though they may have been, when the Strawhats met the Zakku pirates on a deserted island there was a night of song, booze, and food with their two captains leading the festivities.

The boy was nothing like a pirate was supposed to be, full of mercy and love and childishness, yet everyone who met him, villains or allies, knew in their very souls that he would be King and nothing could ever change this fact.

It was usually up to himself to recant his bravery and strength, so Usopp's eyes watered when on his birthday he woke up to his nakama singing praises of his exploits to a joyous tune.

Everywhere she walked men, women, and children, regardless of preference or species, fell to her feet in adoration, but it wasn't until a boy accepted her dark past without judgment that she truly felt love.

Ace would never consider the former Pirate King to be his father, but his crew, his Pops, and his brother did not leave him wanting for family.

It was a hard road, being brought up as assassins from childhood, yet as Cipher Pol 9 walked up and received their black suits, they had to admit that they had certainly achieved power.

As Calgara prepared his daughter to satisfy their God's appetite he silently screamed and wept and prayed for someone, something, to help.

The Shichibukai fired his lasers at the pirates; at the sound of the confusion in the Okama Queen's voice- there, in his eyes- a flicker.

As the blonde looked out onto the sea of his dreams, mentally giving untold gratitude to an old one-legged chef in another Blue, he could only grin as a familiar call for meat came from across the deck and then walked to the galley.

Every report he gave to Marineford was as concise and compact as he could make it, the smoke logia wanting to spend as little time talking to the corrupt higher officers as possible, instead wishing to spend it on the Grand Line searching for an elusive pair of Ds.

Their navigator went to great lengths to explain each step with huge detail, but when she was finished and heard it summarized simply as a 'mystery plan,' she slammed her face into her hands and wondered why she even tried anymore.

Having had to lie and cheat and steal for many years, she never let the harsh words of her fellow villagers get to her until she went to her beloved tangerine groves and slept and wept.

All it took was the navigator refusing to give money for more rum and grog to start a furious match between the first-mate and the cook with the rest of the crew looking on.

As the Jayan bartender watched the two pirate captains arguing over the taste of his food, he couldn't help but feel a little offended but was too afraid to speak out.

When Magellan heard of the intruder, he became enraged at the fact that someone dared to interrupt his schedule and disrupt his perfect prison.

No one could quite grasp the Shichibukai's true intentions or motives, his eccentricities driving off most of the curious, so Sengoku held Doflamingo close to keep an eye on him, trying to figure out that impossible mind.

They had all thought their captain's joy and determination to be undefeatable, so when he returned to them after his brother's death a broken soul they were at a loss of what to do.

When Kaya heard the truth about her butler from Usopp she had called him a liar and cast him out, and it was guilt over that action that truly made her hate Kuro when all was revealed.

The small Strawhat crew of mostly novice pirates had become one of the most feared on the Grand Line in less than a year, but only by those who had never met them or those who had been destroyed by them.

Although the green-haired swordsman appeared to be constantly sleeping, he was always aware of what was happening around him, ready to help his nakama if trouble came.

As the three Supernova captains walked out of the Human Auction to face the wall of Marines, insulting and arguing with each other all the way, few would realize that a life long friendship had been born.

Watching the new pirate go off the sea in nothing by a small dingy, Makino couldn't help but feel worried, a feeling that never went away even after heard tales about his many victories he gained throughout his adventure; after all, it could only take one loss.

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