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He was one of the most praised Marines, the so-called captor of Gol D. Roger and a well loved if eccentric Vice-Admiral, yet when Garp the Fist saw one grandson die in the arms of his other, he couldn't help but feel like the world's greatest failure.

The Skypians and Shandians were constantly fearful of what they said or did because their God was always there, watching and listening, and forgiveness only ever came in the form of a lighting bolt from the sky.

Axe-hand Morgan had been given his position based on good behavior and exemplary leadership, but as they say, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

As the sun set down on the horizon, the sea was a dyed a red that made Luffy tremble with flashbacks of blood and magma filled water but all it took was a glance to his nakama at his side for his shaking to cease.

When the day finally came that Kohza announced to King Kobra his intentions to ask for the Princess' hand in marriage, he failed to notice an over-protective bird and dog watching and plotting from outside the doorway.

The CP9 members slowly eased they way into the lives of their target, as a bartender, a shipwright, a secretary, all waiting for the day when they could rip off their disguises and bare their maskless faces to their so-called friends.

Sometimes, when Sengoku heard of the deeds and heroics of the Strawhat crew he couldn't help but feel that their captain was doing this on purpose, as a criminal fighting for what was right while exposing the truth of the justice of the Marines, all the while laughing with a gleam in his eyes partly hidden under the brim of his hat; maybe he was more like his father than anyone really knew.

Colby had been a coward his whole life, only changing when he met Luffy, a pirate creating a Marine, and when they met again at Water 7 he felt an overwhelming urge to fight and prove himself to this boy with the feel of a King.

Bellamy's laughter shook the bar as his crew joined him, the hyena would have howled forever if he didn't need to breath; honestly, Sky Island, what a joke.

Duval didn't know how he had gotten into this situation with his face on a bounty poster that wasn't his, but he knew that if he found out who was the cause of this he would utterly destroy them for this humiliation.

All it took was for Kuina to wave her wooden sword to get even the strongest and bravest of her father's students to flinch back in fear, all except one moss-haired boy who simply grinned and stepped up in reply.

The crew pretended not to notice, but after their reunion their captain was constantly watching what they were doing with an almost desperate fascination and they simply continued whatever they were doing, silently reassuring him with their life.

Sadi-chan loved her job, it suited her temperament much better than anything else she could find; she had never been any happier than when Magellan had approached her, handed her a whip, and sent her on her way.

Franky couldn't even begin to guess what made this crew so strong and with such a bond, but as they welcomed him, a former enemy, into their fold with open arms and hearts he found that there really was no reason for him to ever dwell on it.

He wasn't the strongest or the smartest, but there was just something about him that had convinced the Strawhat crew beyond any doubt that their captain would be the Pirate King and would lead the rest of them to their dreams without fail.

Whenever he messed up in his knowledge or while making his medicine, his ancient teacher, the sadistic Dr. Kureha would chase him around her castle, throwing sharp objects at him until he proved himself to her again; the first time he saved one of his nakama from almost certain death, Chopper had never been more grateful to her.

Bentham stayed behind after opening the escape route for his dear friends; when he saw Magellan standing there with poison dripping off his enraged face, the proud okama simply focused his attention and dropped into his fighting stance.

As Roger and Newgate drank some of the best sake in all the Blues while sitting under the endless cherry blossoms, the Pirate King told the tale of the D. line to his strongest rival, unraveling one of the greatest mysteries of their time.

Mr. 3 had never put much faith in friends, preferring temporary allies, so he even surprised himself when he risked life and limb to free the Fire-Fist in honor of the great sacrifice of his former fellow Baroque Works agent.

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