Emerald Emperor

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Summary: Because of chemicals spilled during a battle, Raven's Demon is set loose on her enemies. What she didn't expect was that something else was brought back. And this time, he and Beastboy are going to get it right! Time placement; several months after Tokyo.

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Translating to English

The villains were going all out this time. No one at the time was sure how, but Dr. Light and Control Freak managed to get Cinderblock; Plasmas; AND Overload to help them rob Jump City National Bank. Normally it wouldn't that hard to take down the first two, but Dr. Light got a few upgrades, enough to blow up a metal vault door in no time at all, and avoided any confrontations with Raven. Control Freak had hit a few convention of all kind some days before, giving him a very nice size army of cardboard cutouts, human-sized figures, and every other thing you find in a convention.

Raven and Beastboy were currently trying to holding their own against them. They had arrived first due to them already being near the bank at the time. They had some how been convinced to go get the groceries together. Raven looked behind her to see Beastboy smashing a good chunk of Control Freak's army with his tail as a Stegosaurus. Those things were definitely not made to stand against a dinosaur. She looked the other way in time to avoid an attack from overload. She and Beastboy didn't expect to be facing this when they got the call from Robin. Raven locked eyes with Beastboy for an instant, who was in human form now, when she noticed his smirk. That meant...'Oh shit.' Was the only thought as she dissolved through the ground. She knew what he was going to do, and it was not something you want to be near when it happens.

Beastboy turned into a peregrine falcon(1) before taking off upwards into the sky. He nimbly avoided all the attacks launched at him as he rose higher and higher. Eventually, he turned for a nose dive. Right before he hit the ground, he turned into a T-Rex and landed right on Plasmas. The shock wave was so strong, not only did it send Plasmas back into unconsciousness, it sent a most of his surrounding opponents several feet back(2). He charged towards Dr. Light and Control Freak, who were loading the truck, and turned into an slightly over-sized electric eel. He shocked them enough to knock them out and short circuit their equipment, but not enough to kill them. The result of which, was all of Control Freak's army falling to the ground, no longer powered by his remote.

Raven, from her place on the edge of the bank's roof, blinked at what had just happened. No matter how many times she saw it, she was always a little weirded out by it. At one point, Beastboy had developed a new ability of sorts. Well, ability was pushing it. It was more like a new mind set of some kind. When ever he used it, he did something that ended with his opponent completely beaten. She was only happy she never went against it. She saw what happened when Robin decided to test it against himself and Cyborg. Cyborg ended up blasting Robin right after he had thrown a bird-a-rang(3) in angle where it hit Cyborgs sonic cannon. Beastboy didn't have so much of as scratch on him.

The thing that freaked her out the most was that smirk he always gave her when he looked at her. Something about it chilled her to the bone, for in that smirk, she saw the same person he had been just before he became the Beast(4). Except, he wasn't as rage-filled as he had been then, but he did seem to have an interest in her in that state. If she had a guess, he and The Beast were at peace. If she was right, she envied him on so many levels. She sighed, wondering if she would ever find a way to be at peace with her powers, instead of fearing when she was going to explode with some emotion and cause damage where ever she was at the time.

She shook her head, bring her self to the situation at had. She noticed that Overload had just zapped himself out of the truck, about to attack Beastboy. "Azarath Metreon Zinthos!" She chanted, causing a nearby fire hydrant to explode in a way so most, if not all, of the water would be aimed at Overload. He turned back into a circuit board within seconds.

She teleported down next to him. "Thanks, Rae." Beastboy said with his usual grin.

"How many times do I need to tell you not call me Rae?" The half-demon empath asked, with a slightly annoyed tone.

"How many jokes do I need to tell in order to make you laugh?" The Shape-shifter countered, with that same smirk.

'Damn, he's sexy when does that!' a voice said inside Raven's head, near identical to her own.(5)

'Lust, shut!' Raven retorted, she hated when this emotion acted up.

'I have to admit that he has a certain degree of attractiveness with that facial expression.' Knowledge of all people...emotions said.

'Oh what's next? Rage thinks he looks good with that look too?' Raven mentally groaned. 'Don't tell me...'

'I don't think he looks good like that Raven.' Rage answered, rolling her, currently, two eyes. She had calm down a lot after Trigon was defeated, though she was banned from leaving her area unless their was a 'meeting of the mind', if you will.

'Thank-' Raven was cut off by Rage, unsurprisingly.

'I think he was fucking hot when he took them out! Did you see him?! He beat them in two minutes flat! By all the devils in the underworld, why can't he be like that more often?'It was kind of creepy hearing Rage talk like that. She almost sounded like she...liked Beastboy. Odd thought for them, Rage NOT hating someone.

'Of all people for you all to like, why him?' Raven asked and almost immediately wished she hadn't.

They randomly started listing off features randomly;
'He's brave.'- Brave

'Kind.'- Wisdom

'Smart when he wants to be.'- Knowledge

'Stubborn enough not to give up on our ungrateful ass.'- Rude

'Funny, hehe.'- Happy

'Strong and very impressive when angered.'- Rage

'He's Freaking Awesome!' One voice shouted above the rest.
Their was a deafening silence at first. Brave asked the question going through all their heads, 'Was that Timid?'

Beastboy stared at Raven with an amused look. Even though she had only actually been at it for a few seconds, he could she was having a talk of some kind with her other selves. He then blinked, remembering something important. They saw Cinderblock here as well, yet he was no where to be seen. His eyes widened as he heard the sound of something being thrown through the air. He turned around to see Cinderblock had thrown a semi tanker(6) at them from behind. Raven had came out of her conversation right when he moved. He could get away, but there wouldn't be enough time for Raven to get out of the way. 'This is going to hurt.' Beastboy thought as he turned into a T-Rex again. He angled it so his head would take most of the impact. As the tanker hit his head, it bended and broke in two as a strange black liquid covered him and Raven. That was all he saw before he blacked out.

Raven groan a little as the liquid poured over her. She would have covered herself with her cloak, if a piece of metal from the tanker hadn't hit her in the head. She looked over and saw Beastboy passed out,cover in chemicals, and stuck under chunk of metal. Amazingly, his head didn't have any serious injuries on it. She groaned, feeling very strange all of a sudden.

'Sorry Raven.' Rage said, sounding oddly weak.

'Why?' Raven asked, worried. It was never a good thing when Rage apologized.

'For this.' Was all she said before she let loose an demonic screech.

Raven held her head, trying to stay in control, but every bit of her demonic blood seemed to be boiling with anger. She could feel the bloodlust all demons had rising inside her. She held on as long as she could, but it was all for not. She was eventually taken over, more by her demon blood itself then Rage herself. Her eyes glowed red and split into four eyes, as black tentacles formed around her. She attacked the first moving thing she saw, which was Cinderblock. She levitated him and throw him around like a rag-doll, enjoying the pained grunts she got out of the stone monster. She was ready to crush him completely, when an inhuman roar sounded from behind her. She paused and looked to the wreckage, where the roar had came from. For a moment nothing happened. Then a chunk of the tanker, the same that Beastboy had been trapped under, went flying into a nearby building. As the dust settled, Raven saw Beastboy standing there. But something was different. His smirk was more feral now and his eyes were completely white, the eyes of the Beast.

Before she could react, he was in front of her, scaring her a bit. He held one hand up in the air, stopping Cinderblock's fist, not budging an inch. The demonized Raven ducked her head a little, as the Beast lifted Cinderblock up by the fist and slammed him down into the ground. She looked and saw him staring at her with the same smirk. She silently sent a nearby car hurling towards him from the side. She was shocked when not only did he dodge it, he did so he was in a direct path with her. His clawed hand raised high, ready to swipe at her as he landed. She shot backwards to avoid it, but still ended up getting small cuts. She glared at him, bloodlust filling the air. He didn't even flinch at the smell of it, and then she finally understood what was in his eyes. There was a bloodlust in his eyes, far surpassing anything she had seen before, and it was all directed fully at her. She idly wondered why he would want to kill her so badly. These thought were cut short as he leaped at her. She grabbed him with her tentacles, but screeched as his claws lengthened and cut through them like a hot knife through butter.

As he relentlessly came after her, the Demon of Raven felt something she never thought she would feel, outside the presence of Trigon. She felt pure, unadulterated, terror. The fear she felt was all to similar to the one she felt the day the world was suppose to end. She knew would die that day, and now her fate seemed more certain now then it had that day. She saw no way to escape the Beast in front of her. All she could do was slow him down and dodge him. All the while, he smirked. The same smirked she imagined Slade having when he delivered the message, the same smirk her father had when he believed he had won, the same smirk the Beast now has as he comes for his prey.

Suddenly, the pattern of dodging and attacking was broken as the Beast seemed to speed up. He jumped forward, tackling and pinning her to the ground. Raven's Demon then realized that he had been playing with her until now. She felt her heart race as she stared at him. She closed her eyes as he tensed slightly, signaling he was about to attack. She waited for the end to come...but it never did. She nervously opened her eyes, only to see him smirking, only now more amused then anything. The bloodlust had left his eyes. Before she could do anything, he leaned down and clamped his jaw on the side of her neck. Her eyes widened at this, did he...it..whoever was in control know what he was doing or what it meant? All she knew that things were going to change big time around here. The last thing she remembered as she lost consciousness was the green shape-shifter looking down at her as his white eyes flashed red before changing back to his normal green eyes, smirk never leaving his face. Right after she passed out, he followed, collapsing right beside her.

As the rest of the titans arrived, they were shocked at the surrounding area. Plenty of destruction, Five villains taken down, and two titans passed out from unknown causes. None of them took notice, or interest, of a lone surviving camera on the bank roof, looking the same direction of the two down titans. This camera wasn't sending anything to the security room. It was sending it to someone else.

"Impressive Beastboy. You seem to have a secret of your own. I wonder, what you are hiding from your 'friends'?" Slade mussed to himself, as he watched the battle replay before him. He recognised the look on the green boy's face as not a mindless animal, but as a creature of great intelligence. He idly wondered, was it really some other part of himself couldn't control...or was Beastboy in control of what happened?

End of Chapter

1. Fastest bird in the world.
2. Not entirely sure if that would actually happen.
3. I think that's what their called.
4. After the chemicals spilled on him, but before he first transformed.
5. It may be the way they talk, but they each sound a little different.
6. Only name I could find for it. Long, Sliver, Cylinder.

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