Emerald Emperor

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Regular speak

Thoughts, Writing, and Emotions talking to person outside mind

Demonic or Animalistic speak

Demonic or Animalistic Thoughts

Translating to English

Beastboy 'stared'(1) at the mysterious voice for a moment, not quite sure to say about what was said to him, 'So you and he...?'

'Yep.' A growling voice replied before he finished.

'So that was...?'


'Now you want me to...?'


'...You're a bastard.'

'No more than you are.'

'Isn't this technically-?'

'Did she complain or say no?'

'Point taken, but you do realise that me, and by extension you and our new friend, are dead when she finds out?'

'Why do you think I set you up with that one first out of all the rest?'

'But there's still-'

'We have time for one more trip.'

'Oh hell no!'

'Why not? It's not like you have already thought about it.'

'What are the odds of her actually agreeing to this?'

'Try thinking about her emotions and less about she actually says and does.'

'...Okay, you got a point there. She's about the most stubborn person I know, but we tell her about this after this one.'

'Next chance you're alone when her emotion are all awake.'

'I don't have to..?'

'No, that would take way to long.'



'...It's good to have you back.'

'It's good to be back, maybe we can get it right this time.' The voice vanished after that.

'Damn chemicals and wimps with robot suits.' Beastboy muttered to himself.

-(DarkRapture's work)(2)

The first thing Brave registered when she regained conciseness was that she had a killer headache. "Ohh, my head." Brave groaned, pushing herself into a sitting position with one arm, the other massaging her temple. She looked around, noticing she was sitting on a stone bench inside what seemed to be an old Roman gladiator's arena. The arena had four gates, each with a large, wooden door behind it. Brave looked to her left, and her eyes widened in glee.

There, behind a tall solid-gold fence, was the biggest, deadliest, most badass array of weapons Brave had ever seen! There were axes and warhammers, longswords and shortswords, maces and claymores(two-handed swords), daggers and cleavers, bows and quivers full of arrows, she even saw a few cross-bows. Brave was drooling and wide-eyed, having completely forgotten that she wasn't in her realm and that she couldn't contact her sister emotions.

Brave practically flewto the gate, pulling on the bars and rattling them like a five-year old at the zoo looking at an interesting animal. Little did she know, she'd be dealing with an animal pretty soon. Brave looked for a lock, then realized that would be pointless without a key. As if Azar herself heard Brave's plea, a key she didn't notice before was hanging on a key-loop on the wall. Brave grabbed the key, which she didn't register wasn't there before, such was her focus on the tools of war, and fit it into the lock. She turned the key, and with a satisfactory 'click', the gate swung open.

Before she could take a step, however, she was stopped by a hand grabbing her wrist. Brave wrenched her hand free from the mystery-person's grip, and spun around to confront them. When she saw who it was, she fell back with a very uncharacteristic high-pitched scream. Brave felt two strong arms catch her, and she felt herself being pressed into something large and warm.

Brave looked up into a smiling green face, and blushed crimson upon realizing the person was bare-chested. She tried to utter a reply, but for the first time, Brave was lost for words. "Whats the matter, why are you so flustered?" Beastboy questioned, hugging her tighter, to which she tried to push herself off of him. This only resulted in her putting her hands on his well-defined pecs, turning her mind to mush.

"Mmm," Brave mumbled, feeling up Beastboy without even realizing it. Beastboy chuckled and let go, making Brave almost lose her balance and stumble, but also snapping her out of her daze. She fell forward, gripping onto the nearest inject for stability, which happened to be Beastboy's abs. "Ohh," Brave's mind went straight back to mush as she rubbed his 6-pack.

Beastboy let out a bark of laughter at this, which strangely sounded just like a bark. "Why don't I show you my weapon collection, since you might be here awhile." Beastboy took her hand and led her over to the rack of weapons. "Th-these are yours?" Brave stuttered, completely un-Brave-like. "Sure are, and you can use any one you want" Beastboy said casually. "Under one condition," he smirked at this, "You duel me."

Brave looked up from examining a ruby-studded shortsword with a challenge in her eyes. "You're on, what are the rules?" she asked, eager to begin. "One: No long-range weapons. Two: Fight fairly. No kicking dust up to blind your opponent, no cheap-shots, etc. Three: You have to wear the proffered battle raiment." Beastboysaid while walking over to a closet to the left on the inside of the gate. He opened it to reveal breastplates, gauntlets, grieves, boots and tunics. He grabbed a pair of large, steel boots, steel grieves, black gauntlets, and a purple tunic. Brave walked over and grabbed leather boots, leather grieves, green gloves, and a green tunic. Brave blushed when she realized she had nowhere to change, but when she saw Beastboy eyeing the weapons and mulling over his choices, she quickly changed.

Beastboymay have been looking for a good weapon, but that didn't mean he didn't notice Brave strip down to nothing but some emerald-green panties and put on her battle armor. He smiled to himself before choosing his weapon: a long, lethal looking black sword with a silver grip, which was about a foot long with a round bulb at the end.

Brave looked for a bit longer than Beastboy and chose a steel shortsword and a round, wooden shield. They walked into the middle of the arena and got into battle stances. Brave holding up her shield in her left hand and her shortsword behind her in her right. Beastboylooked bored and uninterested, his sword hanging loosely at his side.

Brave didn't wait for the signal to start, and instead decided to charge. With a yell, she swung her sword In a wide arc, intending to lop BB'shead off. When her blade was less than three inches from his neck, he moved at lightning-fast speeds, parrying the blow with an upwards flick of his wrist. Brave went slack-jawed, but quickly shook her head to focus. She kept up her attacks, each one a near death-blow but Beastboy was blocking them like they were nothing.

Soon Brave was at the end of her rope, sweating profusely and frustrated beyond imagining. She got angry and used all of her strength, which was impressive considering how much she works out in her free time, in a diagonal slash across Beastboy's chest. She REALLY wasn't expecting to hit her mark. Beastboy didn't even attempt to block her attack OR move out of the way.

Blood flowed from the open wound and trailed down his once-again exposed chest like a waterfall. He used two fingers and his thumb to hold the flesh together before addressing the panicking Brave. " Calm down, I'm fine." he coaxed her into calming down a bit. "If I was any other man, this might've hurt a bit." he said as if he was talking about the weather. "Luckily, I am no man." he mused to himself. "What do you mean?" Brave questioned, confused as to how Beastboywasn't a man, a very strong, sexy man in her opinion. "I am no man" he said, "because I am an animal." He growled, and when he removed his fingers, his wound was stitching itself shut.

Beastboygave himself a once-over before deeming himself fit to continue. "Now it's my turn." He said with an evil smile, which turned into a snarl as he bared his fangs. If Brave was acting outside her normal boundaries before, it was nothing compared to now. She was shaking, standing there awkwardly, holding nothing but her shield in front of her with both hands, her bloodied sword lying forgotten between them.

"Pick up your sword." Beastboy instructed, and Brave obeyed, quickly retrieving her sword and getting into a ready stance, shaking slightly. Beastboy waited until she was ready, and before she could blink, he lunged forward, hacking her shield in two.

Brave went wide-eyed, attempting to block the flurry of blows from Beastboy, but she could barely keep up. Beastboy backed off a bit, giving Brave some breathing room. Brave got aggravated, mainly because she hated to lose.

Brave got into a fighting stance, the blade of her sword pointing down in front of her. Beastboy smirked, still im his lazy pose, and motioned for her to advance. She wasted no time, and with a war cry, charged Beastboy again.

Back and forth they went, each unrelenting, but Brave was angry because Beastboy, while still doing remarkably well, didn't even seem like he was trying. She felt slightly better knowing she wasn't the only one putting up a fight, though. She's Brave, how could she resist a good fight?

Brave kept up her attacks, but her movement were steadily becoming slower as time passed. Beastboy made note of this, and decided to pull a fast one. He ran at her, sword across his lower back, much like a ninja would hold a katana, and did a sweep kick, knocking her to the ground. Before she could register what happened, he quickly tied her boot straps together, and did the same with her glove laces. Brave was on the ground, tied up and defenseless. She REALLY didn't like this situation.

Beastboy walked over to Brave's prone form, and crouched so they could speak. "Im no expert, but if my opinion mattered, I'd say we're about finished here." Beastboy said with a chuckle. "What do you mean 'your opinion doesn't matter'?" Brave asked, forgetting for a second that she was supposed to be sulking right now.

"No one takes me seriously, so my ideas for strategy are out" Beastboy counted off on his fingers. "No one can stand my jokes, so no one can stand when I open my mouth" he continued. "And no one trusts me, so any advice I could give would fall on deaf ears." He finished with a frown.

"What makes you think we don't trust you?" Brave questioned, still forgetting her anger. "Lemme think...could it be that I'm never asked to help with anything? Could it be that I'm never needed in battles? Or could it be the fact that Robin threatened to throw me in jail with basically no evidence when you were attacked by Adonis?" Beastboy asked in an annoyed tone.

"I never knew that." Brave said, pondering his words, and seething at the fact that not only did Robin seem very likely to have done something like that, but that Beastboy wouldn't lie. The fact that Robin was the hardest and the most unfair to Beastboy more than anyone on the team didn't help soothe her anger.

"Its ok, that's all in the past." Beastboy consoled her, sweeping her hair out of her eyes and caressing her cheek with his right hand without thinking. She had completely forgotten about her restricted movement at this point, leaning into his touch and nuzzling his hand. "Now, for my prize." With that, Beastboy leaned down a little and swept her up in a kiss.

Lemon Warning

"The difference here," he said against her lips, "is that we BOTH win. Don't you agree?" Brave responded by shoving her tongue in his mouth. Beastboy took this as his cue to move somewhere more comfortable. He picked her up and slung her over his shoulder, her ass right next to his head. Beastboy made his way over to one of the gates, and using one hand, broke the large silver padlock that held the gates shut.

When Brave saw where Beastboy was going, she tried to squirm out of his grip, doing a weird form of "The Worm" since she was still tied at her ankles and wrists. Beastboy, since he was holding her over his left shoulder, smacked her ass with his right hand. Brave yelped and stopped her struggling just as she started hammer-fisting his back, and went into shock.

Brave didn't know what to be more shocked about, the fact that he just spanked her, or that she liked it. She felt a stinging sensation where his hand made contact with her left cheek, and another, more tingly sensation between her legs. "What, did that hurt?" Beastboy asked, wondering whether he knew his own strength or not. "Here, let me kiss it and make it better" he said, undoing the knot keeping her leggings on. Brave tried to protest, saying it was unnecessary, until she felt his lips on the hand print. Her words slurred into a long "Mmmmm" as his hand replaced his mouth, and started rubbing in circles.

Beastboy smiled to himself 'This is just too easy', as he reached his destination. He walked into al large bedroom, one that would've made a king green with envy(pun unintended). It was lavished with a large king-sized bed(again, no pun intended) with crimson curtains making it a four-poster. There was a beautiful black-leather love-seat in the far corner, and several night-stands scattered about the room.

Beastboy laid Brave down on the bed, and moved over to a stand and started rummaging through one of it's drawers. He pulled out several lines of rope, and made his way back to his apprehensive guest. "What are you doing? What are the ropes for?" she asked, starting to struggle again. "These" he indicated the ropes by raising them slightly, "are your accessories for tonight.

"If you think I'm just going to let you tie me up-" she was cut off by a mischievous reply. "Who said anything about you letting me?" Beastboy tied the ropes around her wrists and ankles, then removed her gloves and boots. He sat on the bed next to her, and just laid there for a second, hands behind his head, enjoying her struggle.

"Let me go."


"Let me go!"



"Im good."

"AHHHHHHHHH!" Brave started screaming as she struggled.

"Do you ever shut up?" Beastboy asked, trying to make conversation. "Make me." she muttered darkly, as if daring him to challenge her. "Gladly." He leaned over and kissed her again, gently pressing his lips to hers. Brave melted into the kiss, once again shoving her tongue into his mouth.

As their make-out session grew more heated, he moved so he was hovering over her, and she was on her back with her hands pinned under her and her legs tied together. Beastboy took off his gloves and started rubbing up and down her body, feeling curves he already had engraved into his mind, courtesy of her grey-cloaked counterpart. But no matter how many times he saw Raven's body, he always treated it like he did the first time.

Brave moaned as he started softly squeezing her breasts through her tunic, and he used his claws to cut it into ribbons, leaving her pale mounds exposed. Beastboy wasted no time and started sucking on one while he rubbed between her legs, feeling the heat radiating from her sex. He briefly chuckled into her right nipple as he thought of roasting marshmallows down there, and then his mind drifted to how delicious they'd be if he rubbled them on her moist opening for flavor... Beastboy snapped out of his thoughts and returned to the task at hand, noting that his body went on autopilot while he zoned out.

Brave arched her back, driving her breast into his mouth, and because she was in such a mind-inducing haze of pleasure, she never noticed himtake her panties off. She did notice, however, when he stuck two fingers into her pussy and started moving them in and out hard and fast. "Ah, God that feels so good! Don't stop, don't stop!" Brave pleaded, feeling as though she were about to explode.

Beastboy knew how stubborn Brave was, and he also knew she wouldn't suck him off, so he came prepared. He grabbed a tube of lubrication with the label "LUBA!" on the side, with a smiley with closed eyes and half-a-face grin giving two thumbs up. He squirted some into his hand and rubbed it up and down his length, which he just exposed after taking off his grieves and ripping his black boxers apart. He then stopped and took off his boots, so he was more comfortable, and then he returned his attention to Brave, who was drooling over the sight of his large penis.

Brave then looked at his face, and instantly paled at the grin he had on. "Wh-why are you looking at me like that?" she asked with a slight stutter, something no one, no even Trigon, could make her do. "No reason." he said nonchalantly, as he gently raised her and flipped her over, so she was on her stomach. He placed one hand on her navel and lifted her into a bent-over position.

Brave was panicking, and she started struggling again. Beastboy rubbed her already-moist opening, getting it ready. "Mmm, ahhh..." Brave moaned, practically dry-humping his hand. Beastboy took his hand away, earning an involuntary whimper from Brave, but started rubbing his shaft between her legs, letting her sleek lower lips caress him.

"Ohh, mmm" Brave moaned, having finally given up on trying to break free. Beastboydecided to punish her for her defiance, so he moved away from her, sitting on the opposite end of the bed. Brave looked over at him like she was a lost puppy, wagging her rear pitifully in the air. Beastboy tried resisting it, but before he knew what was happening, he found himself plunging into her.

"AHH!" Brave screamed, jarred from the sheer force of the thrust, not to mention it was her first time. He waited for her to adjust, absentmindedly stroking her lower back with one hand while the other rubbed up and down her right thigh. After a few minutes, Brave started rocking herself back and forth, making him go in and out of her without even moving. "Mmm, you're so tight." he murmured, gently gripping her hips and picking up his pace, going into her faster and harder. But he was saving the pounding for later...

Brave never felt anything like this before, it was pure bliss. She just laid there, her head flat on the bed while Beastboy fucked her. Brave considered herself a very active person, but even she had to admit that if this was what happened when she took a break, then she was gonna start taking a leaf out of Rude's book.

Brave was reaching the end of her rope(no pun intended), the sweet friction was getting to her. She bit her bottom lip as she felt her first orgasm coming on(again, no pun intended). Her pussy clenched and she came all over Beastboy's buried cock. Beastboy groaned, feeling her tighten around him, then feeling her warm juices flowing around his member. He thrust in a few more times, then released his seed into her. Brave felt something warm shoot up into her belly, and it made her purr in contentment.

Beastboy had a major case of DejaVujust now, remembering Timid doing the exact same thing when he came inside her. Why didn't he think of this before? If he had just gone to Raven's room the night they completed the Tower, and fucked her right there, she may have never hated him. While he was lost in his thoughts, Brave managed to spin herself to where her head was near his cock, and she gawked at the size of it. Even in it's flaccid state, it was huge.

She ducked her head and gave the tip a flick with her tongue, and when she didn't taste anything bad, she took it into her mouth and started sucking on it. Brave bobbed her head up and down, feeling him harden in the back of her throat. Needless to say, this shocked Beastboy out of his reverie, and he placed his left hand on the back of her head, helping her to take more of him in. When he felt himself get completely hard, he took his dick out of her mouth and went and got some more lubrication. As he was coming back, Brave got her first real look at his stiff rod. 'That thing fit inside me!?' she thought to herself, but her train of thought was broken as soon as Beastboy stuck a finger into her ass.

He quickly moved it in and out, Brave moaning the entire time. He took his finger back, making Brave turn around and give him a pouty face, but when she saw the grin forming on his lips, she knew she was in trouble. Brave quickly pieced together all that just happened: Beastboy got hard again, he lubed them both up, he fingered her, and now he was positioning his cock to enter her ass-WAIT WHAT?!

Without warning, he plunged into her other hole, stretching it wide to take in his length and girth. Brave let out a high-pitched squeak, making Beastboy think of Timid again. He moved slowly, letting her ass get used to having himinside it. Brave gritted her teeth and let out a throaty moan. He was huge! He felt her start to loosen, but only a little. It was all he needed, and he gripped her hips tightly as he drove himself into her all the way.

Brave shut her eyes tight against the pain, but she didn't want it to stop. She liked how Beastboy filled her, liked how he ravaged her, and she loved how he dominated her. Brave loved being able to control a situation, never having think twice about something out of fear. But now, she didn't mind being unable to do anything.

Beastboy saved the pounding for a good reason, and he decided now was as good a reason as any other. He picked up speed, ramming in and out of her. Brave mewed every time he went in all the way, which was every thrust he gave. Beastboy put even more strength into his thrusts, pounding into her so hard her ass-cheeks were going to be bruised.

"Ah-ah-ah," Brave squealed. "Ah-mmm-oh-oh-AHH!" She screamed this time, the orgasm previously building up inside her begging to be let out. Beastboy kept pumping his shaft into her even as he felt his orgasm coming on(once again, no pun intended). He knew she was getting close as well, she was screaming so loud. "Ugh," he grunted, climaxing into her ass. Brave felt that familiar warmness shoot up her rear, and let out the breath she didn't know she was holding. "Ahhhh..." she moaned quietly, still tied up. Beastboy liked how she looked: bent over, tied up, with cum dripping out of both her holes, which were wide-open, and a dreamy smile on her face.

Beastboy used his claws to cut her bindings, and laid her down under the silk sheets. She looked up at him, and gave him a soft smile, showing a side of herself no one ever saw before: a gentle Brave. He smiled back, and placed a loving kiss on her chakra stone, and she knew no more.

Lemon End -(End of DarkRapture's work)

Brave opened her eyes and slowly sat up. She rubbed her head and groaned as she took in her surroundings. She seemed to be back in her part of Nevermore: dark forest on one side, gym on the other, and an armory near the gym. Her eyes turned sad and towards the ground, as she realized she never left. That's when she saw two things; a note not to far from her and a lot of wet stuff at and near her crotch.

She picked up the note, which read: 'It wasn't a dream. Go to Timid, you'll get some answers there.'

The note was simple, yet confusing for Brave. Who left the note? How they get in here? What did Timid have to do with this? The only way she might get any answer was to do what the note said. Slowly, and slightly painfully, Brave got to her feet and headed in the direction of Timid's relam.


Standing on a cliff, the dark silhouette opened it's eyes, which were now visible. They were green, but the scleras were a dark red. He had been keeping an eye on Brave through a little telepathy. He would have gone there himself, but he need to be at Rage's relam at the moment. He had been suppressing her demonic powers some and keeping her asleep. Anger, apparently, speeds up the time it takes for someone to wake up if said person is unconscious.

That wasn't why he was here, though. He didn't need to be here to do that, unless there was something really loud near her. No, the reason he was here was more important than that...and it was now right behind him. He spun around and shot his clawed hand forward. It looked as if it hit nothing, before red energy started spreading out from where his claw was. A few seconds later, and another shadow-like being was there, except this one was red.

The black one chuckled to itself before saying, "That didn't take as long as I thought it would."

The red silhouette seemed to blink, it was difficult to tell due it's eyes not being visible, "So I wasn't mistaken. I found a little strange that someone started THAT with my daughter, but I founded it all that more surprising when I sensed it was you of all creatures.

"We all have our surprises, Trigon." Shadow spoke in a surprisingly friendly tone, considering who he was talking to.

The apparition of Trigon seemed to shake his head in mock amusement, "When I saw you through Raven's eyes, I thought of you the same thing my daugther did; loud, obnoxious, annoying, attention-seeker, child-ish, etc." Trigon actually chuckled under his breath as Shadow rolled his eyes, "Then the being known as 'The Beast' came about. For the first time I was curious about you. I had peered into the minds of all my daughter's teammates, but I found something different from when I first looked into your's again. The first time, you were just a human with a few animal habits. When I looked again, I found a crack in what I saw. When I looked through it, I saw the truth about you. Congratulations, you're the first mortal to actually trick me...even if that status has recently been elevated."

Shadow seemed thoroughly shocked, "OK, who are and the hell happened to Trigon the fucking-world-ending Terrible?"

Trigon just gave him a blank stare, "I'm like that against my enemies, and mortals, or in their presence. To my allies-few as they are- and demons I have nothing to do with, I'm tolerable, even if it's just barely. I'd make too many enemies in the underworld if I acted like that to everyone." Trigon explained.

Shadow blinked, that was a big surprise, "So...am I going to have to banish you from Raven's mind in it's entirety or are you going to leave what we're doing alone?" The black silhouette asked.

Trigon chuckled in dark humor, "Don't worry, I won't stop you. I want to see if you can succeed where I failed, though, I can see why you're winning her over more than I could."

Shadow chuckled, "Careful, Trigon. You almost sound human."

Trigon seemed to smirk, "You are one of the few beings to have the guts to say that and you're the only one I haven't killed for saying it." If he wasn't serious before, he was now, "Grow strong boy, you should make for an interesting fight, if nothing else. lived lamina, niaga teem ew litnU." He spoke the last bit in demon tongue, as he vanished.

Shadow could only stare. Either they had some how gained the a Devil's respect or Trigon wasn't as bad as he thought. Sure he was still an asshole, rapist, and someone he'd kill first chance he got; but he did have few, FEW, decent points. Even if those points were twisted and on the borderline of not being there. He couldn't wait to tell the others about this, but decided not to tell Raven. Nothing he knew would change her opinion of her father, not that Shadow was trying to. Shadow took a look over at a sleeping Rage from his ledge. She was unconscious, chained down to a platform by her wrists, and weakened both from him and her father sapping his powers out of her and leaving only her own. All in all, she was incredibly vulnerable at the moment.

Shadow, becoming just that, slithered(3) down until he was right beside her. He crouched by her and whispered, almost harshly, into her ear, "You, along with the rest of Raven, are unimaginably lucky. Any other person-male, female, demon, or otherwise- would have taken advantage of this and made you suffer beyond belief." As he began to fade, he swear he heard Rage whimper a little.


Raven woke up and almost immediately noticed that she was in the med-lab. The second thing she noticed, through empathy, was that Beastboy was in the room as well. As she looked to her right and saw that the green teen was indeed there. She didn't know why, but she felt happy that he was there. She was also said that he was probably injured as well, though, he seemed to be okay now. She sighed when she thought about how their friendship had been going. Beastboy had avoided her a lot after Tokyo. She didn't blame him, she had been- for lack of a better term- a bitch while they were there. She hadn't entirely realize how she had been treating him until they were heading back. He asked her why she was mad at him. When she answered him with, "You're you.", she was paralyzed when she felt the anger, hurt, and sadness coming off of him. She knew that she had hurt him, but she didn't know what to do. She thought about asking him, but she was afraid that he didn't have answer- meaning there wasn't one. She had talked to all her emotions when they got home, but none knew what happened, not even Rage. One minute she's fine and the next, she proned to attack at everything the shape-shifter did.

A slight movement brought her out of her musing. She looked to the source, and was surprised to see that Beastboy had a tail. She had always wondered if he could grow animal limbs as a human, but never found a good enough reason to bring it up. She slowly got out of bed, still not fully awake. She stared at his tail for a moment, standing beside his bed. She knew what she was about to do would make her one of the biggest hypocrite, but she couldn't help herself. She idly wondered how many times Beastboy used that same exact excuse.

She slowly reached out her hand towards his tail. Just as she was about to pet it, she notice Beastboy's ears twitch. That was the only warning she got before his arms shot towards her shoulders. He flip over and pinned her under him. She couldn't help but gulp as she looked into his eyes. They weren't the white eyes of the Beast. They were still green, but smaller- about a fourth of their usual size. She couldn't sense or see any emotions coming off him right now.

They turned towards the door as it opened, revealing Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire. They stood there for a moment as they took in the scene before them; Beastboy holding Raven down; Raven looking a little worried; Beastboy looking a little ticked. If the role were reversed, it wouldn't be that surprising.

Before any one could ask, Beastboy jumped off of Raven and landed on the medical-bed she had been in before. He looked at Robin while saying, "That, apparently, is what happens when someone tries to touch my tail while I'm sleeping." He explained, causing the others to go 'ohh', while Raven felt like she missed something.

'On second thought, just make sure no one but villains touch his tail.' Robin thought to himself, wondering what the changeling would do if a villain did that.

"Man, you two really weren't kidding when you said grass stain had a tail." Cyborg said, more than a little surprised. Just then a thought struck him, "Wait, if that's what happens when someone pets your tail when you're sleeping then that means..." He trailed off as looked over at Raven, who started blushing a bit, as the others following his lead.

That's when it hit them: Raven tried to pet Beastboy's tail. They all couldn't help but laugh a little at this. Raven, who had always complained about Beastboy invading her personal space, had just done something that could very will be borderlinesexual harassment. Cyborg was holding his gut, he'd be rolling on the floor if he laughed any harder. Even Starfire understood this, as Robin had explained why Beastboy had acted that way towards her, and couldn't help but giggle at this. Robin, trying to hold it it in, was snickering.

Raven couldn't remember a more embarrassing situation. She just knew the changeling was going to milk this for as long as he could.

Said changeling was oddly quiet. He hummed to himself as he looked at the others, as they tried to rein in their laughter, before a smirk appeared on his face. This would either end really good or really bad.

He silently walked over to the others, so they didn't notice him until he was in front of them. One thought ran through their head at the sight of his smirk, with minor variations, 'Oh, shit'.

Beastboy did a leg swipe, glad that Robin was the first one on the right, causing them to fall on their backs. They all groaned as they looked up at smirking shape-shifter. "Now what have we learned children?" Beastboy asked in mock scolding tone.

"That you're crazy?" Robin answered with a glare.

"You're a bastard at times?" Cyborg answered, making sure nothing was broken.

"Don't laugh at others?" Starfire answered, slightly confused.

"All are correct, but not what I'm looking for. Star's, however, was good enough, so she's out of trouble. As for you two..." Beastboy gave a small smile to her, before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a detonator of some kind.

Robin's eyes went wide at this, "Um, Be-Beastboy? Wh-what's that?" Robin stuttered. Worst case scenario was that Beastboy had gone evil/insane, or this was a fake, and was going to blow them up. Best case scenario, the detonator was part of a prank.

"Inside both of your rooms is a special kind of stink bomb, which will take at least a week to even air out." Beastboy explained with a grin. He held up his hand as they both prepared to make a grab for it. "Hold it, this doesn't set them off. There is a timer on each one set for two days, and if I don't press this button, they will go off. And since it's, technically, only thirty minutes short of two days since I pressed it last, I suggest not making me 'accidentally' breaking it." He finished with an evil smirk.

Everyone's jaws dropped as he explained this, "Dude! Since when do you know how to make something like that?!" Cyborg yelled in frustration, he did NOT want to spend the next few weeks sleeping in a room that smelled worse then the Jump City Junk Yard!

"Remember when Cyborg got that virus? Not too long before that we had been planning a big prank, but I think it got deleted from his memory bank. He already had the bombs done mostly, I just set everything up." Beastboy explained. 'Not entirely a lie.' He thought to himself.

Robin sighed, not liking where this was going, "So, what do we have to do?" He could already imagine all the ridiculous things he'd make them do.

If possible, Beastboy's grin just got creepier, "Oh, I'm not the judge or jury. I'm the executioner!" Beastboy then turned his attention to Raven and Starfire, "Okay Starfire, what's your vote? Do I let the bombs go or do these two go to clean beds?" Beastboy asked, as Robin and Cyborg gave Starfire pleading looks.

Starfire waited only a moment before answering, "I vote that you press the button that keeps the bombs of stinkiness from going off." Most of them thought she was doing this because she was nice or because Robin was her boyfriend. While that contributed to it, there was also the fact that she was at Robin's room a lot.

Beastboy gave a mock pout before turning toward Raven, "Okay Raven, since we know that my vote is for letting them suffer in the stinkiest thing I've ever made, their fates are in your hands." Beastboy said, looking at Robin and Cyborg as they now seemed to be silently begging Raven.

Raven merely looked on surprised at what just happened. First he knocks them on their assess, then scolds them, and now leaves their sentencing to her. She chewed her bottom lip, but it wasn't in indecisiveness. She couldn't stop a small giggle that escaped her lips.

Beastboy sighed, "And here I was beginning to think that wasn't going to work!" Beastboy said with his usual wide grin as the others went wide eyed at him.

Robin was the first to recover, "You made that all up? Just to get Raven to laugh?" Robin asked relief and shock clear on his face. Cyborg looked like he just got saved by an angel. Not three seconds later, they were both rolling on the floor, holding their sides in laughter. Raven had a small smile on her face and Starfire was slightly confused.

Beastboy looked thoughtful for a second, "Well, I only lied about a few parts." The room went deadly silent at that.

"Which parts?" Cyborg asked, dreading the answer.

"For one, there's really only-" He paused and looked at the cloak, "- about a minute left." Beastboy said as if it was no big deal. Robin, then noticed that Beastboy had set the detonator down on the bed at one point. He rushed as fast he could to grab it and pressed the button. "There's also the fact that that detonator actually did set off the bombs." Beastboy said with a smirk as Robin's and Cyborb's eyes went wide in dread. "Then-" He was cut off by the alarm going off.

End of Chapter

1. Not literally, it's like what Raven does with her emotions.

2. He needed that scene to build up to the lemon

3. No other way to describe it. He became a shadow and slithered, kind of like a snake.

Well, that's another chapter. DarkRapture did about half the chapter with that big scene and lemon. I apologize if this seems a little odd, but I wrote all of this while I was sick, so I might have to redo some of it- mostly the scene with Trigon. Everyone enjoy Raven trying to pet BB's tail or his prank? Well, any questions or suggestions? AkumaKami64, signing out!