I walked through the crowds. Looking everywhere, breathing it all in. Just thinking to myself, 'How could I have ever given this up?'

I had chosen my original look once I touched down in New York City. I was my short, dark skinned pixie looking self. My dark skin looked absolutely delicious in the red tank and light wash denim shorts I had on. My brown, so dark almost black, hair was in one long braid hanging down to the middle of my back.

I looked, and felt, much older than my fifteen years.

A shove to my shoulder, jolted me out of my thoughts, causing me to look up. I was struck aback at what I saw. The one man I had thought that I had lost was only a few people away from me on the crowded New York sidewalk.

"Brother!" I cried, rushing towards him. He turned around and his red on black eyes flashed in surprise.

" Celeste, ma chere. What are y' doin' here?" His voice, although seemingly cheerful, held a cold undertone to it.

"Ah was lookin' foh a cheap way to get out to Xavier's. But now that Ah found y'all, ya can just take meh." Remy looked away, as if he was nervous. "Well, if y'all busy, then Ah guess Ah could just call one of 'em up n' have 'em take meh," I really hoped that was not the case. I had not seen my brother in so long. Just standing next to him had a calming affect. Lord knows that after what I had been through, that was just what I needed.

"Non. Non. I c'n take y'," Remy smiled one of his famous smiles.

"Thank y'all! Ah can't wait ta catch up with all y'all." Without further delay, we were off to Remy's motorcycle; parked not to far from where I had found him.

I was finally going home.