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I sat in the Gryfinndor common room with my homework scattered around me. Over the past week, it had developed to a giant pile. Even Professor Slughorn, who hardly gave me homework, was having me write an essay! Now, on the weekend, I had to finish it all. The last thing I needed was a distraction.

"Hello, Evans. How do you do?" said my distraction.

It was James Potter. With his personality and ego. His hair messier than ever and his brown eyes bright. Why must he bother me now? Of all the times... Well, at least he wasn't with Sirius. No, I didn't mind Remus or Peter, but Sirius, oh no! Sirius Black and James Potter together meant trouble.

" Potter, I'm doing homework. Just leave, please." I replied without looking up from my parchment.

" Evans, it's the common room we're in now. Gryfinndor common room. I have the liberty to stay in here if I want."

"Fine then, stay here. Just be quiet. I have a lot of homework,"

"Why do you always question my ability to be quiet? I can be quiet if I want to."

" I don't doubt that you do. It's just to be on the safe side."

"You're on the safe side all the time. Why don't you venture off to the wild side? It's fun."

" It's fun? The wild side is not fun. The safe side doesn't get you landed in detention every other day." I stated, while looking up at him.

Potter remained silent for some time. He must have been thinking. Which was an odd thing for him. He was never quiet or thinking. Potter was more of a 'Do impulsive things with as much noise as possible!' person.

" Detention isn't that bad, Evans. Imagine how unbearable it would be if Snape was running it!" Potter laughed.

" Sev isn't all the bad you think he is. He is kind and smart." I said quickly.

" Oh, Severus? Yes, he is kind and smart! I certainly see why you fancy him."

" I don't fancy Severus, Potter. It's none of your business who I fancy."

" Of course it's none of my business." he said,"I wish I knew, though. The poor bloke would be beat up from all of your admirers."

"My admirers? I don't have any admirers." I insisted.

Me? I have admirers? Well, there was one obvious boy. That was Potter. But could I possibly have more than him? I was nothing too special. Just Lily Evans. No, he couldn't be telling the truth.

" No, Lily Evans does not have any admirers at all! None whatsoever with your beautiful hair, bright smile, and those emerald eyes."

" I would normally thank someone with a compliment like that, but coming from you, it sounds awkward. And like you're playing at something.''

" I was not playing at anything!" Potter protested.

I smiled, " Really? Surprising."

"Damn, you got me."

" Language please, Potter. You should be careful with stuff like that around a prefect."

" Yes, mum. Like you would give me detention, anyways, Evans."

" Really?" I said questioningly.

" That is right. No prefect would do such a thing to a handsome fellow like me. Not even you, so don't try." he replied slyly.

I laughed evilly, " Watch me, Potter."

With that, I scooped up my papers, and grabbed my satchel. The clock on the desk read midnight. I waved in Potter's direction and climbed up the stairs to my dormitory, chuckling.