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PROLOGUE - A History Unveiled

There exists an unnamed island that is said to be the rightful place for heroes and warriors alike. And yet few know of its existence, for it has long since been considered another myth or legend. Atop an endless sea of cliffs, surrounded by a lush forest, and facing the northern shores of the island, a beautiful mansion proudly stands. Said mansion has been titled many things though it is more commonly and preferably known as the Smash Mansion.

Although it is a relatively new structure itself, the atmosphere is that of something ancient, almost primeval. Perhaps it is because of the guardians of that island that inhabit it. The two guardians are said to be the fathers of great heroes. Not only that, but only recently did they begin to host specialized tournaments, recruiting only the finest warriors throughout the universe. They dedicate themselves to testing, enhancing, and nurturing the abilities of fighters in hopes that they will become legendary champions.

That was when twelve fighters from different planes, times, and worlds were invited to compete in the very first Super Smash Bros. tournament. That was roughly three years ago. Now the number of fighters has increased and so has the set-ups of the tournaments, adding a new array of variety into the ranks. There exists now, twenty-five Smashers and what were once polygons have upgraded into the new and improved wire frames. Melee has only recently come to its end though, and said twenty-five fighters have all taken time off to return home to their respective worlds, before the newest tournaments takes place.

Something that should be taken into consideration is that Melee was initially set to begin a year ago. Due to some inevitable circumstances, however, it was postponed so that very issue could be dealt with. With the Smashers taking time off to relax, most of them are unaware that the whole island will soon fall into a nightmare, and that the only light upon the Mansion will come from an eerie luminance of a glowing 'moon.'

But who am I to foresee this string of fate? And how is it a mere stranger such as myself, am aware of such detail? Well, all will be revealed soon enough. I know not what the future may hold for these brave warriors, only what I have told you. The only thing you can do in times such as this is to wait and see how things will play out.

Wait and see...

Well, now that was short. But it's a prologue so, hey, what did you expect?

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