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CHAPTER 1 – Drawing Preparations

"Our best bet would be to ally ourselves with the Daein Kingdom. They are currently being oppressed by those inane creatures we had fought not long ago. Should we request their collaboration, I am certain they would be willing to cooperate with us. If they don't, we'll find some way to...persuade them. With their power, the hold on the capital would be undone, and the enemy would be forced to gather in the royal castle. This is where we should be able to rendezvous with the rest of our forces. That would be to our advantage and that is when we should strike." A figure in a black-hooded cloak finished briefing. The voice was feminine and melodious, but commanded much authority. Beside her stood two more figures clad in similar attire. For a time, neither of her companions said a word.

All three stood in a cave which was lit by a strange, sphere of energy that let off a soft, blue light. A large, wooden table stood at the center of the room, and several wooden crates were stored along the sides of the cave. It was not a particularly large area, nor did it have anything of essential value, but it acted as the meeting place for any form of war preparations.

On the table, sat several maps of diverse landscapes, though one was scattered with a number of small pebbles and stones. One of the cloaked figures leaned forward, inspecting the map a bit more critically. "You are certain of this, Vulpes? Wouldn't it be best to make our way to the Lylat System first and deal with the Smashers there? From Xiphias' intelligence report, the enemy forces have been crippled, dramatically." A male voice rang out. The male had a much larger build than the other two but from his tone of his voice, he was still very much in his youth.

"Tellius is on the verge of ruin, Varle. Fortunately, most of the inhabitants are unaware of the situation. We can take advantage of that. There's no time to wait. And besides, it would be wise to target the Smashers that do not know of their...calling." The female, Vulpes finished, making her way towards a small aperture that led deeper into the cave.

The third figure seated themselves on one of the nearby crates, leaning back against the wall, their legs and arms crossed. "I would think out first initiative would be the Mushroom Kingdom realm." The silky voice was very level so it was difficult to distinguish their gender. "They're easy prey out there. They are unsuspecting and have completely let their guards down."

Vulpes halted in her tracks, turning back to face her companion. "I am aware of that Lupus. An attack is imminent. So do not fret. You'll have your chance." A response to which her companion, Lupus, chuckled at.

"Well, we are, indeed, lucky to have someone who has their forms of connections." Varle declared. Lupus sighed dejectedly, scanning the small cave. "Wish we had a better place to meet up though. This place is just plain filthy." Lupus muttered, wiping away a seemingly microscopic dust particle on their black cloak.

Vulpes stood impatiently, arms crossed. Her body language gave off the impression that she was most likely annoyed at her companion's words. "Lupus, our location is not to be discovered." She chided, though her voice carried a teasing rhythm to it. "However, should we be exposed, it is best that we keep our belongings light. At least until we head back to HQ. For now, deal with it." Her face was completely hidden by the cloak and shadows but it was obvious, Vulpes had a smirk imprinted on her lips.

Lupus merely slinked against the wall, huffing in defeat. Varle let out a laugh. "You are cruel, Vulpes. Even I am starting to agree with Lupus. Planning and hiding out in caves is just not my style. I'd rather be out there, slicing and dicing like Equine and Aquila." Varle spoke wistfully.

All Vulpes could do was shake her head, dismally. Varle regarded her silently, still standing beside the planning table. "But in all seriousness, will our forces suffice? Honestly speaking, all we have is a small unit of fighters. If you'd like, I can take my leave to do some...ah, recruiting."

Vulpes seemed to ponder this, her head bowed slightly in thought. It is true our forces lack the numbers to be a proper army... She shifted from one foot to the other, the gears in her mind working overtime. Varle and Lupus waited patiently for Vulpes to speak. Finally, she straightened herself and breathed in deeply. "We may be a small unit but we are a formidable group that works very well together. If it were my choice, I'd prefer to keep our party limited. But...perhaps that is best." She paused. "But we shall do so after Tellius. Once Aquila and Equine report back to us, we will gather the rest of us to finish our mission in Tellius. Afterwards we shall scout for potential recruits. Will that satisfy you?"

Varle immediately began nodding gleefully. Their companion, Lupus mirrored his action but to a calmer, much more composed way. "That will do just fine." Lupus answered simply.

"I will be in the storage room if you need me." Vulpes dipped her head and gave her comrades a nod before stalking off deeper into the cave, without another word.

The male stretched, lifting a hand to stifle a yawn. "She's too serious sometimes. I think I like her better when she isn't so uptight." Varle covered his mouth and turned his head in alarm, checking the entryway that Vulpes had disappeared into. He sighed quietly as he began to tidy up the table that was flooded with the war maps. "She's scary when she gets mad."

Lupus stood up from their seat, stretching their limbs to loosen up the stiff feeling. "Agreed. But she's cool, just the same." The lean figure also began making their way towards the opening where Vulpes had used to head over towards the storage room. "It's nearly midnight. I'll be taking a nap in the resting area. Call me if something comes up."

"Will do. Equine should be back in a bit to give us a status report. I'll let you know when she comes." Varle pushed one of the crates very easily and sat himself down. He pulled out another one of the maps that lay on the table as well as a stack of parchment papers, looking them over. "Meanwhile, I'll be drawing up plans for the best choices in recruiting new fighters to our ranks and seeing if I can decipher anything from Xiphias' message. Something must have happened for him to write it down in such a...cryptic manner." Varle spoke aloud moreso to himself, than to Lupus. He began scribbling something down on one of the parchments, muttering to himself.

Lupus chuckled under their breath and promptly left the young man to his business. He walked through the same walkway Vulpes had taken but rounded another corner, opposite of their companion. As Lupus progressed father into the cave, many gaps and entryways became visible, only by the dim lighting of torch fires against the walls. To anyone else the ventured through here, they would find an underground labyrinth. Lupus knew the layout of the cavern by heart, and was able to easily navigate through. The cave housed a number of smaller rooms that acted for a different purpose, each. There was a storage room, a meeting room, an emergency room, a prison even, and more.

Lupus rounded one final corner and entered the resting area. There were several of these rooms that stood adjacent to each other, each with a simple cot, blanket, and mattress, a small, wooden table, and a crate of provisions. The rooms were also much brighter than the winding walkways of the caves, glowing with that same sphere of light that hovered above the meeting chamber. Lupus plopped onto the cot, not even bothering to slide underneath the sheets, immediately falling into a deep slumber.


Images blurred, materializing and dispersing just as quickly. Finally, one image stayed. The pictures began to move, slowly at first, then picking up a steady pace. There were nothing but black silhouettes but it was easy to differentiate what they were.

"Quickly, this way!" A male voice called out behind him. A smaller figure was right on his heels. It seemed to have been a female. A bellow could be heard in the distance, followed by a pack of angry snarls. Two people emerged from the underbrush, sprinting away from source of the growling noises.

There loomed a massive castle in the distance, majestic and regal in all its glory. It was very dark outside but not a thing stirred. Not even the night creatures made a sound, their usual chirps or twittering dead silent. The only sounds that could be heard were the labored breathing of two people, and the thundering footsteps of the creatures along with theirs.

The creatures emerged from the undergrowth, swiftly gaining speed on their prey. They seemed to have been dogs or hounds of some sort but much larger. Though their silhouettes were pitch black so that was all could be described about them. The pair could say nothing, only hoping that they wouldn't end us as lunch for the hungry beats. In one desperate attempt to throw them off, the pair banked hard and dove to the left landing into a heavy cluster of hedges and shrubs. The larger of the two, most likely the male one, clamped a hand over the mouth of his companion, motioning for silence. They stayed in that position for some time, waiting for the creatures to pass by the area. There was a pounding against the earth, almost like the rhythmic beating of a drum, then it receded but at a very close proximity to their location.

From a distance, the sky began to grow brighter, signaling that it was nearly dawn. For a moment, the male almost made a decision to stand and make a run for it. But if the creatures had found them, they would have attacked already. It grew very quiet, as if the creatures had suddenly disappeared. The male glanced over at his companion and gave a small nod. Slowly, very carefully, he poked his head up from the shrubbery and glanced out at the open woods.

It was empty. No more of those black creatures were in sight. It was as if they did disappear. "Seems the coast is clear." The male gingerly got up in a crouch, still cautious as he surveyed their surroundings. The female did the same and tugged at his arm.

"You see what I mean? You have to come with me to see him! He might know what is happening to this world. You can't stay with those creatures here. They're not gone. They've only just retreated. We'll be back but for now you must leave." The girl pleaded with him.

The male was apparently, torn between the thought of leaving his mother land or staying to protect it. "I...I don't know. I could never leave this realm in such a state. You must understand-"

The girl stood up, indignantly. "You are dooming your world if you think that staying is the best option. You won't stand a chance."


A hand was lightly shaking Lupus in hopes of rousing them from their deep slumber. "Hey, Lupus. We gotta get moving. Vulpes has missions for us." Varle announced.

Lupus sat up groggily. They rubbed their eyes and shook their head a bit to correct the disorientation. "You alright?" Varle asked, noticing his companion's strange behavior. "You're not usually so..."

"It's nothing. A nightmare is all." Lupus abruptly cut in. Varle gave her a strange look. "Another one?" He questioned, concern coating his words. Lupus stood up and moved past the youth without answering his inquiry. "Let's hurry. I'm itching for some action already." And left the cave room. Varle's expression changed into that of an uncertain one but he decided to dismiss it, silently following after his friend.

The pair arrived at the meeting area they were occupying earlier, greeted with the sight of Vulpes pacing around the room, thinking hard. She did not acknowledge the two and merely continued pacing.

"Equine had arrived some time ago to fill me in on the details of her report. It would seem the situation is escalating faster than I had anticipated so now we must move with all haste. Varle, you will be heading to Mobius. See if you can do something about Sonic the Hedgehog and his group. Lupus, you'll be given the task of overseeing things in Hyrule. If anything happens, find Felis. She'll be doing some reconnaissance in Hyrule."

She gestured for them to follow. Her companions silently complied and listened in as Vulpes continued issuing the missions.

"Equine has her hands full overseeing operations in two territories, so try not to bother her too much and Aquila has gone to Dreamland. Hopefully she can convince Meta Knight to ally himself with us. I have little doubt she will. Xiphias has gone to Kanto and will round over to Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh if he can. He's the one I'm worried about so we'll be sending what reinforcements we can to him. I will deal with the problem on Tellius on my own. "

Vulpes paused but continued walking. The trio eventually stopped short of the exit of the cave. Outside, the sky was a beautiful shade of midnight blue; the heavens glittered with unlimited numbers of twinkling stars. I guess it's the same almost anywhere... Vulpes thought to herself.

Shaking her head out of her thoughts, she faced her companions. "We will go now. Best of luck to both of you."

"Are you certain you don't need help, Vulpes? Mobius can wait and I worry about you alone in Tellius." Varle voiced his concern. Their companion, Lupus, nodded in agreement but said nothing.

Vulpes let out a chuckle, shaking her head. "I will be fine. I promise. But there's little time for idle chitchat. I better head off first." She turned away and started walking. "Stay alive, you two. Good hunting." She called to her comrades as she waved. In a matter of seconds she was out of view and headed right for Tellius.

Varle and Lupus glanced at each other and shrugged. "Guess we better get a move on, huh?" The male suggested.

Lupus scoffed in return. "This will be one heck of a ride."


Two enormous white-gloved hands floated aimlessly, 'pacing' around a large desk in a room that vaguely resembled an office. One was a right hand, the other a left. The right hand had stopped moving and hung above the desk. The left hand continued to circle the room, fingers twitching and flexing.

The more calm hand let out an audible sigh. "Crazy, do you have to do that right now?"

"Yes, I do! It helps me think, M." The hand, evidently named Crazy, ecstatically waved at his brother hand. "Hey Brother, when are the others going to arrive?"

"My name is Master, not M. And they'll get here eventually." the other hand snapped. He flew to his brother and smacked him once on the back. Crazy let out a mock sob. "You never let me have any fun."

"He's just worried, Crazy. Cut Master Hand some slack." A voice chuckled. The hands turned toward the doorway to see a young girl of about seventeen or eighteen years old. She was dressed somewhat like a rogue. She is wearing a fitting, sleeveless white shirt that reaches a bit below her waist, two thick brown belts that cross each other, black gloves that reached up to her elbows, a long, dark violet scarf around her neck, black shorts, and mid-heeled brown boots that reach mid-thigh. Around her neck, hung a silver ring with a gray stone. She has silver-colored eyes and her hair is a lustrous jet black. "Hello, Master Hand, Crazy Hand." She greeted.

"Dawn!" the left hand rushed to her and attempted to grip her in what seemed to be an embrace. Startled, the girl vaulted over the hand as he crashed against the double doors. She landed in front of Master's desk and smiled sheepishly. "No time for games, Crazy Hand. It's straight down to business."

Crazy sulked and floated towards one of the corners of the room, pouting. "Too bad Kevyn or Paul isn't here. They'd hug me."

Master hand merely sighed and addressed the rogue. "So what have you got for us?"

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