AN: Spoilers for 5x16.

There is always the saying, "Look before you leap." I've heard it on TV sitcoms, I've seen it on the backs of pamphlets, and I've seen it on a homemade sign near the diving board at the local gym. Now, though, I wish it had been written in the sky, just above her teary eyes.

Damn Sweets convincing me to take it one step further. Damn myself for pouring out my feelings to her, which was as helpful as pouring gasoline onto a fire. And damn her for not returning my feelings and making me feel worthless, standing out here in the dark like a blundering idiot. I tell her that I have to move on, but it's a false statement. Will I truly be able to? When I find another person to love, will I love them as much as I've loved her? I'm afraid of there being an answer; because either way, yes or no, it still means that I've given up on there ever being an us.

"What about how you wished to be able to love someone? Like Angela and Cam? You said it yourself, Bones." I flinch as the tears mar her face, making a watery trail through her powder.

"I do wish I could share such a passionate emotion with another person, Booth, I do. I just… can't. I'm a scientist and my views cannot change," I hear the breath catch in her throat, "Believing in love, to me, is like believing in your God." I'm fumbling now, searching for the words that will bring her back to me, something that will turn this heartbreaking scene into a Hollywood blockbuster moment.

No words come. I don't try leaping this time because anything I say will be useless. Temperance Brennan will never love me.

She's still waiting for some form of a response, but I am lacking terribly in forming one. My entire body feels numbs, like I've spent the night tossing back Jersey Devils.

"I… you want to grab something to eat?" The shock on her face is clear enough for me to see through my own cold, dumb revelation of love.

"I suppose so." She runs a single finger underneath her eye, wiping the tears away quickly and effortlessly. And then it's like nothing happened. I didn't just proclaim my love for her and she didn't just turn me down.

As we walk from the spot I will never feel comfortable at again, she places her head on my shoulder and I tightly grip her hand. Yet, I only feel the night air whipping at my face and the empty space to my left.

And I know that I will never leap again.