Dearest Ernest Macmillan,

My charm is one of my better qualities.

Oh, I'm sorry. Did harsh, scary wittle Daphne hurt your feelings? Also, are you trying to impress me with your large vocabulary? Because if you are, then next time I suggest you stay away with words beginning with 'un' because that only makes you more boring than you already are.

Whilst I must agree with you about how this party is just an excuse, I sincerely doubt that you would have been invited to said party because it would have been pointless. After all, who would want to marry you? All they'd get when you die is an inheritance of a factory which uses Demiguise hair to make invisibility cloaks. How terribly exciting.

I'd rather not say why I chose to ask you.

Yours 'sincerely',
Daphne Greengrass

P.S. Just so you know, I don't need to impress you and I'm rolling my eyes.

Dearest Daphne Greengrass,

That's funny. Really, you should become a comedian.

No, harsh, scary wittle Daphne didn't hurt my feelings at all. I was just merely making a suggestion because not everyone is wrapped tight enough around your finger to not realise what you truly are.

Who would want to marry me? An intelligent woman would, obviously, because people will always need Invisibility Cloaks, and I'm fairly certain that the factory will not be running out of money any time soon, unlike your family. Tell me, is your father still locked up in Azkaban or have you managed to dazzle the guards with your 'charm' as well?

Tell me.

Yours sincerely,
Ernest Macmillan

P.S. I think you do need to impress me in order to get me to attend this party with you, Daphne.

P.P.S. Feel free to call me Ernie.

A/N: For the Letter Challenge. Two letters per chapter. :)