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Chapter 2

Through the drama, Mark held Derek hostage in his office, keeping him out of the way of the staff, it bore too much resemblance to Meredith's near drowning for their comfort.

"Let me go down there, Mark. I can help."

"Bailey's got it, you'll just get in the way, and you're in no shape to work. So just sit and wait."

Derek picked up the phone receiver for the fifth time since Meredith had been brought in. "I'm calling again."

"I'm not stopping you."

Finally, after her confrontation with Meredith, Miranda headed upstairs to Derek's office, she refused to say anything to him until he was seated, and had stopped shouting at her to tell him about his girlfriend's condition.

"She's medically stable, though severely malnourished and when she came in dehydrated. They're moving her upstairs to psych."

"Psych?! What are you talking about, Miranda?" Derek's temper flared.

"The psychiatrist will confirm it, but Derekā€¦" Bailey paused, "Meredith's medical records indicate that she was treated for anorexia when she was sixteen, and it looks like it is back."

Derek sat in silence for quite some time, trying to process things. "But she's, she's a doctor, she's smart, there's no way she would have let this happen."

"I don't know what to stay Dr Shepherd, you know as well as I do, it has nothing to do with how smart someone is, remember psych rotation?, they taught us back then that it was actually more often very smart, very accomplished people who get anorexia."

Derek paused again, before he finally he asked Bailey, "Can I see her?"

"I'll take you up there, but Derek, she is very emotionally fragile, and she isn't thinking clearly. Don't say I didn't warn you."

Derek was unsettled by Miranda's warning, what had she meant? He didn't realize what she had meant until he stepped off the elevator on the fifth floor, Derek could hear Meredith screaming from the moment the doors opened.

Mark placed a steadying hand on his friend's elbow as they headed to Meredith's room.

Meredith was tied to the bed by restraints on her wrists and ankles, the blankets had been flung off the bed, and all that covered Meredith's emaciated frame was a thin light purple hospital gown.

"Oh Mere," Derek murmured in shock as he saw his girlfriend, and the reality finally dawned on him just how unwell she was.

He had been in denial about it, as a doctor he had known that something was seriously wrong, but as her partner he struggled to see her as anything other than the woman he'd met her at Joe's Bar six years ago.

But there was no denying it now, his wife was starving to death.

Meredith didn't even notice Derek enter the room as she kicked out and screamed, demanding to be let go, threatening, and so on.

It broke Derek's heart.

The next day after the psychiatrist had seen Meredith, as well as a number of doctors from different specialties, mainly cardiology and dietetics, the nurses were given an order to place a nasogastric feeding tube and start the replacement nutrition.

Meredith wasn't happy, it had taken Derek hours to calm her down, and as soon as she heard their plans she went off again.

Meredith had already pulled out two IVs to avoid receiving fluids, it only stood to reason that she wasn't going to like this, she would remember it as one of the most traumatic experiences of her adult life.

The psychiatric team had seen it all before, they just had to put her back in restraints to stop her from pulling out the tube, and just get it done.

No one other than Derek could get in to see Meredith, except for Lexie, and she was in no hurry to see her half sister struggling.

It was no picnic for Meredith either mind you, they had taken complete control of her life, in her mind they were killing her, painfully torturing her. She crawled into herself, her friends thought it was good, she had calmed down, Derek thought it was good, they had no idea.

Meredith didn't speak to anyone, she only got out of bed to exercise, to frantically attempt to burn off the calories they were putting into her body, in the twenty-five minute windows of time between room checks, a technique used by the nurses to supposedly stop exactly what she was doing, she wouldn't speak to the psychiatrist they made her see every few days, and she certainly, no matter how bad she felt, would not show her emotions.

Meredith remained in the Seattle Grace psych unit for two months, before Derek finally realized that it wasn't working, while Meredith was putting weight on, she still wouldn't touch so much as a lettuce leaf, and you had no chance of having a rational conversation with her.

Derek hated seeing her like this, and he couldn't take watching her flailing in the psychiatric unit, he couldn't just sit back, the doctor treating her wasn't doing squat, all the doctor cared was that Meredith's weight was increasing, it didn't matter to the doctor that Meredith was on the verge of full blown psychosis.

That in mind, Derek spent three days straight looking into private facilities, and after looking at nearly a dozen units around the country, he decided on one close to home, Timbertop Treatment and Recovery Centre in Jefferson County in Washington. They came with an exceptional recommendation, but that meant nothing to Meredith when Derek told her.

Meredith was out of her mind, starved of nutrients, her body wasted away, Meredith couldn't see past her severely disordered thoughts, she had retreated entirely into the anorexia, and everything that came with the disorder, there was nothing that mattered to her, not her friends, not her attending position or the responsibilities that came with it, responsibilities that Derek had been forced to take over in addition to his regular duties as chief of surgery, not even Derek mattered to her, all she cared about, well even she didn't quite know what she cared about, it was more that all she could think about was food, how much fat she saw hanging grotesquely from her body, and how she was going to get rid of the nonexistent fat.

Derek hadn't spoken much to anyone in regards to Meredith's condition, except for his best friend, his confidant Mark Sloan, he couldn't it was too hard, he still struggled to believe that he hadn't seen how unwell Meredith, his wife had become until she collapsed because her body simply couldn't take any more.

But he felt that as he was signing Meredith out tomorrow morning, and taking her to the treatment centre, he should speak with everyone.

Derek had his assistant, Virginia page everyone to his office, Bailey, Lexie, Christina, Alex, and Izzie, and to say that the air had been tense when he had walked in was an understatement.

They all pounced on him, after hearing next to nothing for weeks, being paged to Derek's office had them all on edge, worried that he had bad news to give them, they were relieved to hear that Derek had realised what they had a few weeks into Meredith's admission, it wasn't working, and that she would be moved to somewhere where she would recover.

It was the most hope they'd had since before this whole thing started.