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Chapter 4

When Derek arrived at the centre, he was met by one of the unit nurses, Allison. All they had told him over the phone was that there was a problem, they wouldn't give him any more information, but the hour in which they had called and the expression on Allison's face told him why.

Allison guided Derek over to a small seating area, and as they sat opposite each other on the brightly coloured, overstuffed lounge chairs, a stark contrast to the dimmed foyer, Allison broke the news to him, "I'm very sorry, we used all of our resources, but we couldn't resuscitate her. Meredith died."

Derek was distraught , words could not describe how much it hurt. "How?"

"Her heart, we think. She seemed fine half an hour earlier when Chris checked on her, she was asleep in her bed, but by the time we found her... she was gone. I doubt she would have even known what was happening. We are all so sorry."

Derek was absolutely devastated by the news as you can imagine, after he recovered from the initial shock, Allison took him through to Meredith's room, where her body still lay in her bed.

The nurses had obviously made an effort to clean her up for Derek, her thinned hair was brushed back, and a blanket covered her body to her shoulders, she looked as though she was sleeping, except she wasn't, she was dead.

By that point all of the other patients had been woken by the commotion, and as Derek had been led through the hallway, all eyes had been on him, many of the patients, especially the ones Meredith had been close to were in tears, none more so than Casey, who had been hysterical, the nurses had been forced to sedate her, and she was now back in bed in her room beside Meredith's.

Upon seeing his wife, Derek could only sit in the chair that had been purposely placed beside Meredith's bed, and hold her hand. It was not until hours later that he would leave, and no one was rushing him.

There was so much to organise, as Derek discovered after he had left the centre, but Derek felt that his first port of call, before he began to arrange the funeral and such, was to the hospital to inform everyone there, not just her friends, but everyone, he felt that her death, as she had been well known and liked, should be known of and felt by the everyone, and they should hear it from him.

Derek's assistant, Virginia called the entire surgical staff to the hospital auditorium, Meredith's friends to the back room of the auditorium, where Derek had agreed to meet them.

They had already been prepared that the news was bad, but that didn't stop the steer shock and horror they felt when Derek broke the news.

Owen had been standing just behind Christina, and when Christina heard the news of her best friend's death, she actually screamed, and Owen had taken her in his arms, and he had gently taken her out of the room.

Izzie's response was much the same, but she hadn't screamed, Alex, who was crying nearly as hard as his wife, also guided her away.

Even Miranda Bailey had been floored by the news, quite literally, she had broken into tears, and collapsed to the floor, crying.

And Lexie, well maybe it was better that she wasn't working that day. There would be time to tell her later, Derek felt that it would be better to wait, honestly he didn't think that he could handle the task of telling Meredith's family on top of everything, not today.

Mark had already spoken briefly to the assembled medical and nursing staffs, who were packed into the auditorium, laid the foundation work for Derek to speak.

And when Derek went out to the podium, he didn't make any kind of speech or such, he didn't have anything left, he only said, "Dr Meredith Grey, my wife and your head of neurosurgery died this morning after a long struggle with anorexia."

That was enough.

Meredith's death was indeed felt throughout the hospital, and for her to have died of a condition that no one had known about for months, a condition that many were wishing they would've seen, questioning whether she could have been saved.

In truth no one could have saved Meredith's life, she was the one in ten anorexics who don't survive, who can't recover from the life threatening mental illness.

Meredith's funeral was held at the same church that Izzie and Alex had been married in, four days later. Her cause of death had been confirmed as having been a sudden cardiac failure, in combination caused by her heart's deterioration caused by the anorexia and her damaging behaviours.

The church was more than half filled with her friends, members of the Seattle Grace Hospital and Timbertop Centre staffs, and members of Meredith's rarely seen extended family, who flew in from everywhere to attend, just because Ellis hadn't been inclined to have much to do with family didn't impact whatsoever on their family love her.

The service had been led by the priest from the church, with eulogies given by Christina, Mark, who gave the eulogy Derek had written, as Derek just couldn't bring himself to, and Meredith's father, Thatcher, who spoke alongside his youngest daughter, Lexie.

It was probably for the best that they had chosen a closed casket service, Meredith's body looked almost childlike, she was so small, her face had been nearly unrecognisable she had lost all fat and therefore shape in her face, it, like the rest of her body was nothing but skin and bones.

After the service, Meredith was laid to rest in a cemetery outside of the city.

For Meredith, every day had been a struggle, and part of her had wanted to die, some days, truthfully, most days life was more than Meredith could bear. It wasn't just about the food, the eating disorder was for her a coping mechanism, used when her life felt out of control, when she was stressed, or upset, sometimes even when she was happy, starting way back when she was twelve, it was easier to retreat, to shield herself from the world by focusing everything on her anorexia, by giving in to everything it promised, ignoring how much damage it did, to everything and everyone.

And for Derek, as hard as it had been to cope while Meredith was ill, living without her, it hurt so badly sometimes he couldn't even breathe. Even years later, Meredith's death would cause him nearly unbearable pain.

Derek still lived in the home he had shared with Meredith, he went to work every day, but he just wasn't the same man he had been before.

Derek couldn't just forget that the love of his life, his soul mate had died. Maybe if he had seen what was happening earlier, maybe he could have helped her, maybe he could have saved her life.

But he couldn't change that now.

The End