"What are you talking about Kyla?" said Ashley, very confidently after shaking off her initial shock.

"Oh you know the rules of her present?"

"Oooh those"

"What present?" Spencer asked

"Well after speaking to Ashley and the band and thinking, we have decided to hire you as a full time photographer for Davies Records. The whole band website thing was a test. You passed with flying colors!"

Spencer sat there slack jawed.

"It was Kyla's idea, she likes to test out how the chemistry is between us and the potential new hires" said Ashley.

"Which brings me to the present, Ash can you get it, I left it in your office by the door?"

Ashley exits and all they hear are her heels clicking on the tile as she walks away.

"What is it Ky?"

"Don't ruin the surprise Spencer. The only thing I will say is that it's like going to be like part of your uniform in a way?" There is only a few rules you need to follow. The 1st one being you have to accept it, I'm not gonna have any of this "Oh I can't take this nonsense, got it?"

"It's something expensive isn't it?" Spencer asked as she drank her sugary milk.

"How about you let me worry about that ok?"

And then Ashley appears with a box wrapped with brown wrapping paper and a white thread. Spencer appreciated the simplicity and retro kind of vibe.

"Can I assume Ashley wrapped this?"

"Well of course you know it wasn't me, you know that there would definitely be a huge red bow and bright wrapping paper." Said Kyla as she took the present from Ashley and put it on Spencer's desk

"You know you guys didn't have to get me anything right? I loved working with you Ky, even if was just a test."

"What was my rule Spencer? Now open it before I lose my patience! We want to know if you like it" said Ky, like a kid about to open her first present on Christmas.

Spencer looked at the box and undid the white rope. She carefully ripped the paper only to find a black box. Spencer looked up at Ashley wondering what it could be. Ashley just shrugged and watched as Spencer undid the clasps of the box a revealed something Spencer wasn't expecting.

She was taken away by the gift that she could barely contain her smile. "Can we assume we did well? The guy at the store it was the holy grail of cameras and we did ask Chelsea if you ever had your eyes on it. She said that this was like your ultimate dream camera" In the box was a brand new camera Spencer knew costs about 8 grand, that Spencer couldn't ever afford.

"We figured since you're gonna be working for us your equipment should be the best money can buy." Kyla said

"We aren't saying your equipment is bad or anything, we just thought it be a nice way to welcoming you to Davies Records" Continued Ashley.

Spencer picked it up from the protective packaging and looked through the lens. After a few seconds put it down, walked around her desk and pulled the sisters into a big bear hug.

"You guys are too much! I don't even know what to say!" Spencer exclaimed

"Say yes that you will take the job, all you have to do is take this key card and throw away that temporary name tag you have hanging from your neck." She said as she handed me a rather thick card

"Now of course we don't want you to think this is a bribe, there is still a small contract you have to sign which we can go over now. It's basically the rules printed on paper. So I was saying rule number two, if you accept this job that means that all the pictures you take with that camera belong to Davies Records and you will be on salary so whether we use 90 photos one week and only 2 the following week your salary will remain the same. Finally rule number 3, the photos taken need to be uploaded here and only here. That is just for us to have on file and access them if need be."

Spencer just read along her contract, rather short one to be exact, while Kyla explained all that her job involved, it meant a lot of studio shoots and venues shed frequent in the near future.

After going through it Ashley asked, "So Spencer? What do you say? Do you want to do this?"

Spencer responded by signing the dotted line.

Later that day.

Kyla came into her office. "So official photographer lady, we are working on some acoustic songs in the recording studio upstairs for another one of our bands. I think it's time to test drive that camera. We have a magazine writing and article and they were asking for photos of the band during the process. So let's see what that snazzy camera can do."

Both girls approached the studio and as they got to the door they heard the unmistakable sound of an electric guitar shredding through.


"I thought this was an acoustic type thing Ky?"

"It is…." She said as she turned the handle of the door and we both approached the booth


We came to battle baby
We came to win the war
We won't surrender
Till we get what we're lookin for
We're blowing out our speakers
There goes the neighborhood
A little scissor happy
Little misunderstood

We can turn you on
Or we will turn on you

Daughters of darkness
Sisters insane
A little evil
Goes a long, long way
We stand together
No we're not afraid
We'll live forever
Daughters of darkness
Daughters of darkness

There stood Ashley, in her damn vest, with a guitar singing into the microphone. She saw us and looked at Kyla and the lonely drum set nodding her head for Kyla to come into the studio and take over the drums.


Daughters of darkness

So here I am watching these sisters throw an impromptu jam session. I was actually surprised that Kyla was strong enough to bang those drums as hard as she did. She definitely was a Davies. Ashley was lead vocals and Kyla sang backup vocals. Her voice wasn't as raspy or as powerful as Ashley's, but their voices went well together.

We're all survivors somehow
We just broke out the pack
And I don't need no dog tag
My name is on my back

We can turn you on
Or we can turn on you

They were having a blast playing off each other, I wasn't gonna waste such a perfect Kodak moment waiting to be captured. So I picked up my camera and waited for the perfect shot.

Daughters of darkness
Sisters insane
A little evil
Goes a long, long way
We stand together
No we're not afraid
We'll live forever
Daughters of darkness
Daughters of darkness

Daughters of darkness

Never down
Never out
Playing hard
Living loud

Click Click

Keeping up
With the boys
Making out
Making noise

Click Click

And you better get me home
Before the sun comes up...up...up

Click click

Daughters of Dark…..


And there goes the drumstick hitting the keyboard set behind Kyla.

"And that is why we couldn't ever get through a set list back in high school, isn't that right Ky?" set Ashley as she slipped off the guitar and set it down on the stand.

"Fuck off Ash. I'm out of practice and the only reason we couldn't ever get through a successful set list was because you would always invite a random person to come up onstage and make out with you during a song" she said as she looked for the drumstick under the keyboard stand.

They both headed where they saw Spencer sitting looking through the pictures in her camera smiling to herself.

"So what was up with that? We haven't played that song since high school" I heard Kyla ask Ashley as they exited the sound booth.

"Saw the guitars, got bored waiting for the band to comeback from their little lunch outing and I figured I'd kill some time."

Without taking her eyes off the camera she asked, "I need to know why the Daughters of Raife Davies aren't playing and touring. Because clearly you guys are rock stars! That was amazing."

"Thanks and ummm…I.. Im.. I'm gonna go see what's taking the band such a long time with lunch." said Ashley ignoring Spencer's question and exiting quickly.

Spencer finally looked to Kyla, "Well I don't perform because I don't like the limelight, honestly that's part of the reason I kept my mother's last name and never adopted my dads. Yes, I'm a Davies, but I like my privacy and I've worked this industry long enough to realize that is not a possibility. As for Ashley, she has issues about the concept which I know she wouldn't want me to share. That's a story for another time"

I let it go. Clearly this was a sensitive subject, explaining the non-answer Ashley gave.

5:32 PM

It was nearing the end of the day and Spencer was in her office looking through some of the pictures she took of the band Spencer worked with that day. They were nice but still typical boys, getting distracted or hungry or whatever, making the session fun, but long. The camera was a dream working with. As she scrolled through the pictures she saw the few she had taken of Ashley and Kyla rocking out. Jeez, it was clear how much Ashley loved what she was doing, it was spontaneous and relaxed. It was just her having a blast with her sister, just like anyone else would.

"Why doesn't she pursue this!"

"Why doesn't she pursue what?" said Ashley walking into Spencer's room dressed in jeans black vans and a long sleeve blue sweatshirt with three top buttons undone.

"Jeez Ashley! You nearly gave me a heart attack!

Ashley just smiled

"By the way, nice outfit" said Spencer minimizing the windows open on her computer.

"What can I say, I love rules. So you were saying, she doesn't pursue what? " she said keeping her distance.

Spencer knew it wasn't the time to ask Ashley whatever she clearly avoided earlier so Spencer had to lie

"Oh Chelsea, she's such a talented painter! I just wish she would jump in head first because I know later she'll regret not doing so."

"Well, she must have her reasons, valid ones"

"She does, but still! Speaking of she actually texted me about ten minutes ago, Spencer said as she scrolled through her phone and read the messages.

Ashley gave her the go ahead as she re-positioned her bag on her shoulder and began fidgeting with her necklace.

"Hey Spencer, so I heard the news! Congratulations on the job! Kyla filled me in early this morning so we arranged a dinner for you. Go find Ashley and give her your keys. She's driving you to the secret location! Can't wait for you to get here! Love you – Chelsea

Spencer looked up at a amused Ashley who used her ninja moves to grab Spencer's keys off her desk and was now swinging them around her index finger

"Were you like a spy or something in another life, because no one is that creepy silent"

"Not exactly, I like to think I was a stealthy house cat in the past. No let's get a move on before Chelsea and Kyla send out a search party, they've been planning this thing over a week."

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see"

They both went to the parking lot and began the trek to the secret spot. As soon as the car turned over Ashley got a call from Kyla.

"Yes Ky, we are on our way….no she doesn't know where…yeah yeah I know. Wait what? He wouldn't dare! You didn't tell him? Ugh fine. I'll be civil." She said as she hung up the phone

"What's up? Everything ok?"

"Um yeah, just the guest list got a little bigger than I anticipated

"I shouldn't have let them meet. Those two are dangerous together. They went crazy planning this didn't they"

"You have no idea. They had me losing my mind over decoration, the booking of the restaurant, the guest list. I almost strangled them to be honest"

"Guest list? What is this wedding?"

"Have you met my sister? You honestly thought she'd do something small?"

After a few moments Spencer asked "Ashley isn't this against the rules?"

"Not unless I want to die? I mean I'm driving and we both know you have more self restraint than I do".Spencer remained silent and thought *Right, let's go with that*

Eventually they reached their destination. They pulled into an expensive shopping center and valet the car at a place called Kiko's.

"Thanks David" she said to the valet guy as she handed him the keys.

"Where are we?" I said I got out of the car

"Well your dad said you were a huge Thai food lover so, this is one of the best in town. I know because I love Thai food as well and this is one my favorite spots"

"You spoke to my dad?"

"Yes, now come on everyone is waiting" she said as she took me by the hand and pulled me inside. That simple gesture made me form a lump in my throat. It felt like I could get in trouble at any moment. It must of made her feel something too because her smile turned into her lips being pressed tightly against each other and she let go of my hands almost as quickly as she took them. The hostess, smiled and greeted us "Welcome to Kikos! Hello Ms Davies and Ms Carlin, your table is waiting for you she said as she led us to the right side of the restaurant behind a white curtain.

Ashley went in and I followed her down a corridor dimly lit with orange lights on both sides of the hallway. We turned a corner and pulled back another white curtain, I squinted to adjust my eyes to the lack of light and as soon as I did opened my eyes fully I heard a thunderous

"Congratulations Spencer!"

There was Chelsea and Clay, Kyla and Jake, from New Medicine, my father and my mother Aiden and. …Glen?

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