This was written in response to The Parts in the Sum of the Whole, because whoever David Boreanaz was playing in the last three minutes of this episode, it certainly wasn't the loyal, patient, stubborn Seeley Booth we've all come to know and love- the Seeley Booth who knows what he wants and will do anything, including wait five years, to get it. The Seeley Booth who never gives up, least of all where his heart is concerned. The Seeley Booth who can talk Dr. Temperance Brennan into just about anything given enough time. Whatever happened to that Seeley Booth?

No – I know your heart isn't open for the world to see. That's one of the things I love about you – you fight so hard, every day, to keep yourself locked away so that you can do your job. But I can see how you bleed for every set of remains that crosses the platform. Every person whose life was unjustly cut short.

I know how hard you have to work to give them back their identities, give them back some semblance of humanity. To give them justice.

I know how much it hurts you when you go to Peru and Haiti and Guatemala and have to identify hundreds of victims of genocide disposed of in mass graves. You have to keep your heart locked away, or there'd be nothing left.

But I also know you. Better than you think. The door to your heart isn't open for just anyone to walk in. But you've been opening windows for me over the years. You've let me see more of you than you were comfortable with – sometimes we've gotten closer from it, and sometimes you've pulled away.

But one of these days I'm gonna sneak through that door, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Because as closed as your heart is –

Once in, never out.

I'm yours, Bones.