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Chapter Ten

A Frightening Personality is Revealed~!~ kolkolkolkolkol

Matthew scowled blindly- not even fully absorbing the passing scenery. 'It's the Nixon Scare of '71 all over again. This'll have serious repercussions on my people.' The lithe man seethed.

"Matvey," Russia cautiously ventured. "What exactly happened?"

A blustery sigh was his first answer followed by a grudging snarl, "ALFRED."

"What has that fool done this time?"

"He," Canada agitatedly began. "Had the nerve to encourage his leader that continuing a relationship with me as long as I continued showing signs of socialist like tendencies was unwise. He wants to subtly," Here there was an inelegant snort. "Show me the errors of my ways- primarily be placing an embargo on a few supplies that we usually obtain from America." There was an unexpected gleam of anticipation in the man's eyes. "Let him try and antagonize his neighbor to the North- he barely realizes the political repercussions this'll have for him- He will regret this." Matthew finished with a hiss.

Ivan shivered with excitement at the unholy glee that was present in those indigo colored eyes. 'Ah, he is absolutely breathtaking like this!' It took everything he had to not glomp the attractive man beside him.

Ivan cleared his throat, catching Canada's attention from his quiet griping about how if America ever had a drought that he would not chip in with supplies. "Ah? Sorry Ivan! There's nothing for you to worry about, forgive me for boring you!" A sparkly smile.

Ivan sweatdropped at the blatant one eighty but disregarded it; it wasn't like he wasn't worse when it came to mood swings. "Yes, well, I suppose a quick change in schedule is appropriate? Breakfast and then the meeting? The ice skating may be best afterwards as a sort of reward for surviving the sheer chaos that'll occur today at the embassy."

After Matthew's assent, they continued on to their destination with the radio playing softly in the background. Words weren't spoken but the atmosphere wasn't at all awkward.

"Neh, Germany, Germany! Tell Big Brother France to stop giving me those looks!" A tearful Italy cried. "I refuse to give him anymore of my artwork!~"

"You bloody bastards never seem to realize that England has the best plan for leading us out of this economic recession!" A bushy browed blond growled.

"Excuse me, our awesome Tea Party- btw, I still have to laugh like crazy at what we did to your nasty tea Iggy- has come up with some awesome new plans for bringing our deficit down!" America bragged.

"Don't use text speech when speaking you uncultured brat!"

"Ah, unresolved sexual tension." France sighed with a rose in hand; going completely unnoticed.

"I would appreciate if we could all just settle down and focus on the environment as well?" Japan timidly put forth.

A loud SLAM rang throughout the room. "Italy, sit down! France, stop being a pervert! England, America, please settle down." Germany barked agitatedly.

All the countries hastened to do what the tall man had ordered- highly aware of his considerable amount of power, which was rare considering the current state of the world. He was even being approached by other eastern European countries to float the euro to better benefit them, but as of now his fierce female leader was still tightlipped about what her decision would be.

"Ah, sorry we're late- there's a bit of a fight going on downtown because of the obviously bought referee~! Traffic was murder." Matt cheerfully apologized. "What have we missed?"

Silence greeted him. Surprisingly, not because he was calmly holding Russia's hand; though that was part of it. No, they were attracting most of the others' attention due to the gory hockey stick hoisted across Matt's shoulder, the blood spattered pipe Ivan was dragging along the ground, and the bruises that decorated their faces.

"Da, we had to jump in and help the obviously correct group." Ivan smiled. Canada nodded, absentmindedly patting Ivan's coat to remove dust.

And pandemonium once again reigned.

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