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NOTE: The G8 is made up of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, UK, USA. The first chapter I believed I mentioned a few other countries- excuse my lack of attention ;^^

Chapter Eleven

Bonding over Blood

"BRO! What did that bastard make you do with him? Did he kill any of your citizens? Oh my Stars and Stripes," Alfred muttered already chewing his fingernails out of sheer agitation. "The Boss will have my head for this, it took everything I had to convince him to implement an embargo and now he'll say we've only alienated our Northern ally even moreeeeee!" America finished whiningly.

The others were right behind him- already moving forward to insist on answers and question the youngest Country in the room's sanity. Speaking up to be heard over everyone's questions, the Blond continued to pat Russia's coat down, "I was no more bloodthirsty than usual when it comes to hockey, Al" A wicked grin. "Unless you've forgotten the last time we really faced each other?"

Russia snickered, gently taking Canada's hands from his coat and holding them in his own large glove covered ones.

His older brother blanched, "Ah no, no I haven't…though I wish I had…."

"What was that brother mine?"

"NOTHING, I'm just craving a McFlurry, that's all. Hahaha." America quickly answered, moving away swiftly.

The rest of the Countries looked on at a loss for words. The only truly vocal person was being silenced. France had a firm grip over England's mouth whispering viciously, "He gets that violence from you- just look at your soccer league and the violence it brings, do no berate it him when it reveals you to be naught but a hypocrite mon cher."

Arthur flushed violently but nodded jerkily.

"Mr. Germany?" Matthew began. "You're ready to begin the meeting, non?"

"Yes," Ludwig stated gruffly, snapping to attention. "Everyone please sit. Let us see if we can accomplish something for once." He turned swiftly, "No Italy, you do not have permission to leave to make pasta!"

Italy froze from where he had been stealthily making his way to the door, "Ah~ Germany. Whyyy not?" He pouted.

"Because you need to do your job!" Germany roared, slamming both hands on the table.

"Si, si." Italy sighed, turning back to the long conference style table.

The room was a gorgeous old fashioned meeting room. Walls were covered in old wallpaper and paintings from memorable moments of Canadian history. The carpets were large and ornate, red and bursting with intricate gold patterns. A bookcase was filled with books that were both antique and recent and an entire wall was dedicated to the Canadian motto in both English and then French in sloping script, "A mare usque ad mare/ D'un ocean à l'autre."

The Countries all settled into their seats, making themselves comfortable for the surely long and painful meeting. America sat between France and England on one side of the table with Italy and Japan on the opposite. After a considering hum Russia and Canada walked hand in hand to the very end of the table, directly across from Germany on the opposite side at the head of the table.

Germany pinched the bridge of his nose, "Let's begin with the immense strides Japan has made regarding energy efficiency…."

The Countries all left tiredly, too worn out from the amount of work Germany had insisted on everyone completing before allowing them to go home. Germany was consoling a crying Italy that he was not in fact, responsible for his bad economy and that his citizens would not be forced to go without pasta, while Japan hung back taking pictures of what he dubbed Italy's 'moe' face.

Russia turned to Matthew with the look of a petulant child, "Matveyyyy, that took too long and it is far too late to do anything else now."

Matthew yawned, tears coming to his eyes from his exhaustion. "You're right, it did hamper our scheduled plans." A pause. "Would you like to come over and watch a movie? I can whip something up for us to eat too if you'd like."

Ivan suddenly straightened from his hunched over slump. "Da! I would love too."

"Great~!" Matthew beamed.

Both countries suddenly blushed- looking at anything other then each other after their embarrassing show of emotions.

"Non America! You will not go show Russia the 'old one-two' as you say!" France protested, holding tightly to America's waist to keep him from storming after the two countries that were leaving hand in hand.

"Why not! I'm gonna waterboard that bastard Russki!" Alfred yelled, attempting to squirm out of Francis' hold.

Suddenly taking action, England proceeded to flick Alfred's nose.

"OWWWW. What was that for you mean old man?" America griped.

"An attempt to correct you astounding lack of maturity, you annoying little git." England harrumphed.

"Whaaaat? I thought you were on my side!"

"I'm on no one's side except dear Matthew's." Arthur retorted.

"This is all because Frenchie here said he wouldn't put out until you got on his side, wasn't it!"

A furious blush streaked through both Francis and Arthur's cheeks.

"You blasted Yankee! You wanted a fight, well you're getting one!"

"Ha! Just try to catch me grandpa!"

France sighed. 'Will they never grow up?'

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