Denmark x Norway


Denmark sighed. With his head cradled in his palms, he let out a sigh. It has been a horrid day, one filled with strife and too much stupidity for any one person to handle.

He groaned, cracking his head as he tilted it from side to side. He glared balefully at this remaining paperwork and shrugged his shoulders in a pitiful attempt to alleviate the ache in them.

An insult was softly delivered, "Moron." Small pale hands placed a coffee mug filled to the brim with black coffee on his desk.

Before Denmark had a chance to exuberantly thank his friend, Norway already had proceeded to begin massaging his shoulders.

He sighed in contentment, and after allowing the lithe blond teen to massage his back for a few minutes, grabbed him around the waist and seated him on his lap.

"Denmark! I will-"

"Shh, just lemme cuddle with you." He yawned tiredly.

Norway remained silent, but, though he would deny it, tucked his head under Denmark's chin and allowed the man to drift off to sleep with him in his arms.