For blackash who wanted:

Prussia x Hungary x Austria, prompt: Music

I decided on this one rather than the other because I was immediately inspired~

Prussia for once was completely silent and immobile. Right next to him, Hungary mirrored his lack of movement. Bright red eyes and green eyes that would normally be thought to be a perverse Christmas color scheme, complimented each other; half lidded in sheer contentment at what they were gazing at and listening to.

Austria was playing the piano- a common enough occurrence but the accompanying vocals for the song were not.

A soft yet strong voice flowed through the room and enraptured the audience.

Though the song itself was thought to be an Austrian folk song it was indeed not. Regardless, Austria had a soft spot for the song which so closely mirrored a beloved aspect of his country.

"Bless my home land forever….." Austria trailed off serenely.

Prussia and Hungary simultaneously sighed. They all knew that tomorrow would bring a new set of concerns- the world was in a state of economic crisis after all, but for now they would enjoy the gift of music.