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Basic plot: Taking place several years after the events of the original Animal Parade, Hikari's daughter Ageha now has to re-ring the bells because the Harvest King has disappeared again, and no one, not even the Harvest Goddess, knows why.
I was considering doing a sequel to Love, Hate, and High School about Skye in cooking school, but I randomly came up with this idea about a week ago and now here we are! I know this is short but granted it is a prologue and most prologues are kind of short. I'll be putting the first chapter up a few minutes after this one, too.
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The Harvest Goddess looked up at the Goddess Tree and smiled. It had been years since Hikari had rung the bells and restored power to the land of Castanet. Time was, of course, unimportant to the immortal, but much time had definitely passed. Hikari had won the heart of and married the young (compared to the Goddess, anyway) wizard Gale, and they'd had two children, a boy and a girl. Hikari often visited the Goddess to talk to her about the world beyond her little pond in the Garmon Mine district. Other couples had gotten married as well–Gill and Luna, Luke and Selena, Owen and Kathy, Chase and Maya ("About time," Hikari said), and many others as well. Ramsey was enjoying his retirement since Owen had taken over the blacksmith's. Luna had taken over Sonata Tailoring (though Candace still did most of the work). Hamilton was still the mayor, but Gill wanted to run against him in the next election. Castanet's next generation was starting to grow up, and in the Goddess's humble opinion, they were turning out alright.

A small, dark shape fell from the Tree, and she frowned. She walked to it and picked It up. It was a small twig. The deity looked around her and saw that the ground was littered with similar twigs.

If it had been any other tree, she wouldn't have worried. But because it was the Goddess Tree, the source of power for both her and Castanet, she did.

How did I not see it before? she thought, looking up at the tree. The Goddess Tree is dying again.