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Epilogue: Heroes and Harvest Sprites and People Who Believe

Ten years later.

"Hi, Grandpa!" six-year-old Celeste chirped, running to Castanet's resident fortune teller.

Gale looked at his daughter with a look that said, "Why did you teach your kids to call me 'Grandpa?' It makes me feel old." (Never mind the fact that he had centuries worth of memories.) Nevertheless, he picked her up with a smile. "Hello...Celeste...are you being good...for Mommy?"

Ageha laughed and guided four-year-old Orion to Hikari, his grandmother. "Say hi to Gran'ma, honey."

Orion flashed a grin, with the dimple he'd inherited from his father showing clearly. "Hi Gramma!"

"Orion, you grow every day!" Hikari laughed. She looked at Heath, standing slightly behind Ageha. "You've been feeding him right, then?"

Heath ducked his head, embarrassed. "Y-yes'm." He was still intimidated by the spunky ex-farmer and the silent wizard.

"Mom, you're scaring him," Ageha laughed. "Thanks again for agreeing to babysit."

Hikari waved a hand, dismissing it. "No problem. These two remind me of you and Ace as kids. Besides, the number of times we dumped you two on Yolanda when we needed some down time...it's only right that we take our turn, as distinguished elders of the community."

"I...am not...old," Gale muttered, playing pattycake with Celeste.

"Yes you are, shush," Hikari teased.

After a little more conversation, Ageha and Heath thanked Hikari and Gale again and went to the Ocarina Inn for dinner together. "So," Heath said on the way. "It's been ten years."

She nodded. "I still can't believe it. I went to visit the King and the Goddess the other day after work. They're very happy. The King thanked me again, and said he was re-thinking his opinion on humans. Whatever that means."

"Hmm," he sighed, putting his arm around her shoulders. "Well, whatever it means, Castanet is still safe for years to come. Let's enjoy it."

She leaned into him as they neared the Inn. "Right."

And as they opened the door and heard Maya and Dakota's synchronized "Welcome!", they knew that everything would be alright—forever. As long as there were heroes and Harvest Sprites and people who believed.