Far away on the outskirts of the city, was the Saurian warship, the Raptor; disguised as an old dilapidated mansion. Inside, the evil Saurian overlord, Dragaunus, sat in front of his computer, working on a plan for a way to re-power his warship so that it would fly once again.

"Wraith! If we are to power this blasted ship, we need the chromium chip! I sent you on that two weeks ago!" Draguanus said, turning around to the face the old saurian.

"But, Lord Draguanus, the only readings we have of chromium anywhere close is the hockey stadium," said Wraith, almost with a complain tone in his voice.

"Well, take some droids and go get it!"

Just then, Dragaunus' other soldiers, Chameleon and Siege, entered the room. "Eh, boss, what's a...Chromium chip?" Chameleon asked, before transforming his face into that of a surfer dude's. "Can you like, eat it? If so, I'll take a dozen with plenty of sour cream!"

Dragaunus growled. "You can't eat it, you halfwit! It is a device that can power the ship, regenerate it basically. One little piece has the power of ten Balerium Crystals, which we can't seem to get our hands on…" he glowered at the henchmen before continuing "This small meteorite has happened to land right here in Anaheim." he said, obviously trying to get his point across.

"So, we grab this sucker, bodabing, badaboom…we're home free!" said Chameleon, raising a fist in the air and jumping with glee.

"Fool! It's not that easy. We need a way to transfer the energy!"

"How can we do that, Lord Dragaunus?" asked Siege.

"I don't know! At least, I don't know yet. As soon as I have the chromium chip, the sooner I will be able to see what device I have to use. So, what are you doing standing around talking to me for?! Get moving! I want that chip!"

Back at the stadium, the rangers and the other students were leaving for the bus. But Bulk and Skull were sneaking about, trying to locate the ducks, for they thought that they were evil aliens bent on world domination.

"Come on, Skull!" Bulk said to his partner. "Those ducks have got to be around here somewhere!"

"Maybe they have a space ship parked around here somewhere," Skull thought aloud.

Bulk just slapped the back of his head. "No, dummy! They wouldn't be that stupid! They'd be hiding it somewhere. Maybe even right underneath the stadium."

Just then, the two came upon a large truck, with the front shaped like a duck's head. It was the ducks' assault vehicle; the Migrator. Bulk rubbed his hands in triumph as he and Skull slinked over to have a closer look at it.

"Success, Skull!" Bulk said.

Skull raised an eyebrow. "What? It's just a truck."

"A truck in the shape of a duck! This has got to be their high tech attack vehicle! I bet it's loaded with all kinds of weapons! If we sneak aboard it, it could lead us to their secret headquarters, and then we've got 'em!"

"Oh, right!"

"Now keep a look out in case the ducks or anyone suspicious looking comes around here!"

"Right!" Skull saluted, ran off, and hid in a corner of the building to keep a look out for the ducks.

Bulk started rummaging through the Migrator, trying to find a spot he thought would fit both him and Skull without the ducks noticing them.

At about that moment, Skull came running and stopped right outside the door, leaning in. "Um…Bulk?" He asked in a shaky voice.

"What!?" he said, a bit of irritation in his voice.

"Well, it's not ducks!"

Bulk got out of the Migrator and immediately, his jaw dropped at the terrible sight before him and Skull.

There, standing in front of the two, were Siege, Chameleon, and a battalion of droids. Siege chuckled in delight as he noticed the two bumbling humans before him. "Hey, fellas!" he said, wickedly. "Don't mind us!"

"Yeah," said Chameleon. "We're bout to have a real party now…especially now that you're here!"

"Um, Skull?" Bulk said, not taking his eyes off the creatures.

"Yeah?" Skull asked in just as shaky a tone as Bulk had spoken.

"I think it's time we started running!" he screamed, taking off in the opposite direction.

Skull followed suit and ran away along with Bulk. He then remembered the Migrator and quickly jumped inside the back, not before shouting to Bulk, "Quick, into the truck!"

Bulk agreed and quickly jumped into the truck, along with Skull, and slammed the door shut.

"Ha ha!" laughed Chameleon. "What a bunch of chickens!"

"Kind of like you!" said Siege, nodding his head down to the smaller saurian.

"Hey!" Chameleon whined, as his joke was turned against him.

Just then, the ducks exited the stadium, dressed in their non-playing hockey uniforms, ready to shoot the commercial for Phil.

"Come on, boobala's. It'll be fun." He said, walking in front and talking back to the ducks.

"Since when is posing for a Chucky Cheese's commercial fun?" Mallory whispered to Tanya.

"Come on, guys! It's always fun." said Nosedive, jumping in the middle of their conversation.

Wildwing turned to stop Mallory from starting another argument with Nosedive when something scaly caught his eye. "Ducks! Let's role!" said Wildwing, changing into his battle gear and running for the Migrator. The other ducks first looked to see what had caught his eye before changing and running after him.

"Guys! Come back!" shouted Phil, running after them, then stopping when he saw the lizards. "Actually, you know what. I'll probably just get in the way. I'll just reschedule." He said, backing up and dialing a number on his phone.

Chameleon quickly turned to see the ducks, causing his eyes to pop out of his head in fright. "Siege, we got company!" he said.

"Oh great, here we go again," he said, pulling out his fire blaster.

Wildwing quickly grabbed a nearby garbage can and pulled it in front of the ducks to hide from the shots. Wildwing pulled his arm over the top and started firing with his forearm shooter, only hitting the Saruians maybe twice and maybe three to four of the droids standing there.

"Forget it, duck!" Siege shouted. "You're outnumbered!" He then tapped a few buttons on his gauntlet, causing more and more droids to teleport to their sides. He then turned to Chameleon. "While the ducks are distracted, you go and find that chip!" he quietly said.

Wildwing and the others, completely oblivious to Chameleon's intentions, kept firing towards Siege.

"Ugh, what do these guys want, anyways?!" said Mallory, sounding just as annoyed as she was when Nosedive decided to put worms in her boots.

"I don't know, but whatever it is, they're willing to sacrifice a lot of droids to get it." said Wildwing, blowing up three more in one shot.

Meanwhile, the students from Angel Grove were piling into the bus, on their way to the hotels. Ms. Appleby was counting the students, when she noticed that two were missing. "Where are Bulk and Skull?" she asked.

The other students looked around, not knowing where the bumbling duo went off. The rangers on the other hand had a pretty good idea of where they may have gone. "We'll look for them," insisted Tommy.

Ms. Appleby nodded. "Alright, Tommy, but please bring them back as soon as you can."

Tommy turned to Jason and the others. "Alright, guys, let's go!"

The rangers then ran off to find Bulk and Skull. "I bet they tried to follow the ducks," said Zack.

"Let's hope they're not in too much trouble," said Kimberly.

They then came up the side of the arena only to see fireballs and pucks flying back and fourth. They saw the Mighty Ducks from behind a garbage can, and a lizard looking thing with more than twenty droids firing at them.

"Whoa! Look at that!" said Jason, in amazement.

"It's the Mighty Ducks!" said Trini. "And they're acting like…superheroes!"

"They're putting up a pretty good fight," said Billy. "But look at all those robots! I doubt they'd last much longer against them."

"We gotta help them!" said Tommy, pulling out his morpher.

"Tommy's right," said Jason, pulling out his morpher and shouting, "It's morphin' time!"

Soon, the other teens pulled out their morphers and held them in front of them, shouting their spirit animal. "Tigerzord, Mastodon, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Saber-Toothed Tiger, Tyrannosaurus!" And in a flash of bright lights, the six teenagers had morphed into the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and jumped into action.

"Wildwing!" shouted Duke, holding off three droids. "There's too many of them! They just keep comin'!"

"Just keep going, Ducks, and pray for a miracle." said Wildwing, feeling just as helpless as Duke had sounded.

"Uh, bro!" shouted Nosedive. "I think a miracle is the only thing we do need to beat these robo-jerks!"

"Aw, what's the matter, ducks, growing tired?!" Siege mocked.

Just then, a loud yell was heard. The ducks looked up to see six people in multicolored jumpsuits and helmets flipping through the air and landing in front of them, facing Siege and the droids, and standing in martial arts poses, ready for battle.

"You want the ducks, you're gonna have to go through us first!" yelled the Red Ranger.

"What the-?!" Siege said to himself, raising an eyebrow.

"Hey, Wing!" said Duke, looking at the rangers. "There's your miracle."

"But who the heck are these guys?" asked Tanya.

Nosedive's eyes widened in excitement. "Are you kidding me?" He shouted, looking at Tanya, dumbfounded. "Only the best superheroes on the face of the planet! The Power Rangers!"

"Well, I don't care who you are!" Siege yelled at the rangers. "To me, you're just some weirdos in colored spandex!" He then turned to the droids. "Obliterate them!"

The Rangers yelled and ran towards the droids, quickly avoiding any attack that was thrown at them. The ducks watched in amazement, while Nosedive watched as if he were a ten year old boy sitting in front of the TV.

The Pink Ranger kicked two droids in the head, while shouting, "Hyah!"

The Black Ranger swept four of them off their feet, then pulling out his Power Axe and blasting them to smithereens! "There, trash disposed!" he said.

The Red Ranger picked one up by it's feet and began spinning it around, whacking away the other droids like a baseball bat. After he was done, he tossed the broken up droid on a pile made up of all the others. "Yo, Zack, you forgot a few!" he shouted to the black ranger.

"I gotta admit!" shouted the Blue Ranger as he decapitated two other droids, using his Power Lance. "This is almost as easy as pounding putties!"

Just then, the White Ranger landed in front of Siege and posed for an attack. "Got ya!" he shouted.

"What?" yelled Siege. "I ain't afraid of some guy dressed up too early for Halloween!" He then pulled out a very large sword and pointed it to the White Ranger. "Say hello to my little friend!"

"Oh yeah?" The White Ranger then pulled out a sword of his own, with the handle in the shape of a tiger's head. "Well say hello to my friend, Saba!" He then threw the sword, which then began to spin a circle around Siege.

Saba began to spin faster and faster around Siege, causing the saurian to spin around, practically digging a trench into the ground. Just then, Saba stopped and shot lasers from his eyes at Siege's feet, causing him to dance around to avoid the blasts.

"Ow, ow!" Siege yelped. "Hey, hey, hey! Knock it off!"

"Do you give up?" asked the White Ranger.

"Alright, just stop! You're roasting my scales!"

The White Ranger reached out his hand. "Saba, return!" And the sword flew back into his hand. "Thanks, Saba."

"Any time, Tommy," Saba answered.

Meanwhile, Chameleon was snooping around the outside of the arena, using some sort of metal detector attached to his gauntlet. "Oh, come on! That hunk of metal has got to be here somewhere!" he said, moving it around. Suddenly, it beeped. He bent down and saw the chip, shining with a metallic glow. "Oh yeah, bingo!" He shouted, jumping up and down in the air.

Suddenly, the Yellow Ranger landed in front of him, and looked down at the small Saurian. "Going somewhere, little guy?" she asked, sternly.

Chameleon let out a squeal, which sounded a lot like a little girl. "Who are you!?" he said, pointing and moving backwards to get away from her.

"I'm your worst nightmare!" She then noticed the chip in his hand. "Whatever you got there, hand it over!"

"I can't give it to you if I'm not here." he said, pushing a few buttons on his gauntlet.

The Yellow Ranger realized he was trying to do something, and jumped at him. But she was too late. In a shadow of green light, Chameleon was gone. She then got up and looked around. "Where'd that shrimp go?"

Back at the battle, Siege's gauntlet began to beep. He pressed a button and immediately heard Chameleon's voice saying, "Yo, Siege, I got the chip! Let's get out of here!"

Siege smiled in delight. "Later suckers!" he yelled at the rangers, as he pushed a button.

The Rangers all jumped for Siege to restrain him, but were too late. Siege and the broken droids had teleported away. "Dang it!" yelled the Red Ranger. "He got away!"

Just then, the Yellow Ranger came running up. "Guys," she said. "I almost had one of them, but he disappeared on me!"

"Same here," said the Pink Ranger.

"So what do we do now?" asked the Blue Ranger.

"Let's keep looking for Bulk and Skull," said the Red Ranger. "It's gonna get dark soon."

The other rangers agreed, pressed a button on their morphers, and teleported away in streams of multicolored lights.

Wildwing came running out to where they had teleported from, shouting, "Wait, come back!" But it was too late.

"Ah, I didn't get an autograph or nothin'!" said Nosedive, hanging his head.

"Who the heck were they?" asked Duke.

"Yeah. And why were those lizard freaks snooping around?" Mallory added.

"Well, whoever they were, let's just be grateful that they helped us out. As for the Saurians, we'll figure that out later." He then turned to see the Migrator parked near them. "Good thing they didn't try to steal the Migrator."

"Yeah. My comic books are still in there!" said Nosedive.

"Let's move it inside headquarters, today was a close call, and they could be back."

With that, Wildwing went to the Migrator while the others walked back to the rink, all the while wondering what the lizards really were up to.