"Man, did you guys see them?" said Nosedive, pacing the floor of the base. "That's better than just being part of the fan club! Now I get to say I saw them in action!"

"Calm down, kid, I'm sure they're not as good as us," said Duke, trying to make a point.

"Nope, they're better!" Nosedive said, ginning.

"It would be unwise to judge such a thing with no proof," said Grin, sitting with his legs crossed on the floor.

"Did you see those moves they were pulling?" asked Nosedive, waiting for an answer.

Grin raised his eyes in thought before looking back at Nosedive. "Good point." he said

"Say Nosedive," Wildwing interrupted. "How do you know so much about these…Power Ranger guys?"

"They're only on the news like every day!" Nosedive protested.

"Oh, so that's why your so current lately," said Mallory, as she adjusted the wheels on the Migrator.

"Well, whoever they were, they sure made scrap metal out of Dragaunus' droids," said Tanya, looking intrigued.

"And that's not even half of what they defeat on TV!" said Nosedive, making a big deal out of it.

"I wonder where they came from," wondered Wildwing. "Do you think they're even human?"

"Well, if they are, then they must have muscle enhancing technology in their uniforms," said Tanya. "I mean, it could even be alien technology or something."

"Hmm…maybe," said Wildwing. "Who knows. I'm just glad they went out of their way to help us out."

"I'm just glad it's over," said Mallory as she headed for the back of the Migrator. "I've just about had enough surprises for one day."

Mallory pulled open the trunk and pulled back in shock as Bulk and Skull tumbled out of the back and onto the floor.

The ducks stared at the two humans who had just fallen out of the back of their vehicle and were now slowly trying to sit up. Where did they come from and how did they get into the Migrator in the first place.

Bulk rubbed his neck from being cramped in the back of a truck for so long. Just then, he saw the ducks staring at him and yelped in surprise. "Skull," he said, nudging his partner. "Look!"

Skull turned in the direction of Bulk and soon came face to face with the ducks as well. He too, yelped in surprise.

"Hey, I didn't know we had two new maids!" yelled Nosedive in glee. "Now I can finally get that room cleaned!"

"Um, Dive. You didn't know 'cause we didn't get new maids," said Duke before turning back to Bulk and Skull. "Now, might I ask what you were doing…in OUR truck?" he asked

"Wait a minute," said Tanya. "Those are the guys who were at our game, along with those other kids."

Duke's eyes widened in realization. "Yeah, I remember these guys! Bulk and Skull, right?"

"Yeah, that's us!" said Bulk. "And you can't fool us, feather head! We know why you're really here. You're not here to play hockey…you're here to take over the world!"

"Yeah, and we're not gonna let ya!" Skull said.

"Um, excuse me?" Mallory said in shock. "Who said anything about taking over the world?"

"We've had our own experiences with alien monsters before, so don't try to fool us!" Bulk shouted. "Let's get 'em, Skull!"

Suddenly, the bumbling duo ran straight for the Mighty Ducks, yelling out like idiots as they aimed to tackle the hockey playing alien fowl.

Nosedive cringed as Skull ran right for him. But Wildwing held out a hand, holding Skull by the head as he still moved, trying to attack.

"Really? This is pathetic." Duke chimed, obviously trying to hold back a laugh.

Just then, Bulk jumped into the air and dove straight for Tanya yelling, "Belly flop!"

She moved ever so slightly and he fell flat on the ground, moaning. "Um, was that supposed to be hard to avoid?" she asked, looking down at him in wonder.

Bulk moaned in pain as he lay face down on the steel floor. "We won't…let you…take over…Ugh!"

At about that moment, Phil walked into the room, carrying a clip board. "Okay, boobies, I got you signed up for a video shooting with -" Phil looked up from his papers to find the ducks standing over two pitiful looking teens. He raised an eyebrow and said, "More crazy fans?"

"Eh, kinda." Duke said, still smirking.

"We're trying to save the world from these alien duck invaders!" shouted Skull, wriggling around under Wildwing's foot.

"Boobie, these aren't the bad aliens. They are the good aliens, defending the planet from the bad aliens that came with them." Phil explained

"Huh?" Bulk said, scratching his head looking clueless.

"We are the good guys!" Mallory practically yelled.

"Oh yeah?" said Bulk, raising an eyebrow. "Prove it!"

"Mallory McMallard, Puckworld special forces." Mallory said, holding open her badge.

Bulk and Skull's eyes widened as they looked at Mallory's badge, now knowing what a big mistake they were making. "Oops." they said, at the exact same time.

"Yeah, you'd better think oops!" Nosedive smirked.

"Could you…let us up now, pretty please?" asked Skull.

"Oh yeah, sure. Sorry." Wildwing said, removing his foot and offering his hand out to the twosome.

Bulk and Skull grabbed Wildwing's hand and were soon lifted up onto their feet. "Okay, said Bulk. "So, if you guys aren't here to conquer earth, then that leaves the only other alternative… You're superheroes!"

"You might say that…" Nosedive said, smiling with pride.

Mallory rolled her eyes at the teen. "Not to be completely prideful, Nosedive!" she said, glaring over at him.

"Hey!" said Bulk. "Since you guys are superheroes, think you could let us join your team? I mean, we've got skill, we've got muscle…"

"We've even got a puck! "Skull said, pulling a puck out of his pants pocket.

"Oh brother." Grin muttered, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, sorry but we don't need any more team players." Wildwing said, obviously trying to let them off easy.

"Aw man!" said Skull, stomping his left foot onto the floor, pouting.

"Don't worry, Skull," Bulk whispered into Skull's ear. "I've got just the ticket to get us in." He then turned back to the ducks, who were just walking off with Phil. "Gee, that's a real shame. I mean, if you had let us join your team, we could've introduced you to some big time celebrities we know, like, oh say…the Power Rangers."

Nosedive stopped while the others kept walking. "You know the power rangers?" he asked astonished.

"Dive, come on." Wildwing said, turning from the others annoyed.

"But Wing, come on! I wanna meet these guys so bad!"

"Of course we know them," said Bulk, puffing out his chest with pride. "We're they're managers."

Skull raised an eyebrow. "We are?" he asked Bulk, who suddenly jabbed his elbow into his chest. Skull then got the idea and put on a fake smile. "Oh, y-yeah, we are. Anywhere they go, we go!"

"Yeah," said Bulk, smiling smugly. "Heck, they've even saved our butts from time to time…and vice versa even."

"Vice versa?" Duke asked, having stopped as well as the rest when Wing had stopped. "Are you kidding me?" he asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"Oh, come on, fellas! Think of the merchandise! Two superhero teams together, finally! We'll be huge! Think of all that cash!" Phil said, running up to Wildwing excitedly as the idea hit him.

"Well…" Wildwing thought as he developed a plan as to teach these two punks a lesson. "Alright." he agreed.

"What?" Mallory said aloud. "Wildwing, you've got to be kidding!"

"I am," Wildwing whispered to Malory. "They wanna join us for all the wrong reasons. We'll pretend to let them join, play some "hockey" with them, and they'll run back to their school group, lesson learned. Besides, they're just kids."

"You mean Teenagers," Mallory corrected Wildwing.

"Exactly. Dive's age. You know how easy it is to manipulate Dive." Wildwing reassured "Come on." he turned to the rest. "We'll have 'team try outs' tomorrow."

Bulk raised an eyebrow and asked, "Really?"

Wildwing looked back, trying to hold back the smile trying to form on his beak. "Oh yeah… Seriously."

With a big smile on their faces, Bulk and Skull quickly looked at each other, then back at the ducks and cried in unison, "We'll be there!"

"Cool," Duke said. "Now maybe you two should head on back to your class. You're teacher's probably worried about ya."

"Oh…uh, yeah… Sure! See ya tomorrow, partner'!" Skull said. He then looked all around the lair, as if looking for something, He then looked back at Bulk and said, "Uh…Bulk?"

"Yeah, Skull?" answered Bulk.

"How do we get out of here?

Chameleon and Siege walked up the hall, Chameleon smiling to himself. For once, he had done something and it hadn't completely gone wrong. "Hey, Siege. You think the boss will give me a raise?"

Siege glared at him. "Shut up, ya little pip squeak!" he said, raising an arm to him.

Chameleon recoiled. "No respect! No respect at all!" he said as they entered the main chamber.

"Did you get it?" Dragaunus' voice was dark and menacing.

The sound of his voice sent chills up Chameleon's back. "Uh... right here boss." he said, holding it out. Dragaunus swiped it from his hand, making Chameleon jump back.

Dragaunus stood there, examining the chip. A smile curled across his lips as a laugh escaped him. "Now with the chip in my possession, nothing, not even the ducks, can stop me.

"Wraith, what's wrong?" Dragaunus growled his direction.

"I sense…I sense something," Wraith answered. "Something I've never felt before… An evil force…and it's close…very close…

"Impossible… What could be more evil than Saurian Overlords?" Siege put in.

Suddenly, a massive explosion blew open the doors, filling the room with a cloud of smoke. Then, out from the smoke, stepped a tall humanoid figure whose skin resembled bare muscular and brain tissue. He held a long silver staff with a large 'Z' at the top, his body was covered in silver skeletal armor and tubes that fed fluids into his veins, and his face was covered by a silver mask with a grill like mouth, a glowing red visor, and a curved horn topped with a small 'z'.

"That would be me…" said the figure as he soon gave out a loud, maniacal laugh that echoed throughout the control room.