Author's note: Hello all! I figured that I had been enough of a tease for now and I decided that I would go ahead and post the first chapter in my new story before it is done. This is written in the style of an episode and in this case, there is no shipping. The rating is for possible swearing. I will try to update in a timely manner and answer any questions that might arise. I really hope that you like the story!

This is my only disclaimer: the show Eleventh Hour and all characters that you recognize are not mine. The supporting characters and the concept are mine.

Happy reading folks!


7:45 am April 22nd 2009

Residence of David Morris

Bethesda, Maryland

The morning air was truly warm for the first time in months. Last night's rain had left an earthy, clean smell in the air and the sun made the resulting dew on the grass sparkle like diamonds. Suburbia had long since ground into action and far away, the low grumble of traffic on the highway spoke busily of people heading to work. The door to a nearby house swung open and a tousle-haired man stumbled out, cursing as he dropped his keys on the front porch. He bent to pick them up and slowly drew himself up again. "Come ON JJ! You're going to be late for school!" Sounds of movement from inside and soon, a rather grouchy looking boy of around 7 had joined his father on the porch. "Sheesh dad," he mumbled, "it's not my fault! You're the one that overslept." Father and son piled into the car and he wearily rubbed his chin, stubble still evident. God knows he needs coffee – for some reason today he could barely keep his eyes open.

7:49 am


7700 Norfolk Ave

Two women sat in the corner around a small table, sipping lattes carefully so as not to stain their business clothes. One woman, a bouncy redhead talked energetically, gesticulating wildly and unknowingly splattering her hand with her coffee in her enthusiasm. "And then," she squeaked, fighting laughter, "she left this blue rubber lizard on his desk for him to find! You should have heard him telling her off last night!" She paused, clearly waiting for a response from the other woman and getting none. She frowned, the expression unnatural on her face, and looked closely at her friend and coworker. The best description for Viv would be pixie-like; she was short, petite, and her brown hair, styled in an angled bob cut, framed a heart-shaped face. But today, Mara thought her friend looked as though she had been through a war; she propped her head on her left hand, leaning forward wearily, she had dark circles under her eyes, and she had forgotten to put on her mascara, a fact made blatantly obvious by the fact that her eyes were drooping closed. "Viv are you all right?" Mara asked, worry beginning to leech into her voice. "Huh?" Vivian Maxwell seemed to come out of some reverie, "oh, yeah, I'm fine." As if to convince herself, she reached out, grabbed her coffee, and had it halfway to her lips before her eyes glazed over completely and she toppled out of her chair, her coffee dropping from nerveless fingers.

7:54 am

Bethesda Emergency Dispatch

"Whoa momma!" Jackie muttered to herself. It had been a slow morning thus far, but, after 10 years as an emergency dispatcher, she had developed a kind of sixth sense that told her when something big was about to go down and, to put it mildly, her spidey senses were tingling. Always happened at the end of the shift. The middle-aged black woman stretched, lacing her fingers and pushing her palms outward, eyes flicking to the picture of her two kids, Jeremy and Kala. She was just thinking about calling her husband when the phone went off, three notes, one, a fifth lower, and finishing high. Jackie wrenched her eyes off of the photo and toward the switchboard, every light of which flashed ominously. Dear God, she thought, what's going on out there!