Harry Potter P.O.V.

"Well we are wizards and we were going to go to the wizarding school, Hogwarts for our last year there." I said

"What do you mean were going?" asked Grover

"Now we decided to not go back but instead search for horcruxes with Harry." Hermione said

"What are horcruxes?" Percy asked

By the time Hermione finished explained horcruxes to them (she is the only one of us who really gets them by the way)

They were simply appalled.

"Wow, that is sick!" Annabeth said with extra emphasis on the sick.

"Yeah isn't it?" I said

"So anyway now we are going to go on the hunt for Horcruxes. I said "Oh yeah We should probably tell you about Voldomort. I told them every thing I seen in the penvese last year. Dumbledore…" I stopped short I didn't want to talk about Dumbledore.

"Dumbledore didn't want us to tell anyone but we figured we could trust you" Hermione supplied

I was so grateful to Hermione. The was she took the words right out of my head though. I wondered if she learned occlumency.I mad a mental note to ask her I hoped she wasn't that could be dangerous especially with Ron around.

Then Ron told them are plan. Percy and Grover looked impressed but Annabeth was shaking her head.

'What?" Hermione said impatiently

"I was just thinking that you will never be able to get all of those Horcruxes before Voldomort –sorry You-Know-Who takes over the world." She said

"We, HAVE to!" she said

"Right" said Annabeth looking away

Ron checked his watch "Whoa it's almost midnight we should sleep" he said

"Good idea" said Percy see you in the morning

"Night" we all said crashing on the grass