How did this happen?

He didn't know, all he knew was that it did.

One minute, they were yelling - arguing with one another - just like always. The next, they were on one another - kissing and falling over one another. They were lucky the training room had been empty, or else they would've been seen. Though, even with that in mind - they probably would've done it anyway.

Then somehow, they broke apart and he found himself being dragged down the large hallways by his strong, calloused hands.

He remembered just letting himself get pulled, just staring at him as he veered them along. Watching his flustered and aggravated expression.

Then the door to one of their rooms was slammed open and he was shoved in. He stumbled and heard the door slam shut before turning to say something.

Yet as soon as he opened his mouth, the other's was crushed against his in a breath-taking kiss. He moaned against that kiss and clutched at the other's shirt for stability.

He was shoved roughly against the wall and he winced at the pain shooting up his spine until the lips were once more crushed to his. Moaning again, he wrapped his legs around the other's waist clinging tightly and pressing his back harder against the wall so he wouldn't fall.

His arms wrapped around the other's neck and their soul-shattering kiss broke. He whined and tried to re-initiate it, but the other was preoccupied with his neck. He nipped at his neck and kissed it, initiating soft, whimpering moans.

"Ka... Kanda..." He managed to get out, wincing as the older teen's cold gaze focused right on him. He wondered if it was smart to call out his name.

Kanda leaned forward and kissed him roughly, pulling away and nipping at his ear. "What is it.., Moyashi?" He whispered.

Allen shivered and completely forgot what he had planned on saying and just shook his head and tried to recapture Kanda's lips.

Kanda just did one of his infamous "che" responses and went back to abusing the white-haired exorcist's neck.

Allen let out another whiny moan and balled up into fists against Kanda's bare back. He never wore a shirt while training...

Those strong hands wandered down and began pulling off Allen's shirt, wrenching it down the small shoulders and letting it fall carelessly onto the floor.

Kanda pulled the smaller exorcist away from the wall, wrapping his arms around him to make sure he didn't fall. He then carelessly let Allen drop onto the bed.

The white-haired exorcist bounced slightly as he hit the bed and he blinked, confused, and looked up at the raven-haired exorcist. "K-Kanda..?"

Kanda didn't reply, he just kneel on the bed on top of Allen, leaning forward and crushing their lips together once more. Allen moaned against the kiss, giving Kanda the proper leverage to slip his tongue into the other's mouth.

Another soft moan was lost in the kiss as Allen arched up against Kanda, wrapping his arms tightly around the older one and yanking the tie that kept that perfect hair the way it was.

He didn't understand why this was happening - but he didn't dare question it.

When he woke up, all he knew was one thing.

He. Was. Sore. As. Fuck.

Of course, that was probably the reason he was sore. Fuck.

He whimpered when he tried to shift and make himself more comfortable - realizing no matter what position he was lying in, he wasn't going to get comfortable. No matter how hard he tried.

He felt arms tighten around him and he looked up at Kanda. Fast asleep and, for the first time Allen had ever seen, peaceful looking.

Of course, that was until Allen tried to flex his legs and cried out in pain, causing the raven-haired exorcist to wake up and yell at him for making noise.

Then, the daily routine of screaming at one another began anew.

He didn't know how or why it happened.

He just knew that it did.

And it really didn't change a damn thing .

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So I thought I'd try. ._.;;
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