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The bar door creaked open, revealing a woman standing there with a scowl on her face. Her long dark hair cascaded over her shoulder and partially hid her face. Her winter coat was buttoned up, scarf wrapped around her neck, revealing the fact that she had followed on foot. She viewed the scene of the few scatterings of individuals, but her steel cold gaze froze on two sitting at the bar. Stepping across the threshold into the pub, she strode over, ignoring the stare of a keenly intuitive bartender until she reached her journey's end.

"Hello, Peter."

Olivia had her hand on her gun as she leapt to her feet, while Peter spun around on his seat, facing the woman.

"You're supposed to be dead."

"You won't be needing your gun, Olivia. And I must thank you for finding him, he has proven quite difficult to catch up with." The newcomer to the scene addressed the taut agent, ignoring the shaken man in front of her.

"Do not think that you can walk in here demanding..." Olivia had her gun trained on the woman in front of her.

"What demands have i made?" responded the woman, as she reached into her coat pocket.

"Don't." Ordered Olivia, her voice turning to ice.

"Nicole!" Peter barked. "How the hell are you here?"

Nicole ignored everyone, pulling out a small handset radio. "I've found him. Lock it down."

Heavily armed men came bursting in from the back and front doors, hauling people from their seats. Grunts and screams filled the air. The bartender was thrown onto the ground, knocked out for good measure. Olivia spun on her heel in the ensuing chaos, ducking down behind an upturned table, letting out a few shots at the intruders, but they did not return fire, rather they took cover behind the bar and walls. The few customers that the bar had were dragged unconscious into the back room.

"Olivia, don't make this any more difficult than it has to be." Came the calm voice of the woman aiming a gun at Peter's head.

"Peter?" Olivia asked, surprised that this Nicole had gotten the upper hand with him, as he lay on the ground, bleeding from a split lip.

"I'm fine. I think for now," his gaze turned dark, "We do what they say. So what do you say?"