Author:Tsornin Sungold
Letter to the Editor
Rating: K
Genre: General
Summary:AU. 5th bookish. Harry is fed up with the British Wizarding World and finally tells them where to stick it. Angry!Harry
Pairing(s): None
Warnings: Frustrated ranting from angst-ridden teenager.
Disclaimer: Please don't sue; I'm not making any money off of this. The plot is from my own twisted mind.

A.N.-Ever since I read the later books I've wanted Harry to get some handle on his own press. While I think hiring a press agent would be the smart thing to do, it also seems to be outside of a normal 15-year-old's purview. Plus, I think sending the newspaper an angry letter is much more Harry's style. I know that angry-letter-to-newspaper has been done before many times (so many, that I don't even know who started it), but I'm also pretty sure these words are my own.

Dear Wizarding Britain,

Over the last several months, I have been the target of a vicious smear campaign. During the course of which, I have been called 'an attention-seeking brat,' 'a pathological liar,' 'disturbed,' and even 'psychotic.' Although I never asked to be famous, indeed everyone seems to forget that my fame came only at the expense of my parents' deaths; I feel that I am forced to use this pubic forum to rebut these accusations. Particularly, as I have never even met (much less spoken to) many of my detractors.

Since my return to the wizarding world, the Dark Wanker, Lord Vol – has made a bid to return to power several times, when he finally did manage to do so, you have chosen to persecute me for trying to warn you of it. Well, fine then. I have decided to take a leaf out of the wizarding world's book. You don't want me to spread 'rumors'. You want me to stop trying to call your attention to the fact that you are all no longer safe. So be it. I am sick of trying to force the truth down your throats. I don't have to beg you to let me save you. And to do so would be pathetic.

Since you all want me to be a normal wizarding boy, I will do my best to do keep my 'attention-seeking, pathologically lying, psychotically-disturbed' gob out of other people's business. I will only defend myself, my friends and family, and my property. If innocents are nearby being killed, maimed, and/or tortured, by a threat you claim doesn't exist, maybe I'll protect them too. (Which is more than you people can say, since the majority of you would prefer to cower under desks or run away and pray to be spared.) Other than that, I'm going to concentrate on my studies, the way a proper young wizard should.

Harry Potter

P.S.- When your neighbors disappear, your children are tortured in their schools, and you are murdered in your homes, don't say I didn't warn you.