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Chapter 14

A week passed and tonight was a perfect for the heist. Not a single sign of any ominous clouds that could bring a storm was seen. The stars were sparkling like sunlight reflections in the blackish-blue abyss of the night sky and the breeze was great for hang-gliding too. Kaito made sure to take note.

Shinichi and Heiji were on their way to the old museum where the Pandora, under the name of Lady Magenta, was being shown in an exhibit on gems. They were to meet Hakuba and Kaito in a back alley behind the building, confirm everything was in order, and set the plan into action.

Once the four teens confirmed their positions in their scheme, they went their separate ways, Shinichi, Heiji, and Hakuba went to the main entrance to meet with inspector Nakamori while Kaito climbed up the fire escape to make his Grande entrance.

The front of the building was brightly lit with search lights shining into the sky. There was a crowd of people holding up signs of the famous caricature signature and chanting KID's name. Police officers guarding the front entrance were holding their hands over their ears from the sheer volume of the fans' cheers. Inside the building, once the doors were closed, the cheering muffled considerably, much to the three teen detectives' appreciation. Heiji was especially grateful for the silence and was complaining about the noise outside; that was, until he suddenly felt a hard pinch and a painful pull on his cheek. He turned to see Nakamori – keibu, the causer of his pain, now advancing on Shinichi and Hakuba and pulling almost violently on their faces.

"Wha' was tha' for?!" Heiji yelled at the inspector.

"I had to make sure you weren't KID in disguise," replied Nakamori-keibu sounding irritated.

"Bu' do ya hafta pull so hard?"

"If I didn't pull hard enough then I wouldn't be so sure if you weren't KID!"

Heiji gave the inspector a look of annoyance as he rubbed his cheek to rid himself of the pain. At which point, Shinichi and Hakuba had turned to speak to Nakamori-keibu about any more information they may have received from Kaitou KID. The inspector briefed them on his plan, which was the usual dogpile the KID and handcuff him before he can escape. He then led the teens to the exhibit room where the gem was being held.

The jewel was on display in the center of the main exhibit room. The Kaitou KID task force were standing in a circle around the podium on which the jewel sat. The room itself was pretty large, almost half the mob of KID fans outside could fit inside. Other diamonds, rubies, and sapphires lined the outside of the room against the walls.

The Lady Magenta shined beautifully, as if the gemstone were made up of hundreds of morning dew drops reflecting the light of the sun from the spotlights directed on it. The story behind how this marvelous stone received its name dates back to 1800s America, where there lived a man who had fallen in love with a woman. This woman loved the color magenta. She loved it so much, in fact, that everything she owned was the color of magenta, from her dresses to her earrings and necklaces. The man never knew this woman, but he had a name for her; she was his, Lady Magenta. Every day, he tried to buck up the courage to ask for her hand in marriage, but alas, every attempt failed. The woman soon became ill and passed away. The man was heartbroken.

A week passed and the man couldn't find the hope to live on without his Lady Magenta until he heard a knock at his door. He opened it to find another man holding a very large jewel in his hands. For you see, the man owned a mining company so he could find beautiful diamonds, rubies, and sapphires and sell them across the world and make lots of money. He told his workers to bring what they find to him so he could put a price on each gem they found. This particular jewel had caught the man's eye. Its sparkle in the light reminded him of the twinkling that danced in the woman's eyes whenever she laughed or smiled, and the elegant beauty it possessed mimicked that of the woman's elegant grace she carried with every step she took. And he knew for certain that she would love it for the stone was her favorite color. The man couldn't see anyone but his beautiful lady and thus decided to name it, Lady Magenta. At least that was the story Kaito told in the meeting.

Shinichi stared for a second longer at the jewel before turning back to the rest of the group. Kaito had been right about the size of it. The Lady Magenta was large enough that it had to be held in both hands. This made Shinichi wonder how Kaito was going to carry the stone out of the building.

Shinichi turned back to the group and realized he was falling behind. He rushed to catch up, running into something with his leg at the same time and heard a huff and a thump. He looked down and saw someone he didn't expect to see.

Ran was sprawled in front of him rubbing her head where he had bumped into her. Shinichi sighed and bent down to her level.

"What are you doing here?" He asked irritation lacing his words. "I thought I told you to stay home where it was safe."

"I was worried about you!" Ran almost yelled as she stood to her full height. "You said it was dangerous and I didn't want you to get hurt so I followed you," her rant ended in a low tone as she looked away, her cheeks lightly painted pink.

Shinichi sighed knowing full well what was going to happen next when asked the question he already knew the answer to. "You're not going to go home are you?"

"Nope!" came Ran's defiant response with her arms crossed.

"Fine," Shinichi sighed again standing back up to his full height. "But stay close."

"I will," Ran replied sticking close.

They both caught up with the group and nobody seemed to notice Ran standing amongst them. Nakamori had finished his speech and was reveling in his 'perfect plan' when the lights went out. A voice rang out around the large room and everyone in it knew who the voice belonged to.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen!"

A spot light clicked on over the podium the Lady Magenta was sitting upon and the thief clad in white stood on top of the glass casing. A playful grin spread across his face as he bowed to his audience. When he stood straight again, he eyed he inspector.

"I hope you have a fun time tonight inspector, I know it's going to be a thrilling experience."

"KID! You're under arrest for thievery and I'm putting you away before you steal this jewel!" Shouted Nakamori pushing through the ring of guards.

"Oh but you have to catch me first," KID smiled slyly and pulled said jewel out of thin air in a puff of smoke. Within a second KID himself, disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

"Quick men after him!" the inspector bellowed at the guards as the lights came back on.

"Where did he go?" called one of the policemen.

"He went up the stairs I just saw him!" Cried Hakuba pointing toward the main staircase where the tip of a white cape flutter around the corner.

Hakuba and Shinichi along with Ran, ran up the stairs with Inspector Nakamori and his policemen following after them. Shinichi had told Heiji to stay behind and watch for KID if he ever decided to come back. Up the stairs, Hakuba turned to the left and motioned for Nakamori and his team to follow while Shinichi and Ran checked the right.

Hakuba and the officers couldn't find any trace of KID and decided to help Shinichi with his search. They rushed down the hall running as fast as they could go, in hopes to catch the phantom thief before he escaped. Further down the hall, there was an exhibit entrance to the left. There were shouts coming from the room, then suddenly an explosion sounded and smoke billowed out into the hall followed by fits of coughs. The teen detective and inspector quickened their pace.

Upon reaching the entrance, everyone was shocked and yet not that all surprised to find not one Kudo Shinichi coughing up a storm, but two, standing in mirrored positions with their arms in front of their faces covering their mouths as they coughed the remaining smoke from their lungs. Ran stood in between them looking from one to the other, unsure of who was who.

"Sh-Shinichi?" the 'little' girl muttered cautiously.

"Yeah?" both Shinichi's answered in unison and looked at each other, surprised. "What?"

"Which one of you is Kudo-kun?" questioned Hakuba threateningly taking a step forward.

"I am!" Cried both again and then turned to each other, glaring, and yelled: "No you're not I am!"

"KID! If you don't tell me which one is you I will throw you both in jail!" Nakamori jumped in at this point not wanting to waste any more time than he had to.

To this, KID replied.

"Okay Nakamori-keibu, you win this round," answered the Shinichi to the left of the officers, closest to the closed window. He snapped his fingers and in a puff of smoke appeared the gem they were there for. He threw it at the inspector who caught it in surprise, but not before Nakamori's hands fumbled to gab it. "It wasn't what I was looking for anyways."

With that, KID quickly threw a smoke bomb to the ground, which let out enough smoke to cover everyone was standing in the corner of the room, completely from head to toe. Coughs erupted from everybody until the pink clouds dispersed. When every last trace of smoke disappeared, they all turned to where the thief was standing only to see that he had vanished and a breeze from the cool night air outside was blowing in through the now open window.

Nakamori spewed a few curses before ordering his men to search the place top to bottom. The officers saluted him and ran into the hall with the inspector in the lead for the stairs leading to the upper floors. Hakuba, Shinichi, and Ran followed after but headed off in a different direction. Ran noticed that they were making a beeline for the main stairs and wondered why they weren't following the task force. Halfway down the steps they trio met up with Heiji as he was coming up carrying a duffle bag on his left shoulder.

"So how'd it go?" Shinichi asked him.

"It went smooth," the tanned teen replied. "KID seemed to have left this behind, so I figured I'd take it before he could use it," he shrugged his should to indicate the bag and winked at the others.

"We need to head to the roof and stop Kaitou KID before he can escape," spoke Hakuba calmly yet quickly and began ascending the stairs. The rest of the group trailed behind.

Ran was confused as to why they were talking about catching Kaito when they had planned the heist with him? She heard footsteps from below and turned around to see more members of the task force coming up the stairs. Now she understood, they didn't want to be discovered.

The group made their way up the back stairs and were about to go to the roof when they heard a voice ring out from the top floor.


Shinichi and Hakuba were the first to make it to the door and Shinichi yanked it open. What they saw, they weren't expecting… well not entirely anyway. Nakamori and half the task force were chasing after the thief down the hall, right toward the small group of teenagers. Said group of teens charged at the oncoming stampede. They were close to catching up when suddenly-

BOOM! The building all around them shook with a violent tremor. Screams echoed through the window from the crowd outside. Dust fell from the ceiling once the shaking stopped, leaving the occupants of the building feeling a bit uneasy. Without any time to think, the building shook again, but this time the explosion was much closer and thick black smoke billowed from the opposite side of the hall from where everyone was. The force of the blast was stronger than before and the occupants of the building were almost knocked off their feet. Coughs erupted as everybody was choking from the dark clouds above burning their throats and had to crouch down to stay out of the line of fire. A third explosion sounded, even stronger than the last two and this time… the building was coming down.

Everyone on the top floor was running for the exits as a large fire broke out from the direction the smoke was in. Ran followed suit gunning it for the stairs but tripped over a piece of ruble that had fallen from the ceiling. Before she could stand she heard a strange sound and looked up behind her to see more of the ceiling dropping on top of her. Large chunks came right towards her large enough to crush her without a single thought. But before she could feel the pain, a shout was heard and a pair of strong arms wrapped around her, lifting her into the air and out of harms way. She glanced at the one who pulled her away and she found Shinichi was the one carrying her.

Though their escape didn't last long for a piece of ceiling the size of a small boulder landed on top of Shinichi's leg making both him and Ran crash to the ground. Before he could react a second piece a ruble almost as big as the Lady Magenta hit his head effectively knocking him out.

"Shinichi?" Ran whispered gently patting his cheek. He didn't respond. "Shinichi, wake up!" Still no response and now she feels two hands pulling her from the arms that are still tightly wrapped around her. She fights away from the stranger, wrapping her own arms around Shinichi's neck as an anchor.

"Mouri-chan, it's okay," came a calming voice. Surprised, Ran twisted in the arms to see that KID was the one pulling her away from her childhood friend. Relaxing her grip on Shinichi, she allowed the thief to take her. That's when she saw Heiji and Hakuba lifting the piece of ruble off Shinichi's leg and hoisted him up with both his arms over their shoulders. Blood was streaming from his forehead from the gash above his hairline. After that, there wasn't much time to think.

"You two get him to the hospital, I'll get her out of here!" KID shouted over the deafening crumbling noise of the building around them. The other two nodded and headed for the stairs followed by the thief. Because they were on the top floor, there wasn't much time wasted in arriving at the roof. The instant the door to the roof was flung open, KID took a running start.

KID pressed the button on his belt that released his glider as he neared the half wall that lined the edge of the roof. His grip on Ran tightened when he became airborne, the wind bringing him higher among the stars. The museum collapsed after they made it a few yards away. A large cloud of dust and smoke engulfed the building as it fell and screams reverberated around the two.

Worry and fear wracked Ran's brain until she heard a sigh come from Kaito. She looked up to see a relieved expression on the magician thief's face. When he noticed the small girl was staring at him, he tapped an earpiece still wedged in his ear and told her that all three of the teen detectives were out of the building and safe before it crumbled. He also informed her that Shinichi was in an ambulance already and was being taken to the hospital. Ran relaxed a bit at the news, happy that no one was hurt.

"We'll go visit him in the morning, how does that sound?" Kaito said soothingly running a hand over her head comfortingly.

Ran said nothing but nodded her answer. She was too tired to speak and stayed silent all the way to Kaito's hideout (so he could change and not be spotted by any fan or other) and on the way back home, Kaito carrying her all the while.

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